9 Travel Troubles 2

Absurd Mage in Another World

Rek was looming over the bits and pieces that was once a table. He was now looking down upon the seated Michael and Nathan in an intimidating way. Nathan looked like he was about to pee his pants.

Michael thinking: 'This guy might seem scary, but I have already died. This is hardly anything compared to the fear and pain that I felt before I was reincarnated. Guess we will need to give him his donkey... or kill him. But isn't my level a bit low? I guess I'll use violence as my last resort'

Michael clapped his hands together in front of his chest and smiled.

Michael: "You know what, it just so happens that we have a spare donkey that you'll love! Come on Nathan let's prepare it for our friend, Rek here.

Michael pulled Nathan along, when reaching the door Michael spoke up again ignoring Nathan's clueless face.

Michael: "Oh Rek it might take a while, wait here for an hour. So that we can prepare it."

Rek: "Why? I want to see my partner now." Rek said still standing strong.

Michael: "No No we want it to be a surprise. So just wait here." he convinced.

Rek: "Okay, but I'll be watching to see if you try to run away or something like that. After all I need my donkey."

Michael: "Of course we wouldn't do such a thing. What kind of person would take away a man's donkey?"

Rek: "Of course you wouldn't do such a thing, after all you invaded my swamp."

Michael's thoughts interjected: 'We didn't even set foot in your swamp you pushed us in! Well that doesn't matter now. It seems like we won't be able to run easily.'

Nathan and Michael headed back to the wagon it seems the two donkeys brought the carriage back onto the road.

Nathan: "What are you talking about!? We don't have a spare donkey! And look! He's watching us right now!"

Rek was staring out of his lone window towards the wagon, drool was dripping from his mouth.

Michael: "No I think he's fantasizing about the donkeys more than watching us. But yea you're right he is kinda watching us."

Michael pulled Nathan closer to myself and whispered into his ear.

Michael: "That's why we'll make a donkey."

Nathan: "What? A-are you actually a summoner?"

Michael: "No."

Nathan: "An alchemist?"

Michael: "Nope."

Nathan: "A creation mage?"

Michael: "Sounds cool."

Nathan: "Then HOW!"

Michael: "Come look in the back of the wagon with me."

The covered carriage was filled with mostly boxes but there was enough space for a person to lie down near the front. Michael opened the box near the back left corner of the carriage.

Michael: "I found this while rummaging around your luggage."

He pulled out a black donkey costume.

Michael: "I'm surprised that you had this."

Nathan: "I was planning to sell to to a special customer in the next city. Wait is this your plan?"

Michael: "You guessed it." Michael smiled.

Michael: "Put it on." I handed over the donkey costume to Nathan.

Nathan: "Your crazy this WON'T WORK! and even if it does and he thinks I'm a donkey. I don't want to be a donkey fuckers donkey! I want to keep my anal virginity!" Nathan was panicking and crying at the same time. A tear flowed down from his left eye to his cheek.

Michael came closer to Nathan. He lifted up his chin with his left hand. Michael's face looked surprisingly manly at this moment, he had stars in his eyes. His right hand reached towards Nathan's cheeks, he wiped his tear.

********Author's Note********

Why didn't he go for the kiss you ask? Because Michael doesn't swing that way, also this novel is not that type of novel.

********End Author's Note********

Michael: "Shut up and put it on."

Nathan: "But my butthole..." Nathan winced at the thought of his butthole and Rek.

Michael: "Ill protect your butthole. I have a plan for it afterall."

Nathan: "NO! I don't want to go moan ""It feels so hot and good"" and then moan louder ""Rek is LOVE REK iS LIFE!!!"" oh MY BUTTHOLE!"

Michael planley: "I just said that I have a plan."

Nathan: "Your after my butthole too!" Nathan covered both his cheeks with both of his hands.

Michael: "NO!" Michael slapped Nathan's face, this sent him tumbling thirty feet into the swamp. 'Wow I didn't know I had that much strength. I didn't even put all my power into that slap. I might be able to one punch Rek then. But I'm not so sure about his level. And if he dies, who is going to protect the swamp? The donkeys? No.'

Michael looked back towards Rek's house. Rek was still unphased by the commotion. He was too busy thinking of donkeys.

Michael: "Nathan are you ok!"

Nathan called out from afar: "YES! THANK YOU FOR THAT!" the slap worked to snap him out of his butthole illusions.

Nathan got back to the wagon and put on the donkey disguse after drinking a healing potion. Michael then looked under a donkey and saw some steaming poop. He picked up the donkey's shit. Then walked over to Nathan. He began wiping the waste all over the costume, especially around the buttocks.

Nathan: "WHAT! What are you doing?!"

Michael: "I'm just making the dusguise more believable. What if he smells a human in a donkey? He probably woudn't like that. And you know what, he might like this look more."

Nathan: "Ok..."

Michael: "Now lets go."


Michael: "Hey! Rek! Come over here were ready!"

Rek happily frolicked to the carriage. His face was in bliss with a hint of red on his cheeks.

Michael: "Here he is." Michael slapped the ass of the ass.

Rek: "WOW! This one is really high spec! The poo smeared on him makes me want to make a bigger mess of him." Rek licked his lip. Michael coundn't help laughing out loud at this.

Michael: "HA ha ha, Yes he is. But you want him to love you?"

Rek: "Of course!"

Michael: "Then you have to make it dependent on you and love you. This will make the enjoyment of the donkey's ass way more enjoyable."

Rek: "Hmm, you sound like an expert."

Michael: "You guessed it." Michael smiled.

Rek: "So how do I do this?"

Michael: "Well you need lots of time. You need to let the donkey love you first, then you can love it. Don't worry if it runs away because if it does it will always come back to Rek for his love and life."

Rek: "I get it, thank you. Donkey let us go."

The donkey (Nathan) doesn't move. Michael kicks the anus, this jolts it forward. The donkey (Nathan) looks back with a hideous face filled with worry and despise. Rek leads the donkey into his house.


Rek: "Now donkey ill go get cleaned up, you can wait in the back yard. I'll go to the lake to get cleaned up." Rek headed out, his face full on red. As soon as he was out of sight the donkey (Nathan) bolted out of the front door.

Donkey (Nathan): "Lets GO! GO! Get the fuck out of here."

Seeing this talking donkey sprinting toward the carriage Michael whipped the donkeys in front and the started down the road.

Michael: "Throw away that costume and burn it."

Nathan: "Got it." Nathan took off the costume in a hurry set it on fire with a torch and threw it on the road.


Rek came back into the house full of excitement. Even more excited than a kid on Christmas morning.

Rek: "Donkey where are you?" Rek had a blinding smile on. Seeing that there was no donkey his excitement died down.

Rek: "I won't worry because im his love and life. He will come back for me."