10 Jay“s phone call

A vampires first love

As I wake up I can't help but give a sigh of relief that the nightmare is over I get out of bed and start my morning routine I go in the twins room and wake them up then get them to school when I get back I fall on the couch and look over at the tv and I was about to turn it on when I heard someone knock on the door I felt too lazy to open it so I take out my phone and check the security cameras I look and see its Jay I smile a little and thought "yay something fun"  "It's unlocked just come in" I yell.

When Jay came in he was surprised to see that I was laying on the couch looking like a lazy cat i look at him and said "hey do you want to watch a movie I have nothing to do today and my laziness has taken over so I don't want to leave to hang out anywhere"

"Sure" he said with an equally lazy tone  

-An hour later-

The movie finished and I said with an even lazier voice "that was boring, hey what's your favorite color"

"Why do ask"

"Cause I just realized we don't know that much about each other when we became friends"

"Oh that makes sense my favorite color is black what about you"

"Mine is blue what is your favorite time of the day"

"Night what's yours"

"Same I'm a night owl I hate the daytime"

-several question later-

"….do you want some soda and I'm gonna put in another movie is that okay"

"Yeah I'll have some soda, can we watch an adventure movie"

"Sure we can watch an adventure movie"

I go to the kitchen and get some soda I go back and put another movie in as we're watching the movie Jay gets a call I look over at him and say "do you want me to pause it"

"No you can watch the movie I'm just gonna go in the hallway and answer it" I said as i'm walking to the hallway

"Kay hurry up"

-P.o.v switch- Jay

I look at the number and was confused since it was a private number I answered it and said "hello who's this"

" Jay you know who this is, you better know we're very close now if you don't get over here yourself well come get you"

I was quiet for a second and said with an angry tone " I'm tired of this tell my father that no matter what even if he catches me I will kill myself or escape before I do anything he asks me to I hope you and him understand" and I hung up and walk back towards Luna.

-p.o.v change- luna

As I look back to the sound of the footsteps I could see anger burning in his eyes my thoughts surrounded him asking myself "what the heck is happening, is he ok, whoever made him like this I'm gonna kill them all" I was surprised at my thoughts "why am I thinking of this, oh well I guess since I thought of it I must care now instead of just curiosity I guess I'm gonna have to help"