10 Honfor City

Absurd Mage in Another World

Nathan and Michael finally got into Honfor City, but only after dodging all their troubles on the road. Honfor City had 20 meter tall white walls with watchtowers placed onto them, each spread out evenly. The security check at the gate went smoothly. There was no check for a naked robed man this time. News spreads pretty slowly. Well it should be coming soon if it is. After all Nathan took the fastest road. But maybe the news spread slower than Nathan's carriage because the messenger didn't go through Rek's swamp. Nathan got to the trade center and started unpacking and setting up his stall. Michael also unpacked, helping Nathan.

Nathan: "Here Michael you deserve this." Nathan took out a small bag of coins. It looked almost empty.

Michael: "What is this?"

Nathan: "It's the payment for protecting me and my..." Nathan whispered "My virgin butthole."

Michael: "Ah, that was no problem, after all we have to protect our buttholes."

Nathan: "Mmmhm!" Nathan nodded vehemently.

Michael: "I'll be going now."

Nathan: "Yes, take care!"

Michael began to walk away but then a person in a black coat approached the stall. Michael watched closely.

A woman's voice said: "I'm here for the disguise."

Nathan: "Oh? That huh, good thing I packed two of them. Since I had to use one on the road."

The woman's face was covered my the robe only her red lips could be seen.

She asked: "What? why would you need to use it?"

Nathan began waving profusely: "No! Nothing! Anyways here it is." Nathan took out a grey donkey disguise. It looked like a regular donkey, just empty on the inside. There were also glass eyeballs in place of the real ones. The girl saw this and nodded she pulled out thirty silver from the inside of her cloak. She handed it over to Nathan.

Hooded girl: "This should cover it."

Nathan: "Thank you for your patronage." Nathan then thought 'Why is she buying such a thing?' Nathan didn't ask this of course since it could offend his customer.

Michael saw the girl take the donkey costume with both hands. She then put it away inside of her cloak, hiding it.

Michael thought: 'This is strange. A suspicious person with a donkey costume couldn't mean anything good. Maybe it has something to do with a custom here? I should take a look at what she will do.' Michael began trailing the girl in a black cloak.


She went down the merchant's main road passing many stalls. Then turned right toward the residential district. She walked though it for ten minutes then took another right. She entered the slums. Which was located south east in the city. The slums went right against the wall and continued until the eastern and southern residential districts. She went straight, took a right, then left, and walked down some stairs. These stairs led to a lone abondoned house. She entered the old one story house.

Michael wondered: 'She walked into an abandoned building with a donkey costume? Is she like Rek? Maybe she makes the donkey part of her fantasies? Could she be using it as.... a special type of toy?! No that just sounds too strange for a girl to do those things.'

Michael walked down the steps and walked in front of the house. He surveyed it for a few seconds and didn't find anything that strange about it. Seeing an ordinary old house he walked right in.


Michael got inside but saw nothing. It was an empty abandoned house with a table in the kitchen. The back door of the house was closed and so where the mostly broken windows.

Michael: 'Guess I'll go.' right as Michael thought this a dagger pressed lightly against his neck, cutting the small hairs that stood there.

Mysterious Girl: "Look back, and you die." her breathing was ragged and she was panting.

Michael: 'Wait! Why is she panting! Was she...' Michael quickly took a step back. And tackeled the girl behind him.

Michael felt that he was hugging a very soft pillow. He looked at the face of the girl, she was blushing. Her hair was long and black. Her chest was even more full than the princess. Her lower curves where perfectly curvy but not overflowing.

Girl: "hu-uuh hu-huh" she was panting more heavily now. "Don't look stupid!" she dropped the dagger and covered her face with both of her hands.

Michael tilted his head up and in the corner of the kitchen lay a used donkey costume. The tip of the nose was wet.

Michael: "You're! a DONKEY FUCKER!"

Girl: "NOOOOO!"

Michael: "Yes you are! Your face is red! Your panting! Just like Rek!" Michael recalled Rek staring at Nathan's donkeys through his window.

Girl: "NO! I just got a bucket of water! It was heavy!"

Michael tilted his head up and to the left. This let him see the lone wooden table near the donkey costume. There was a large bucket of water on top.

Michael: "Oh... Wait why is the NOSE WET!?"

Girl: "Shut the FUCK UP! I spilt a bit! OKAY!"

Michael: "hmmm, got it."

Girl: "now, GET OFF!!!" the girl pushed Michael but Michael was still on her.

Girl: "GET OFF!"

Michael: "Sorry you are just so soft." Michael said with bliss. He got off of the girl and dusted himself off.

Michael: "So what is that donkey costume for?"

The girl looked downwards then back into Michael's eyes with a strong gaze "To kill this city's lord, Ureas."