11 Trace and Attack

A vampires first love

The week passed and my brother finally came home I looked at him and said "we have to trace Jay's calls I want to know who's calling him and who he's calling oh and try to find out who called him in the past"

He looked at me surprised and said "are you stalking him that's really creepy"

I sighed "No it's just someone called him and when he came back he looked like he was ready to murder someone it really made me worried since he has a hard time expressing his emotions"

Luca looked stunned and was quiet for a second then said "ok fine but if you find out what's going on don't help him unless he asks or if he's in real danger cause the way I've seen him act I know he doesn't like involving people"

"Fine" I said with a slightly defeated tone

"Hey don't get depressed it's not my fault you started feeling when your only emotion is literally curiosity"

"Yeah yeah whatever" I said

He looked at me while I was acting like a spoiled child "Whatever come on let's go to the company I need help some new company decided that there better than us and has started a technologic war and let's just say they hired the second best in the world they of course can't get the first best since your first in the world but still even if there a newly started company I want my little sister to destroy them since they messed with us they can go and disappear from earth"

"Oh my little brother seems to forget I was born ten minutes earlier than you but yes I can help you cause I'm an amazing OLDER sister so don't worry me your awesome OLDER sister will help" while saying all this I could see his face twitch with annoyance.

-An hour later-

We get to the company and as we walk through the halls everyone bows their heads in respect when we get to our destination I couldn't help but smile at my brother's hard work he got to where he is today all by himself im so proud.

I look at all the people at Computers working to defend the attacks I go up to my beautiful black computer reserved for me and only me I look at the "attacks" by those people and laugh at their lame attack's i sat down and my hands fly across the keyboard demolishing the morons who think they could defeat me I laugh and just thirty minutes later I made sure there was nothing left of them I get up and reverted back to my lazy attitude and walked to my brother I yawned and said "I wanna go home"

"Ok" he said with a hint of pride in his voice I rolled my eyes at his attitude "whatever let's go"