16 Cyrus and Lisa

After 300 Years Of Evil Let“s Try The Latter

After walking through the frozen kingdom Argus sees buildings made from ice bricks reflecting the sunlight with a blueish purple light. "This kingdoms beautiful" Argus thinks to himself

"So kid I doubt your here to help for free." The guard says. "Of course I'm not I'm running a business you know." Argus says

"Right well our Queen has fallen ill and no potions have worked we're unsure of her illness."

"Well I'm no expert but if my potions work I expect compensation."

"Of course." The guard says as they enter the ice castle.

Inside the castle it looks like any other. A knight approaches Argus and the City Guard.

"This is The Crimson Phoenix he's come to help." The guard says. "Hmm okay let's see if your real." The Knight says leading Argus to the Queen's chambers.

When they enter Argus sees the queen laying in bed wearing a white and silver robe she has white hair and blue eyes.

"Cough cough. Sir Cyrus who's that." She asks. "This is supposably Crimson Phoenix." Cyrus says.

"Oh it's… cough cough. Nice to meet you." She says coughing.

"Likewise if you don't mind I'll cast a spell that should tell me if you have an illness." Argus says. "Of course do as you will." The queen says.

Argus nods "I call on the northern winds detect impurities." A light wind blows around the queen then Argus's eyes open wide. "You not ill from sickness it's something else."

"What of course it's sickness she's coughed up blood before." Cyrus says. "Cyrus hear the man out." The queen says. "Lisa I can't he's talking nonsense I'm your Sword I'm supposed to protect you so I don't want to hear that It's not an illness when it clearly is." Cyrus says in an uproar.

"She's been inflicted with a death curse I'm not sure any medicine can save her." Argus says.

"What a death curse so someone wants me dead?" Lisa asks. "Seems so." Argus says.

"What are you talking about?" Cyrus asks.

"I mean someone wants her dead it's that simple." Argus says.

Cyrus drops to his knees. "It can't be."

"Cyrus don't worry it's part of being a ruler people always want you dead." Lisa says.

"I just can't believe someone has done this to you." Cyrus says.

"I know but I've accepted my fate I hope you'll carry on my dream for the kingdom." Lisa says.

"Um hate to interrupt but I can cure this." Argus says.

"What?" Cyrus says in a surprised tone.

"Yeah however there are many side effects that can happen after all I'll be tampering with your eternal body." Argus says.

"If you can save me please do." Lisa says. "But Lisa he said side effects you mustn't do this."

"I also want to say I've messed up before and ended up ruining peoples eternal bodies causing major damage however it's that or your guaranteed to die." Argus says.

"Okay I accept please try." Lisa says. "But…" Argus cuts Cyrus off and tells him to leave.

"I don't take orders from you."

"Please Cyrus?" Lisa asks. He finally leaves the room. Argus locks the door and walks over to Lisa.

"Okay" he holds his right hand over her heart and his left over her brain. "Show me the eternal body separate Mind and body and interject my presences allow me to edit this person's soul."

With those keywords a blinding light shines and Argus and Lisa consciousness are floating in a room of white with Lisa body floating fully exposed.

"What is this why am I naked?" She asks panicking. "Stop worrying you have a nice figure. Now" he holds his hand out and uses a wind strike he makes a cut in her body. Her consciousness make a pained noise but a black gas floats out of her body. Argus walks up and uses a regeneration potion to heal her. How ever doing that caused a beneficial side effect Immortality she can't stay dead she'll always regenerate. But of course they don't know about this.

Then after a few seconds their back in Lisa's chambers. With a flustered face she gets up and starts yelling at Argus.

"What I said you looked good." Argus says. "That's not the point." Lisa says. "Well you seem better." Argus says.

"Your right I feel like my old self thank you very much Mr Phoenix." She bows before Argus.

"My names Argus." "Then why do people call you Crimson Phoenix?" "Well that was the seal I used on my potion flasks it's a branding if you will and crimson is my eye color so when I first met with people they started calling me Crimson Phoenix. So that's what I've been called ever since.

Lisa giggles "well your name is famous your potions are the highest quality there is."

"Yeah well I've been practicing my alchemy." Argus says. "Speaking of your potions would you be interested in providing us with them we'll pay you handsomely of course."

"Now we're talking. But first you should probably tell everyone you've recovered thanks to me." Argus says arrogantly

"Okay I see your angle."

They both leave her room and Cyrus is waiting outside "Lisa you're okay." He says shocked. "All thanks to Argus." She says with a smile.

"I see." He thanks Argus. "Okay Cyrus my first order is gather the citizens I must announce my good health." She says.

"Right…" he says. He leaves. "Alright well have fun with your speech. I'll drop by…." before he could finish Lisa grabbed the collar of his shirt and drags him along with her. "What are you doing?" He asks.

"You want me to say you saved me right well you're coming with me." She says with devious smile. "I'm not to great in front of a crowd." He says "oh what's a few thousand people." She says. "Alot I don't really think I should go."

"Too bad." She drags him along.

After an hour every citizen has gathered. And Lisa announcers her good health everyone praises Argus. Lisa motions Argus to say something. He gulps "um.. I'm just glad I could help." He manages to say. Everyone cheers for Crimson Phoenix's good nature.

Afterwards Argus collapses in a chair. "That was more than a few thousand." Lisa laughs "yes more like 20,000."

"Geez" Argus sighs. "Alright so what can you supply us?" Lisa asks. "What do you need?" Argus asks. "Healing potion if we ever had to go to war I want to make sure none of our soldiers die." She says.

Can do I can have 50 potions for 100,000 silver. He says. "Wait you want 1000 gold pieces for 50 potions?" She asks. "Yep no negotiations" he says. "But that's so cheap I hear just one of your potions can go for 500 gold." she says surprised.

"I can raise the price if you want me to." He says smiling. "I mean I just want to make sure you get what you need." She says.

"Believe me normally I do sell them for a high price. But…" Argus gets interrupted "oh is this a friendship price?" She ask.

"Hmph think of it however you want." Argus says. "Okay" she says with a smile.

After that she asks Argus to stay in Eris for a while. He decides to stay he spent many days with Lisa and Cyrus and they became great friends. But after a few years Argus decided to venture out again.

Every Knight and Citizen were at the city gate to see him off. "This is a big kingdom you have Lisa." Argus says. "Heh well it's thanks to you that I get to see it. I can never thank you enough for saving my life." She bows and everyone else does as well.

Then Cyrus walks up to him "Thank you." He turns to Lisa and says "I'm also going to leave I want to get stronger so I can protect this kingdom." Cyrus says.

This shocks Lisa she's losing to of her best friends. "Um… if that's what you want to do Cyrus." She says with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry Lisa we'll drop by again." Argus says "That's right." Cyrus agrees.

"Alright then." She says and finally sees them off.

Argus is heading to another kingdom to try to sell potions and learn more about slavery magic.

Meanwhile Cyrus is at the castle for one more night. After a nice dinner Lisa and Cyrus head to their rooms. But later that night Cyrus sneaks into Lisa's room with a knife he walks over and slits her throat. Then he silently leaves.

The next morning he awakes and knocks on Lisa's door to his surprise there's a response.

So he enters shocked to see her alive. "Good morning Cyrus." She says.

Cyrus looks at her she's covered in blood. "...L.Lisa your covered in blood." She looks in a mirror then she screams. "What what happened?" She asks.

Unsure how to react he stays cool "you seem to be okay that's a relief."

"Yes well I'll clean myself up then I'll see you off." She says. Cyrus completely forgot that he said he was leaving. His plan failed again.

So he left the kingdom and trained he started to grow old when he met a specialist who extends life spans using the eternal body.

Cyrus's life span was increased by 400 years. Though it cost a hefty sum to him it was worth it. So 166 years later he returned to Eris and was shocked to see Lisa still alive and hasn't aged a day.

"Is that you Cyrus it's been too long." She says with a tears in her eyes.

"How. How are you still alive?" He asks. "I don't know maybe it was Argus I assumed it was a side effect from that time when he saved me." She says.

"He ruined my plan three times now." Cyrus says with anger.

"What do you mean Cyrus?" She asks. "Me I was supposed to take the throne I placed that curse on you and the day I left that night I swear I cut your throat and yet your still alive. Why?"

Knights surround him. "Cyrus what are you talking about?" Lisa says scared.

"Enough I'm taking over." He draws his blade and with a single motion he beheaded all the Knights that surrounded him.

"Cyrus!?" She calls out. Then Cyrus stabs her in the heart and she falls to the ground gasping for air then after a minute she regenerated.

"Why won't you die?" He says stabbing her again and again. But like before she regenerated. This time Cyrus pulls out some rope and ties her up and throws her in a prison cell below the castle.

And from that day he became the king of war.