4 Rescuing the princess

A wild boar


Maxim was quite fast indeed, in less than 10 minutes he already discovered the kidnapper of the princess, it was a skinny old man, only god knows how his fragile arms of him could do a princess carry (Literally) with THAT princess.

Also, the sight of it was a bit...gross.

'Jokes aside, this old man is really fast, I needed 10 minutes to catch him, did he drink a red bull? I need to do a cool entrance and discourage him with my majesty(and claws)!'



'Huff huff huff, this freak princess is too F*cking heavy, did she just ate a whole pig every day to be like this?! This old bones can't carry her anymore...I need to rest...huff!'

*Plop* ( Note: this is the sound of stopping running, putting an unconscious princess to the ground and taking a rest. Easy right?)

'Thankfully I borrowed at least some food and water, otherwise this granddaddy would collapse in the middle of the travel.'


This old man was not an ordinary old man, in fact when he was younger he was considered a scout genious for his inhuman speed and incredibly fast reflexes, though he is old now, apparently this didn't bothered him too much, as you can see from the princess carry he did before.

His intuition was telling something scary was approaching, and he stood with a firm stance and secretly guarded with his daggers...and then...

*Thump* *Bam* *Cai!* *Cai!* *Cai!*

And then an ugly dog appeared with his pitiful cries, apparently going to crash against a tree with a considerable speed, uprooting it.

The old man: "..."

The unconscious princess: "..."