19 Declaration Of War

After 300 Years Of Evil Let“s Try The Latter

"Woah Argus you can use gate?" Beira asks. "Yeah I can." "Wow that's crazy. That takes a ton of mana just to teleport yourself I can't imagine teleporting all of us." Beira says.

"It's nothing." Argus says. But Beira sees that he used a lot of mana to do that.

Argus pulls out his rune and calls Quasar. "Nova what inn are you at?" Argus asks. "It's called Frostbite Inn." Nova says. "Okay we'll be there soon." Argus says.

Lisa is still shocked that this is real. "I can't believe it you're really here."

"If I'd known sooner I would have been already." Argus says. "You could've dropped by…" Lisa says. "Ahh yeah I guess I should've but after so long I thought well you know." Argus says.

"So you didn't make me immortal on purpose?" She asks. "Hey I came to heal you. I told you I wasn't good at that." Argus says.

Lisa giggles "yeah you did I remember."

"Well Sir Argus take care of her." Nile says. "Aren't you coming Nile?" Argus asks.

"No I've been here guarding the gate remember." Nile says.

"Oh right. Well keep those intruders out." Argus says jokingly.

"Sir." Nile salutes him. Lisa, Argus, and Beira head towards the Inn. Argus gave her his coat so she can stay out of sight.

She almost falls at one point but Argus caught her. She's weak from hunger she leans against Argus.

"Argus please help me take down Cyrus." She says with tears. "I don't know what happened but he's my enemy."

As they walk to the Inn Lisa tells him about Cyrus and how everything he's done was a lie.

"That's hard to believe." Argus says shocked. "I know but he only wanted to be the ruler he never cared about us…" she says with tears falling down her face.

"Argus you're going to help me get my core back right?" Beira asks. "Yeah I will."

After they meet up at the Inn they get food delivered to their room. Lisa eats her fill and afterwards she tells everyone her story.

"How can someone be that way?" Quasar says. Ash speaks but Lisa can't here her. "Ash do you have a talisman on you?" Beira asks. She nods and hands it over to Beira. "What is this weak talisman?" She asks. Everyone looks at Argus.

"Hey I don't use talismans much okay." He says somewhat defensive.

"Argus hold out your hand." Beira says and as he does she cuts his palm with her razor like claws.

"Ow shit! Give me a warning." Argus says annoyed.

Beira ignores him and dips a claw in the blood then she draws many advanced runes into the talisman. "There we go now everyone can hear you." Beira says passing the talisman back to Ash.

"Thanks a lot Beira." Ash say "no problem" Beira says triumphantly.

"Ah I see your a mute." Lisa understands. "Yeah. It's a long story so I'll save it for later." Ash says.

Meanwhile Cyrus and his small elite group are currently on their way back with his new Weapon. "Ah I can't wait to finally be rid of that wretch." Cyrus says holding his new sword called permafrost. "But Lord she can't die." A Knight says. "I'm very Aware of that so I'll freeze her solid and we'll bury her. Out of sight out of mind." Cyrus says.

They see a bear like creature called a wood stalker lurking around. When Cyrus sees it his heart beats fast he can finally test out the Permafrost. With one swing he sends a wave of ice at the wood stalker and it splits in two.

"Ahhahah what a weapon." He says ecstatic

"Leo I want a bloody war and I want it now."

"Um sir are you sure we are currently in a time of peace." The man named Leo says.

"Did I ask for your opinion. Send a declaration of war to a powerful kingdom." Cyrus says.

The three men in the elite group all gulp hearing Cyrus's words.

"R..right my lord." Leo says.

"The Empire will be fun to trample." Cyrus says. "But Sir The Reztel and Kyzan kingdoms are before the empire." Leo says.

"Oh man my bloods pumping declare war on all of them. This is what I've always wanted I will rule a continent. AHAHAHAH"

Mad with power Cyrus and his group return to Eris.

The next morning Argus and co hear an alarm sound. Then they hear an announcement carried by the wind. "A prisoner is missing if you see a young girl with white hair capture her no matter the cost.

With that announcement there's Immediately a knock on their door. "Guys get up it's Nile."

Argus opens the door and Nile enters. "He's gone crazy." He says. "What happened." "Cyrus he's going to declare war on Reztel, Kyzan, and The Empire." Nile says in a panic.

"Damn he's lost it." Argus says. Then Quasar interrupts. "Argus what do we do about that alarm?"

"Don't worry Lisa was hidden when I brought her here so we're good for a bit." Argus says.

"But everyone is going to be looking for her."

"Quasar calm down." Argus says his real name instead of his nickname which makes Quasar calm down he knows Argus is serious.

Everyone has gathered and Argus tells them what Nile told him. "Wouldn't the three kingdoms ally to fight him?" Ash asks.

"Maybe, both Kyzan and The Empire share an alliance with Reztel. The Empire has the numbers advantage with Knights. While Kyzan has more mages. And Reztel has supplies. So if they did ally I can't see them losing." Argus says.

"True but Cyrus's sword is crazy strong. When he found out Lisa escaped just one swing of his blade froze the interior of the dungeon. Also he's the King of war." Nile says.

"He can't do this…" Lisa says downcast.

"Well I have an idea." Argus says. "What?" Everyone says.

"We confront him now."

No one says anything. "Yeah I'll beat him to a pulp." Beira says. "There's one." Argus says

Quasar sighs. "Fine."

"I've been wanting to test my Hellfire techniques out." Ash says.

"I've been practicing magic as well so I want to help." Lilly says.

"Just be safe." Lisa says. "I have a backup plan so we'll be fine as long as we all stay together." Argus says.

Everyone agrees and they head out to the streets. They reveal Lisa to the public and not long later Knights show up. How ever they're too easy to take out after a bit of fighting Cyrus Finally shows up and Lilly, Lisa and Beira hide.

"Oh man Cyrus look how old you are where's your cane?" Argus says mocking him.

"Dammit you haven't changed a bit Argus." Cyrus says gritting his teeth.

"No I have but I just look the same."

"Grrr." Cyrus swings Permafrost and ice blasts at them.

Ash uses the clone technique infused with Hell fire stopping the ice wave.

Immediately Cyrus counters and rushes Ash in a flash he's in front of her. Surprised by how fast he is she's unable to dodge.

Argus opened a gate on her and teleported her away from Cyrus. However she got cut on the arm and ice starts to form over the cut.

"Ahh damn Thanks Argus." Ash says.

Quasar takes up the vanguard. Both Cyrus and Quasar are using Sword arts blocking each others attacks.

"Ah you must be Quasar. I've been told your the greatest sword master in the world." Cyrus says. "It's been awhile since I've been called that." Quasar says with his sword locked in combat.

Then Argus cuts in attacking with a basic wind strike that Cyrus easily dodges. "Come on Argus is that the best you got." Cyrus says wanting more.

"Fine Dead Air." When Argus says those keywords wind swirls around Cyrus forcing the oxygen to disperse. Suddenly the sphere of wind gets frozen and Cyrus bursts out and lands a hit on Argus right across the chest.

Argus flys back into a building. The wound on his chest is frozen of and he can feel his blood freezing as well. "Ah ah shit." When he looks up he sees Cyrus fighting Nile and Quasar.

"Your all weaklings." Cyrus says. Then a thin red wire cover his body Ash tries her magic infused razor wire.

"Phantom slice." Cyrus says and he cuts the wire.

"Phantom slice that's a godly Sword art." Quasar says. Then Knights surround them. "Give up you've lost. Argus looks around and sees Knights surrounding every exit. He tries to open a gate but a Knight shoots an arrow at him.

"Dammit I need cover."

Then Beira jumps out from her hiding spot she didn't help one bit even though she was gung ho about it.

"Blizzard." She casts a spell and Snow blasts everyone and everything. Argus gathers everyone and opened a gate. He teleported everyone to the King Kynz's Throne room.

When everyone realizes what happened there surrounded by Knights again.

Argus is out cold he used a fair bit of mana in the fight but teleporting so many people over a great distance used all his mana.