5 Preparing to Leave

Absurd Mage in Another World

I got changed into the clothes that Denal gave me. Now I'm dressed in a worn white shirt that fits perfectly and some plain tan pants. Do I have underwear? let's just not talk about it ok. I still have the robe, but I shouldn't keep it since the King will be looking for someone with it. Maybe I should sell it and make some money. Sadly, the shop keeper might remember my face and tell the guards in a few days. The news shouldn't have spread yet so I should sell it fast and to someone that won't betray me. If I go to a poor merchant, they might be tempted by reward money. If I go to a rich merchant, they might turn me away on suspicion or because of my current appearance as a commoner. Then the only choice is a traveling merchant. I should look by the stalls by the gates.

"Hey Denal, could you point me towards where some traveling merchants are?" I asked.

"Yea, you can find them by the southern gates, over there" Denal pointed south.

"Thanks, I'll come back sometime."

"I hope so." Replied Denal.


I walked for an hour to the southern gates.

'I really need teleportation magic.'

I walked up to a wooden stall that was packing up. The man packing up was an almost middle-aged man who has a brown crew cut. He was wearing leather pants and a green short sleeve shirt. His completion was rough showing that he's been through many travels.

"Excuse me sir would you like to buy this robe?" I presented the robe to him.

"My, what a great robe. I would definitely like to buy it."

"I'll give you, a gold coin for it."

'A gold coin? How much is that worth? Wait I shouldn't ask that. He would get too suspicious.'

"Deal!" I replied.

---In this world there are copper, bronze, silver, gold, and crown gold. It takes 100 copper coins to get a bronze. 100 bronze to get a silver coin and so on and so forth.---

I got the gold coin and he got the robe, perfect! He's also leaving the city, so he won't hear the news of a hero escaping with the robe he just bought. Now I need to leave this city. If I leave on foot surely, they would catch up to me on horse. Maybe I should get on with one of these traveling merchants.

"Hey what's your name and where are you going?" I asked the merchant who has now finished packing.

"My name is Nathan and I'm going over to the city of Honfor. Why do you ask?"

"Maybe I can tag along as your guard?" I asked.

"Sure, you can but you first need to go ahead and get a Adventurer's License." Retorted Nathan.

"Ah, ok could you give me directions to where it is?"

"Yea its right down this street. You will see a big sign that says Adventurer's Guild and, on that sign, will be two swords overlapping on a shield." Explained Nathan

"Thank you."

"We will be leaving tomorrow right here. I'll see you then." Smiled Nathan.

'Let's get that license.'