23 Blank

A vampires first love

Looking around the forest with a gassy gaze wondering how long it will take before we find my parents it's been at least 3 and a half months. "Luna hey Luna we have a lead we know where the main base of the werewolves that captured your parents are! Come on hurry up!" I jump up and ran jumping over the fallen down  log, turning the corner and entering the house yelling "WHERE IS IT TELL ME THE LOCATION NOW!!" Someone immediately responded "(location in Oregon couldn't think of a real location sooooooo)."

Running back outside racing towards the private airport after arriving we went up towards the sky's straight to Oregon to get a few answers I sat there making phone calls to other family members I opened a space and Jay stepped out and sat down I threw a phone at him (Note:Jay's dad was clan head since he's dead he became clan head) he started calling his clan members and after at least 2 hours the plane lands and Jay (who's faster than me because you know his super speed and my magic boost makes him faster) grabbed me and sped off to the location stopping tight outside the boundary he put me down and my magic spread out coating their entire territory frost spread throughout the grass and trees coating the Vines and leafs stalking closer my teeth bared and my hair turning black shadows moving around me.

Waving my hand and gusts of wind spread knocking back the half turned and fully and still not yet turning werewolves. Sending out waves of magic to locate my parents my eyes snap open I turned right and broke the arm of an incoming orange colored werewolf.

Running through tunnels and burning the werewolves cause they were getting annoying.

Slamming open a metal door I see a blooded long eared and silver haired women and man chained and laying on the cold floor picking them up after cutting the chains opening a way back stepping through after Jay and hopefully alive and just unconscious father. Setting them down on the couch my vision goes blurry and my consciousness is leaving me "Look after them please." I managed to say before everything went black.