22 Vacation

A vampires first love

Alisa goes up to me and says "we all need a break we're all on edge and we all can't focus I suggest we go somewhere to hang out and take our minds of things"

I seriously consider her advice as i look towards the tired people around the room while scanning I see my brother and Jay almost passing out, there both wobbly and have dark circles under their eyes my heart aches a little seeing them like this I sigh as I relented to a three day vacation, as I said that I could see some awareness return to my brother and Jay's eyes I sigh in relief knowing they feel a little better.

Luca suddenly stands up and proposes the idea of having a vacation at our summer home in *********** and staying at our spring cabin in the ***** mountain after the vacation so we could work in a more healthy environment.

"That's a great idea" Alisa said with enthusiasm

"YAY VACATION" the twins said while jumping around the room, I sigh a little and told everyone to start packing.

                      -The next day-

Everyone looked excited when I told them we were only four minutes away, you could already see the slowly moving water and the golden toned sand.

A light blue house surrounded by beautiful healthy green trees, everyone ran out of the cars to the house while I slowly walked behind them waiting till they were all inside before walking in.

The white colored walls and brown colored couches the elegantly carved dark brown table was covered in electronics.

I walk slowly to my room to change in my black two piece swimsuit, like everyone else I also can't help but be a little excited to go swim.

When I'm done changing I head down the stairs to the kitchen to get the basket of treats we can eat while playing while getting the basket I see a pink and brown blur flash in my arms I was confused till I realized it was Nicole "What's wrong angel face?"

" I think I forgot my stuffed tiger!"

I giggle a little and said " Your tiger is on your bed, did you change in your room or the bathroom?"

Her cheeks went red as she explained " Well I didn't think it was in there since I put it in my b-"

Her cheeks grew redder as she smacked her forehead and said " All our bags went our own room, sorry big sissy"

" It's fine, go get the rest of your stuff and wait for me with the others"

"K!!" She said with excitement

I giggled while walking to the living room with that beautiful food.