11 Reasoning

Absurd Mage in Another World

Michael: "So why do you need a donkey costume to kill at City Lord."

Girl: "In three days the city Lord will be parading in the streets to celebrate his new position, the position that he took from my family."

Michael: "He took it from your family?"

Girl: "Yes my father was the city Lord."

Michael thought: 'Is she really an assassin? Could she be lying about her family?'

Michael: "But assassins don't have families…"

Girl: "Where did you hear that from!"

Michael: "Whatever lets just drop this!" 'I guess she is just some naïve city princess.'

Michael: "So you will dress up as a donkey and assassinate him in the donkey costume. How do you do that, when the cost to block your hands? You also look pretty weak, not trying to be offencive or anything."

Girl: "that's why I'll use Magic."

Michael: "You'll use Magic? in a donkey costume. So you're going to be a donkey casting magic blasting the city lord parading? And that's going to kill him."

Girl: "yes it'll work."

Michael: "Hey it might work but what are you going to do about the guards that's around him? There's got to be a lot of them in this parade."

Girl: "Yes that's true that might be impossible to escape from all the guards. That's why I learn new magic called blink. It allows the user to teleport up to 30 meters in front of themselves."

Michael: "So you can't settle this in a court?"

Girl: "No there weren't many witnesses! In fact he told the public that I was the murderer. Even if the maids that saw the poisoning were to come forward. He would either kill them or he might just bribe the whole court to keep silent."

Michael: "Yeah that's great, have fun Bye."

Michael: "Wait... I need you!"

Michael: "heeh why do you need me?"

Girl: "What if I miss? Or what if the guards block it? Or if I can't escape?"

Michael started thinking: "Hmmm" 'Well it would be bad if she got caught. She would probably be killed and tortured if she was caught, or some other things. Also she's pretty and soft, so that would be bad if her softness was in jail. Her family was also killed so that does justify murder pretty well. But then again it's a lot of trouble, I'm already a wanted man after all. You know what? I'll just do it, course not for free.'

Michael: "Alright city princess I'll help you out. But you have to give me all the spells that you learn for this. And if you get caught you can't talk about me. Also, some money would be nice. Oh yeah, most important thing I would like to squish you again... yea right now."

The little City princess started hitting me on the shoulder as hard as she could, but it didn't really feel that bad at all, honestly it was quite soft. "I'm never going to trust you!"

Michael: "What! Why? you just told me your secret what you want me to put you in jail? I guess I would get a reward for that too."

Girl: "No I don't wanna be put in jail! More like you should! For wanting to SqUiSH ME!"

Michael: "What? but you you're so soft why can't I squish you!? You're like a man's treasure it's amazing! Wait no… the first time was an accident! Yes an accident!"

Girl: "I'd rather go to jail than get help from you." she pouted.

Michael: "But I'm the only guy that can help you!"

Girl: "You mean the guy who wants to squish ME!"

Michael reasoned plainly: "Yeah I bet all the other guys that you will ask to help you will want to do more than just squish you."

Girl: "Fine! I get it! just help me already!"

Michael:"All right time for the squishies!" Michael began squishing the girl in certain places. Places that felt soft and very good it was quite nice.

Girl: "Ugh! AaH! SToP! THAT'S ENOUGH! Unhand me the city princess Sarah Othoridain!"

Michael unhandled her softness with a grim look.

Sarah: "W-what's wrong?"

Michael: "It… it was too soft…"

Sarah: "Okay let's just go a magic store I know." Sarah picked up her donkey costume and headed out.

Michael's mood lit up and he followed Sarah out the door of the old abandoned house.


Michael and Sarah went to the bustling merchant's district of the city. Wagons filled the streets along with shouts of vendors at their stalls advertising. Many stores filled the whole district standing tall. Sarah went into a dark alley where a sign stood in front of a dark building. The sign stated "Betulle's Magic Shop." Michael followed Sarah inside.


Inside there was a counter in front of the door. This counter was filled with scattered books and papers. The whole two story building was filled with bookcases. An old man was standing in front of one on Michael's left. We wore a grey robe and he had long wavy hair.

Sarah: "Betulle?"

Betulle: "Sarah? Your safe and alive?"

Sarah: "Yes, I need your help!"

Betulle: "Of course I'll help my benefactor with anything!"

Michael asked: "Benefactor?"

Betulle: "Yes… The Othoridain family has helped me alot with this store and throughout my life."

Sarah: "He used to my my family's court mage and my father's friend."

Sarah: "Anyways I need your help with the blink spell I need to learn it in three days. Oh also some attack spells. Michael here would also like to learn it."

Betulle: "Hmm… But this magic isn't that simple. It requires a great amount of imagination, compatibility, and practice. It might be impossible to do it in three days."

Sarah: "I'll try my best!"

Betulle: "Then here, have a crack at it." he handed over two books.

Betulle: "You can study over there." he pointed towards a table enclosed with bookcases by a window.

Sarah: "Thank you."