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Age One

Having no option Jaks found himself in a critical situation, a dragon that would kill him in 20 minutes, totally without equipment, and his magic blocked.

"Drug," first he cursed his situation and ran to the chief who was with his items, of course the Indians who saw him running tried to prevent it, but even on the effect of anger Zwein was still loyal to his master. And so every Indian who reached more than 3 meters of Jaks with hostile intentions would die burned.

"Hey chief, if you do not want your tribe to be decimated I suggest you give me my items back," the chief was petrified with fear, Zwein was not just a dragon he was one of the most respected races among the dragons, only their presence intimidates those with a low level who are not associated with Jaks.

Jaks noticed this and ran and took all the rings from the chief's hands, of course only four were really from Jaks, another three came from bonuses.

After that he went to a woman and took her earring, and another black earring with a moon symbol of wild, lastly he searched for his boots. But he did not find them, he had solved that later he would catch, when he heard the accelerated sound of beating of wings.

When Jaks looked in that direction he saw that the sound came from the shaman's feet, the shaman wore a cloak that covered the whole body and even his face was covered by the hood so Jaks did not see his boots.

He ran and as he bent down to get the boots the shaman moved, and with moving he meant that the shaman flew, and stopped far.

"His doomed wizard, will die and will take that beast with you" while he spoke a huge green circle appears below the shaman, Jaks saw that it was an enchantment and so he ran towards it but was stopped by a plant monster

The monster was solid and fairly bulky, it was about two feet high and it was not something Jaks could master with his hands so he quickly outfitted his gloves and spear. The earring floated to his ear and a beautiful golden helmet appeared on his head.

If Jaks had armor on his chest and armor on his legs he would be considered a splendid knight, the monster plant was cut in half with speed and great ability, a feather that although fast was not enough to be able to disrupt the man.

The shaman proceeded to speak in an unknown tongue to Jaks and in less than 3 seconds a snake hissing could be heard throughout the area and below the shaman a green snake was emerging.

On his forehead was a black horn and as it appeared his monstrous body can be seen, the snake had easy over 30 feet, his slender body had a scaled armor and on his back a pair of wings.

The shaman above the snake's head shouted "Supit, my beloved guardian beast in our time of need I called you, and as an offering I offer you that boy there"

The shaman pointed his staff at Jaks and with that Jaks was on alert, the snake was larger than the dragon Zwein for about three times, but what Jaks did not know was that this heart also possessed a high human intellect.

"Old shaman ssi, I see that a great crisis ssi, scares its people ssi, and so I will kill the two ssi," the snake said, but in the middle of his sentences his tongue came out of his mouth and hissed in the air.

Jaks hearing that hideous voice trembled a little, his power was far above what he imagined at first, the snake seemed calm and fluttered its wings to attack Zwein first and knocked his summoner out of his head in the process, but because of the boots the shaman did not die with the fall.

The old man was pale, his eyes had a trace of the brilliance he once had, and his arms were dry and seemed to have lost almost all their fat and strength.

When Jaks noticed the old man's difficult situation he ran with no hesitation towards the old man. The shaman demonstrated resistance and summoned the same man plant from before, but which was half its height earlier and its green leaves had a yellowish color.

Jaks did not need his spear and just kicked the dead-man, and kept running toward the old man. The shaman had spent a large part of his life force invoking the guardian beast of his tribe, but he never thought the snake would abandon him and go out to fight the dragon.

In his tribe the legend about the snake Supit was passed to all, in the legend the snake had made a contract with the first natives that created the tribe and in exchange of regular offerings the snake could be invoked in a moment of crisis to protect the tribe.

But the shaman did not know one important thing about the contract. When the leader and creator of the tribe was born his people lived in the shadow of a great beast called Phygram, it was a huge snake more than 100 meters long and with wings on its back, the snake terrified not only his village, but the all on site.

The man grew up and along with other brave heroes they defeated the snake, then they unified all the people and created a tribe, the tribe had stolen the egg of the Phygram, and the Supit to be born a soul contract in her, the contract said that he he must protect the tribe.

But after the heroes' death the contract went loose and as the snake's power grew the contract was fading so now she could act against the shaman, and the only luck of that tribe was the snake had not yet realized it.

Jaks easily easily subdued the shaman and recovered his boots, he looked up at the sky and there saw his dragon being tied by a snake. Zwein was large, but only 5 feet high and 7 feet long (from muzzle to tail).

The snake was wrapped around Zwein's body, his front paws were unable to move and his neck was slowly being crushed, he was trying to rip the snake with his hind legs, but he could not muster the necessary strength.

Jaks who saw this felt the impending crisis and used one of his trumps which was the ability of his spear, the storm attribute would do little damage to Zwein and an insane amount of damage on the snake.

But Jaks hesitated because of the other humans in the area, even though they had kidnapped him and almost served him as an offering for this snake..., but when he remembered it, Jaks no longer hesitated and threw his spear toward the snake.

The snake moved its head to the side and the spear passed directly by her, the snake made a mocking expression on the face and said "you missed ssi"

2 seconds after the snake's words, the starry, calm sky began to condense a huge black cloud above the snake, the high sound of thunder was ringing everywhere, the snake did not care much as it blindly believed in its scales.

It took 10 seconds for the snake to notice that something was strange with the cloud above its head, but the dragon Zwein was also almost dead, his body had little strength left and so the snake did not care the cloud.

When 30 seconds since the cloud appeared something strange happened, the lost spear had returned to its owner and he had a thick smile on his face, and around his body a monstrous energy blinked.

"Die!" With the cry of Jaks and the shaft of his spear touching the ground a thunderbolt as thick as a building fell on the snake, the thunderbolt was golden and blinding, the thunderbolt fell on the whole tribe and Jaks has been getting a lot of system notifications.

But he was now neglecting this, for the snake seemed to fight until the fateful hour of his death, and with power he was trying to slay the dragon, but a monstrous roar sounded and frightened the snake and even Jaks.

"ROOOOOOAR !!!", Zwein was incredibly absorbing the whole thunderbolt of the storm and even the cloud was floating towards him, with his claws he ripped the snake, blood flew and burned the ground.

The snake released him from feeling a strong pain, but that was only the beginning, the power of Ability [Source] is cumulative and so the longer it goes on activated the better and if it were not for Zwein it would seem that he would die at any moment Jaks would have waited 1 minute before activating the ability.

The second fact of why the skill was so strong was because Jaks activated the skill of his earring, to use the power of the god Zaal.

Putting it together gave a monstrous super ability, and Zwein who absorbed all this energy for himself seemed to have found an incredible supplement.

The previous small dragon was growing at a fast pace, its black scales were having designs of gold rays etched on it, its horns growing and becoming equally golden.

His stature had grown from the previous 5 feet he had grown to 10 and his greeting was easily in the 20 meters, his wings spread could cover the sky, the mane on his neck disappeared and feathers over his head were found white hair.

"ROAAAAAAAR !!!", forcing the dragon was becoming adult, and Jaks was beginning to be afraid of the consequences of this action, because no doubt his ability to tame would be below that necessary to tame an adult dragon.

Zwein flew extremely fast and bit the snake's neck and with no hesitation killed it, soon afterwards he spat a yellow torrent of lightning over his body and burned all traces of his existence.

After killing the snake the dragon flew and stopped in front of Jaks and said "Master we need to talk"