KAI: You both are coming together

BAEKHYUN: Hmmmm...

SEHUN: Both of you're looking happy, Why???



D.O: Why are you happy this much happy??

XIUMIN: We got to know what we wanted to know

LAY: What do you wanted to know that it makes you this much happy ??

BAEKHYUN: The answer we have been looking for last 5 years


BAEKHYUN: Yes hyung

LAY: But BAEKHYUN has been this happy since last week

BAEKHYUN: It's because I got to know at that time but I didn't knew how to tell anyone cause even I was shocked. They just appeared in front of me after 5 years

LAY: How did they appear??

BAEKHYUN: There is one more secret


CHANYEOL: What secret are you guys talking about ??? My birthday surprise??? But still lot of time is left

D.O: We don't have to plan a party for your b'day only we will be there

LAY: We are talking about SWET and MERAKI

CHANYEOL: They are back??? (shocked)

SUHO: They just found about it

KAI: BAEKHYUN hyung found it last week

CHANYEOL: But he didn't say anything about it??

BAEKHYUN: I was confused that's why

CHANYEOL: Ohhhh...(disappointed)

LAY: First start how you found them


BAEKHYUN: Ok, I'll start


BAEKHYUN: You guys remember I went to mall a week before that's when I first saw MERAKI with a child. I was so shocked cause seeing her with a child who was looking like 4 or 5 year old. That's when the small girl started saying APPA and ran into a man's arms and I was just standing there. I was frozen cause I was like she moved on and here I was waiting for her. But that's when the girl started shouting EOMMA and I saw SWET coming from another direction. I was relieved but at the same time I was anxious cause if it's SWET's child then how am I going to say XIUMIN hyung that SWET moved on. I was already thinking about it when JUNGKOOK called me and said that MISUK wants to meet all of us. That's when I got to know that she is XIUMIN hyung daughter. I wanted to tell him but I thought if SWET would tell him that it would be more special. So, I thought through JUNGKOOK I would convince them to tell all the truth but today XIUMIN hyung heard everything we talked about.

CHANYEOL: That means you knew about all these from one week and you didn't bother to tell us

BAEKHYUN: I just told you that I was confused myself how to handle this

LAY: He is just angry cause he wanted you to tell him first

CHANYEOL: It's just that you know that his much I care about all of you. I would have helped him if he have told me

SUHO: Same goes with everyone Chanyeolahh

D.O: All of us would have

CHANYEOL: I know that he's just so small

KAI: That means all four of them knew about each other

BAEKHYUN: Most probably yes all four of them knew but they two didn't tell this because of what SM told them

KAI: I can understand


That means she knew all along but whenever I would ask her she would tell me that she doesn't know. How can she just lie to me on my face.

D.O: What are you thinking, KAI???

KAI: She always told me that she don't know where SWET and MERAKI are

D.O: But you know that she lied to you for all of us

KAI: I know but I don't know how to handle this should I tell her that I know about SWET and MERAKI or just talk how we always use to

D.O: First let XIUMIN and BAEKHYUN talk to them then you should go

KAI: I'll try to talk normally till then

D.O: OKK... But don't be sad and if you have anything on your mind then just tell me. You can call or text me anytime. Don't always bottle up your feelings and about her also you should tell her how you feel about her.

KAI: That's what I'm also thinking but again I'm scared of SM

SUHO: Now we don't have to be scared

LAY: Why???

SUHO: I'm opening my own COMPANY and we can go there.

SEHUN: Alone ???

SUHO: Not alone I'm going to join hand with some international company and it's almost done

CHANYEOL: That means we can leave SM after our contract is over??

SUHO: Most probably YES. I was thinking of surprising you guys on our anniversary but everything is chaotic right now

XIUMIN: Then we only have a year left with SM

SUHO: But don't tell anyone else

D.O: Tell SEHUN he always gives fans spoiler. He would also give about this

SEHUN: I won't give spoiler. I'm not a child

BAEKHYUN: But you're our MAKNAE and you will always be that small SEHUN for all the hyungs present here


XIUMIN: Then I'll propose SWET and if SM interferes then I'll them I'm going to cancel my contract

BAEKHYUN: After you I'm also there HYUNG

LAY: That means we are getting sister in law soon

CHANYEOL: But I want to meet MERAKI before BAEKHYUN propose her


CHANYEOL: I'm her BIAS shouldn't I give her a beautiful present


CHANYEOL: Just joking