3 ESCAPE!?!!

Absurd Mage in Another World

'Huh, I'm pretty powerful, I guess I could just waltz out of the castle with this strength."

'I'll do that if I have do some absurd task. That would be impossible for me, or if I'm enslaved.'

'But he's a ruler of a country. So he has to be reasonable, right, right. A guy who summoned my soul from another world has be responsible and reasonable. But since I was rushed into the audience room immediately and could not be clothed. He and I must have a urgent matter to attend to, I of course have some ideas of what it could be.'

Surprised by the damage he had inadvertently caused Michael exclaimed with his arms stretched out "Wow I just busted your balls King!"

'How dare he say such a thing to me, the King! NO! Whose balls will be busted will be your whole family's BALLS!!! I myself will bust them!' Then the King thought of touching an entire family's balls and then was disgusted beyond belief. 'Never mind I'll allow my knights to do that, if possible anyways.' Since his family is a world away making it hard. If Michael heard the King's first thought he would immediately label him as a man-child one could find in Call of Duty.

As the last bit of brightness from the orb died down as the King now thought 'The imprisonment curse on the Observation Orb failed??? My trap for the Hero has failed?'

'How could such a thing happen?' wondered the King.






The King now labeled Michael a person not to trouble.

The Hero looked up from the now shattered glass ball. "Sorry about that, I guess I'm too powerful."

Damn! the enslavement curse didn't work. I thought he was just some unintelligent bastard. He even touched himself in front of everyone here when I asked him to touch the Observation Orb. Could he be smarter than I have anticipated? And could merely be playing with me? It doesn't matter now I need to know what could have stopped the curse? An even stronger curse? Could it be that God protected him? Maybe he was just lucky? Or was it that, he himself prevented it? Either way, now I have to put the negotiation plan into action.

"We are astounded that the Hero is here and is providing already amazing results." He tried to rile up his subjects watching him and his overflowing splendor.

"By the way Hero we do not know of your name. Could you introduce yourself?" Asked the King from his elevated throne.

"My name?"

'I have to think hard about this, what if I become famous, or even a criminal? I NEED a good name to be my cover name.'

Michael pondered for a while until he found an answer.

"My name is" Michael paused for a moment.

"Beber Bleach." Michael declared.

This name actually meant "drink bleach" but that was known only to him, since Spanish wasn't a language here.

Inwardly Michael was laughing so much that he couldn't hold it in. Thus had to let air out though blowing like a small fan.

The King paused and looked towards the Hero named Beber Bleach confused, but the blowing had finished quickly.

"Now Beber Bleach, if only you could help us on the matter that has our kingdom in peril."

The reward that I will provide you will be more sufficient than you could ever imagine. Riches, women, popularity, or even a way back home, I can give it all to you. Of course the King was lying about the last one but had to use everything to convince this Beber Bleach to stay and help.

"The problem that I wish for you to solve is a grave one."

The faces of the audience became grim.

"There is an evil people called the Demon folk, they are trying to destroy humanity and want take over the world."

'I really hoped it wouldn't be this.'

"Hey king I'm leaving!" Michael waved his hand then cast [Dark Flare] at the wall to his left. Leaving a gaping hole in the once spotless grey bricks. Making dust from the newly made rubble fly up and fill the room.

Flabbergasted at the actions that he was just presented with. He tried to see the Hero through this dust. Luckily the sunlight was streaming in from the hole. Allowing him to see the silhouette of the hero but that silhouette was moving towards the wall to possibly escape?

The King gasped at the thought that his only tool or, savior to the people would leave him. The King began sweating profusely in his gold throne. In a panic he thought of the greatest treasure he could prepare.

"WAIT HERO! I can give YOU! ANYTHING! Even the PRINCESS! she has BOOBS! ROYAL BOOBS I SAY! These BOOBS! can allow you to become KING!! of this entire country!!!"

"IEYAAA! Father I will pick my own man!" Screamed the princess, her face was crimson and both of her hands where shielding her boobs.

Ignoring his daughter, the king's heart rate quickened while the dust's flow slowed down and started to settle. What he saw was a silhouette drowning in the sunlight at the ledge of the new gaping hole. He had offered everything he could. But the Hero seemingly didn't care.

Flashing the audience one more time Michael then proceeded to jump out of the Audience Room. This fall was around seventy feet. Luckily there was a huge hay pile in close proximity of the wall that he fell from. The pile was twenty feet tall. It could be mistaken as a two story house.

Falling into It he ran inside of the stable next to the hay pile and grabbed a horse. Jumped on it and slapped its ass while shouting "GO!" at the top of his lungs. which made the horse look up at him in confusion. Michael then proceed to slap the horses ass even harder with even more slaps. Only making the horse look at the rider with the darkest nastiest face a horse can make using all of its killing intent. Then he remembered something from a TV show when he was still alive on Earth. In the show a horse rider made a clicking noise to make the horse go. While to stop he said "Whoa!" Michael made a clicking sound with his mouth. Making the horse and him ride off into the sunset.