1 Prologue

Above the Nine Heavens

The Nine Heavens, a realm consistent out of countless worlds.

The nine largest worlds in the realm are called 'Nine Grand Worlds', each of them vast and dangerous on its own, holding many mysterious secrets, hidden dimension and forbidden grounds with powerful legacies of supreme experts.

Because each world is immensely vast, with each having quite a few continents which are separated through big seas, many regions are still unexplored. With many strong dangers lurking everywhere in the shadows, not many people dare to venture to the outside world, without being powerful enough.

With the many mysteries and dangers, only one thing is for sure in the Nine Heavens. There are many things which you can't even imagine, starting with supreme experts whose power is deep and unfathomable, and who already live for thousands of years secluded from worldly affairs, to powerful Ancient Sect's which already existed since ancient times, working hidden in the shadows behind the curtains and only having grown since then.

In the Nine Heavens, power reigns supreme and only the strong can survive, while the weak perish. With every living being in the Realm being able to harness the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, or also known as Qi, there are countless ways to become powerful.

During the myriad of millions of years, the Nine Heavens existed, countless different races came into being and disappeared. Only few races were able to stand against the flow of time. One of these races were humans.

Even though humanity was almost wiped out at times through these myriads of millions of years, they still survived through the ages.

Another race which already existed since the beginning were the Demonic Beasts.

No one knows why, but it had always been that Demonic Beasts and Humans were natural foes and were always fighting each other.

Through the time humanity created countless different methods to refine the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, and to use the Qi in their Martial Arts to fight against the strong Demonic Beasts, which were born with much stronger bodies than humans.

This all ended Ten thousand years ago, when humanity finally defeated their greatest foe the Demonic Beasts. The strongest experts of humanity combined their powers to kill the Demonic Beast King and all other strong Demonic Beasts, while humanity also suffered heavy casualties, they managed to push the Demonic Beasts back to the borders of their lands.

Since then humanity, only grew stronger and stronger and the Demonic Beasts became nearly extinct after being hunted for hundreds of years.

But even now, with the danger of the Demonic Beasts banished from the Realm, it is still a cruel and merciless place.

Having destroyed their greatest foe, humanity started to fight among themselves for power, wealth and land.

In the Realm, nothing matters in front of absolute power, regardless if you are right or wrong.

That is the reason why countless people strive for power by cultivating the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth and becoming cultivators.

While every cultivator wants to decide his own fate, they also want to achieve what every cultivator dream is, to become Immortal!

But how can Immortality so easily be achieved?

Among the countless cultivators who strive to reach the apex, only a few can rise above the majority.

Not only do you have to be talented, many fortunate encounters and opportunities, but also the resolve to continue regardless of which difficulties lie in your way.

Without enough determination it is impossible to successful cultivate to the apex, which is a long and hard way.