23 Power Unleased

After 300 Years Of Evil Let“s Try The Latter

Argus only sleeps for a few hours after he wakes up he sees the stars start to fade as a faint light dawns the sky. He looks around and sees Ash sitting next to him watching over  him.

"Um Ash whatcha doing?" He asks. "... Guarding." She says. Argus sighs "If you want me dead just say so I'd at least like to know my enemy's feelings." He says

Ash looks confused. "What… oh you think its about my village no... It's her." She points at Casey who's also looking at Argus. "She's been watching you for a while and I sense almost anger and respect wonder why." Ash adds.

"Ash who's keeping watch?" Argus asks. "Quasar." She replies bluntly then asks again.

"The other day I observed Meldy's Class and I showed her up basically." Argus says and stands up and walks over to Casey.

"What do you want!?" She says sharply. "Oh I remember saying if I had time I'd train you but I guess your good then." Argus says smugly and starts to walk away. "Uh…. W..Wait." She says chasing after him and grabbing Argus's shoulder.

"Oh what's this?" Argus says clearly having fun. "Can..Can you please train me." She says bowing her head. Argus is a little surprised seeing how fast her attitude changed.

"Alright follow me." He says and starts to walk away from the camp. Suddenly Ash and Beira join them.

"Why are you two coming?" Argus asks. "I always need more training." Ash says. "Supervising." Beira says. "Supervising what?" Argus asks.

"You think I'll let you be alone with a young Lady. Think again." Beira says. "Your just bored aren't you?" Argus says. "Uh.. W.What no like I said before I'm here to supervise." Beira says.

"You do know I was alone with vanessa and Ash earlier right?" Argus asks. "Uh…."

"Okay then Beira if your just bored you can come." Argus says and continues out of the camp.

Beira has her head down following them a little embarrassed that Argus saw through her intention. "Hmph so what if I'm bored. I just have to make some fun." Beira says holding her head up and jumps on Argus's shoulder and jumping into the conversation.

They find a place to train and Argus tells Beira to fight with Ash while he trains Casey.

"So you can only use wind?" Argus asks. "Yeah…" she says meekly. "Hey wind isn't that bad it has many applications." Argus says.

"All I can manage is that wind strike as an attack. The only other thing I can do is use it to float." She says.

"wait…" Argus opens a gate and pull out one of his Journals "To use wind magic like that.. I only know of one person who knew that her name was Llana Thorntempast. She had control of the wind spirits instead of relying or calling on them she could command them." Argus said looking through his journal.

"That was my grandmothers name." Casey says. Argus feels a chill go down his spine. "Did you know my grandmother?" She asks curiously.

"Uh... Yeah she taught me how to command the wind spirits she was my mentor." Argus says. "Really what was she like in her glory days?" Casey asks with a sparkles in her eyes.

"Well she was hmm let's see what's a nice way to say this... a monster I can't remember the times she buried in ground using her wind."

"She was that powerful?" Casey asks. "Yeah. And if you have her bloodline then… ouuwa" Argus flinches.

Casey is fired up "alright I'm ready to learn."

"You can feel the spirits right." Argus asks. "Yep" she says. Okay then just order those spirits to listen to you and come up with spells."

"But unique magic is…" Argus interrupts Casey. "Nope there is no Unique magic." Argus says.

"Okay okay I'll try. Spirits please hear my call…."

"No don't ask nicely order them." Argus says.

"Spirits of the wind I command you to let me use your power." She starts to glow with a faint green aura. "Surround my enemy Thousand Blade Tornado."

Argus is surrounded by a twister of slashing wind. Casey and everyone is amazed by her power. Suddenly Casey regrets targeting Argus.

"Now that's power." They hear Argus's voice. Then they hear "Dispel." and and the tornado fades.

"Wow Argus you have dispel magic!" Beira says surprisingly. "No I just commanded the wind spirits to stop."

"You can do that?" Casey asks. "Yeah with your bloodline you could probably do it better than me." Argus says. "how come you don't have to chant?" Casey asks. "Keywords." Argus replies. "Oh I know have a duel with Ash she's pretty bad so you should win." Argus says mocking Ash. Suddenly a kunai flies towards Argus's head he leans to the side and it goes by stabbing into a tree with a fiery explosion accompanying it.

"How about you fight me Argus." Ash says. Argus dawns a smug face and says. "Okay but if I win I'll take away your telepathy."

"Uh so Casey we fighting or what?" Ash says changing the subject.

They take their places and they begin to fight.

Ash makes some hand signs and Casey is surrounded by shadow clones of her normally an illusion but with Ash's Hellfire core if they touch Casey they'll explode into flames.

"I know which one is the real one." Casey says. "Its best to think of them all as real." Argus says as a fake Ash clashes into Casey then bursts into flames.

This takes Casey by surprise "what?"

Casey regains focus she starts to think of a counter attack.

Argus is standing on the side watching the match suddenly he senses a powerful aura approaching then a dark elemental spell bursts through the trees heading towards Ash.

Argus is the first to react blasting a wind strike into the incoming spell then pushing Ash away as it explodes spreading a toxic aura around draining energy from whatever it touches Argus takes the full brunt of the Aura.

"Ah… ah.... Ah…" Argus is struck with nauseousness. "HAHA I knew that'd work." A young female voice says arrogantly. "Yeah Argus was always that type of person." another voice says honestly.

"Cyel, Hazel you think that'll be enough." Argus says harshly.

"Scary…" Hazel says covering her eyes. "You know Argus we shouldn't waste to much time we have Undead Seekers moving in towards your camp as we speak." Cyel says.

"...Undead Seekers….. But…" Argus is confused. "You seem surprised Argus?" Hazel says. "Those were a scrapped project I'm the only one who knows about those." Argus says.

Then he hears a familiar voice that he hasn't heard in ages. "I was there as well Argus."

"Ash, Casey Leave Now go help the others." Argus says. "Argus who is that?" Ash asks. "If you live through this I'll tell you now leave." Argus commands. "But…" "now lets go." Beira says leading the two away.

"Cyel Hazel go after them."

"As you command Lord Algrim." The twins say together and run past Argus.

"Your not going to stop them?" Algrim asks. "Your suppose to be dead Algrim." Argus says.

"You know funny story Galith sacrificed his remaining life force to revive me I always knew he'd be a good kid." Algrim says reminiscing.

Argus stays silent. "Also Elyse tells me your our enemy now isn't that strange I thought I'd pay you a visits and ask you yourself." Algrim says.

"I've always been on my own side."Argus says. "I know that but we're still friends right?" Asks Algrim

"I gave you power so you could end humanity and you barely did it." Argus says. "You know Argus I've always wondered about that you had so much power couldn't you have done it. Or maybe you can't you still try to cling to your humanity and for what to save the demi's?"


"Like I thought I knew you were weak minded and so I've come to take the rest of your power you see Galith only had 30% of what I had I feel very weak." Algrim says.

"And I'm at 70% power you think you can take me." Argus says

Algrim has a smile on his face before rushing Argus.

5 mins ago in the campsite the soldiers started to wake up but instead of a peaceful morning these humanoid monsters with no eyes and rotten flesh charge in the camp before long the peaceful campsite has turned into a battlefield.

"What the hell are these?" Gaz says. "They're undead monsters." Vanessa replies. "Have you guys seen Casey?" Meldy asks panicked. "Ash and Argus are unaccounted for as well." Quasar says slashing a seeker in two.

"I'm sure Argus is with them." Gaz says defending from an attack.

"Do you guys feel that Aura?" Meldy asks. Quasar goes stiff. "This is…. Algrim." He says before running into that direction. Vanessa Meldy and Gaz look at one another before running after Quasar.

"Spirits of the wind I Ask for protection Barrier." Casey says as a dark element blasts at them but the barrier protects them.

"Thanks." Ash says to Casey.

"Grrrr your like Argus using weak wind magic to block my powerful dark magic. Cyel says harshly.

Her attacks become fiercer shattering the barrier. Ash uses her hellfire shadow clone technique and 5 clones charge at Cyel.

Hazel jumps in front of Cyel and takes the attacks. "Do not hurt Cyel." Hazel says not seeming hurt.

"we need to run." Beira says.

As she says the Quasar joins them then the others.

"Where's Argus." Quasar asks. "He told us to run some guy showed up." Ash says.

"so I really did sense Algrim's aura then?" Quasar says as an attack flies towards him.

"grrr I'm getting tired of you pests blocking my attacks." Cyel says.

"Gaz, Meldy, Vanessa I'm going to find Algrim can you take care of them?" Quasar asks.

Vanessa is the first to speak up "Go help Argus we should be fine against them."

"Wait Vanessa these two are very…" Ash starts to say but Vanessa interrupts. "Don't worry." She says with a smile before closing her eyes and her aura surges matching close to Argus levels. When she opens her eyes there glowing purple. "Quasar get ready to go when I attack." Vanessa says.


Cyel fires a blast of darkness at Vanessa however it absorbs into her aura. "What!?" Cyel is shocked. "My turn." Vanessa says holding her hand up "Shattered Fragments" around her hand black crystals form resembling broken glass then it blasts towards Cyel. Hazel jumps in front of her then Quasar charges past. When the black shards hit blood spurted out of Hazel. "Ahhhh C.Cyel W.W.What is this feeling… I don't Like it!" Hazel says in pain.

"You broke through Hazel's defence… Who the hell are you?" Cyel asks. "I'm nobody special just a demon who's been around for a few centuries." Vanessa says.

Algrim rushes Argus with a black katana. Argus dodges the slashes sending a wind strike at Algrim when he evaded Argus used the opportunity to open a gate he pulls the Cursed Sword Hells Starscape out immediately unsheathing it.

"Ah that brings back some memories." Algrim says. "You've killed many with it." Argus says.

"But you know Elyse made this for me." Algrim says showing off his black katana. "This beauty is called Soul Eater whenever it takes a life it absorbs that person's power."

Argus sighs. "Elyse was always too creative."

"AHAHA oh Argus you crack me up but I need your power." Algrim says charging at Argus with Soul Eater

Argus doesn't dodge instead he also charges with Hells Starscape.

Clang the sound of metal rings when they clash the clanging doesn't stop its non-stop noise ringing out.

Both of them back off before rushing again. They both slash as they pass by each other.

Blood sprays out from both sides. "Damn." Argus says. "Seems my strike was stronger." Algrim says while blood leaks from his wound. Then he slashes the ground giant rocks fly up then start to glow then they blast at Argus.

He's unable to dodge it but before the rocks hit their blocked by Quasars holy sword Cracked Light.

"Argus you okay?" Quasar asks seeing him bleeding. "I'm fine."

"I can take him leave it to me." Quasar says to Argus very confidently.

Quasar rushes in. Argus is still feeling nauseous from Cyel's attack earlier and now with the blood loss he's gone light headed.

Inside of Argus's head he hears a voice. "Argus just use my power and it'll be easy."

"I can't now Quasar is here." Argus says. "Do you really care you can end this with one attack."

Argus opens a gate he places Hells Starscape inside. He places his right index finger on his wound getting blood on his fingertip. He draws a circle with a pentagram and arcane runes on his wrist. Then on his forearm with different runes.

"Hahaha I see well does this mean you'll use my power." "Yeah but go after Algrim first." Argus says. "Ahahaha sure but once I end him Quasar's next."

Quasar and Algrim are locked in combat just like before when they fought in the past.

Suddenly a volley of powerful attacks strikes at Algrim. "Tempest Strike, Grand Arrow, Gale Force Wind, Thousand Slash breeze." Argus sends powerful attacks one after another forcing Algrim to avoid but he can't dodge all of them getting hit with Tempest Strike and Thousand Slash breeze. As blood gushes from Algrim he starts to use his earth magic.

"Shattering Edge." Algrim says then the ground spikes out at Argus stabbing him in the side. "Ahhhh… Grrr I call on the abyss of darkness seek out and strike take the one named Algrim. Evisceration."

A black aura surrounds Algrim he feels a sharp pain then coughs blood. "Seems… I need to retreat for now I'll be back Argus."

Algrim opened a gate and disappeared.

"Amazing Argus." Quasar says looking at Argus. Now Argus is targeting Quasar. Argus springs at Quasar but before Argus can attack the magic circles on his arm start to glow. Argus turns to stone then a gate opens and he disappears into it and a book labeled journal 14 is left where he was.