32 Exciting figh

Age One

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While Jaks and company were entering the capital their indigenous persecutors returned to their tribe, the tribe was located next to a large river, the river was extensive and divided in four directions so this river is known the rest of the hydra.

"Cacique lord, we failed to capture the one who destroyed the BlackSnake tribe, he fled northeast, most likely to the BrokenBlade capital," what was talking about is the strong man, the bald man was just kneeling beside.

The man sitting on a throne looked down and said "did you curse him?" As he spoke he looked in Vastal's direction.

"Yes sir, my senses indicate that they are in that direction," the seated man put his hand on his chin and said, "I think that old man will have to receive a visit from us, call the hunters, and gather all the tribes, it's time of them know the name of the tribe Hantúr "

The two kneeling men, as well as all the others trembled with excitement, they will finally have a chance to destroy that city that has bothered them for so long.

Back at Jaks, he is at the gate of the city, the guards said they could not enter, but Jaks showed the worn letter of his master and managed to enter with a certain honor.

"Young magician, your master awaits you in the south tower, I ask you not to cause trouble in the city"

With that phrase the four entered the city, the most excited among them was obviously Zwein "master, im feel the strong feminine scent coming in this direction", once passed the gates of the city he has successfully found the liveliest area of ​​the city.

Next was Zaral he had stars shining in his eyes "Big brother we should go talk to my father, I feel he can help us"

While they were talking Jaks had only eyes for Lily, since they descended from the dragon she remained silent, no doubt losing her squire affected her greatly, even 1% of her loyalty fell.

"Lily, do not be like this, I'm sure she's safe, but at the moment we can not get her," he tried to comfort her, but it seemed like this might not be possible in the short term.

She nodded, but her sad face did not change at all, Jaks just decided to see her master, but on the way something unexpected happened, he met an old friend.

The man now had a long, thin sword at his waist, his garment was a red yukata with blue stripes, his hair was in a bun and he had a golden glove that ran from his fist to his elbow.

"LoneWolf?" Jaks spoke his name as soon as he saw him and he who was walking absently looked in his direction, a discernible smile was seen on his face.

He did not even say anything and only a message appeared to Jaks.

[LoneWolf challenges you for a fight, you accept?]

[Yes] [No]

"Haha you have not changed anything in," he squeezed in yes and walked closer to him, both stood face to face with an interval of 10 feet away.

"Does not the girl help you anymore?" He pointed at Lily with the handle of his sword after finishing his sentence.

Jaks shook his head and pulled his spear from the inventory and ran to his opponent as he shouted "today is just the two of us."

Jaks took the initiative of the fight and ran towards Wolf, but when he was a step away from him, Jaks disappeared, Wolf seeing this was a little surprised and took the position of attack, he was with his body a little down and with his hand on the handle of his sword.

Wolf had his eyes closed, but he opened his left suddenly, his eye had a yellow glow on it, but that was soon forgotten because of the action Wolf did next.

He cut horizontally on his left, many who saw this found absurd, but before anyone could ridicule him a sound of metal shock was heard across the street.

The sword had come in contact with Jaks's spear shaft, and both had their hands shaking for a few seconds, but Jaks had the advantage of distance and before his hands stopped shaking with the shock, he attacked.

The spear was skillfully blocked with the body of the sword, both exchanged many blows like this, the speed of the arms increased gradually and many spectators only saw the sparks that the guns were creating when they collided.

The fight seemed very balanced and the rhythm also seemed constant, but all this was broken when a second Jaks appeared to Wolf's left and stabbed him with his spear, Wolf's abdomen now had a bloody hole.

Wolf was frightened by this action and with at least twice his normal speed beheaded that second Jaks, of course the first would not miss this chance and continued to attack Wolf who was bleeding and losing his strength.

Wolf now at a disadvantage had lower reflexes and a reaction time many times lower than he had before, the fight seemed to be in favor of Jaks but by a twist of fate Jaks just fell dead on the ground.

Nobody really understood what happened until he saw a purple scorpion come out of Jaks's clothes and stop in front of Wolf, the scorpion was the size of a stone in the street, its shell was all black with purple stripes and its sting contained the purple glow of your body.

Wolf who thought he had won the fight just stepped on his scorpion and when that happened the scorpion turned smoke and flew into Wolf's pocket but before anyone else saw what happened Wolf's leg was bleeding, the clothes on his top of the body had thin cuts.

Wolf looked up and there saw a Jaks floating with dozens of purple arrows around him, the arrows falling from the sky at a high speed and so were difficult to be seen, but the cuts on Wolf's body were accumulating little by little and so he decided to take one last action and jumped.

Wolf's jump did not even get close to Jaks's foot, but that was when something unthinkable happened, Wolf's mutilated body emitted a white smoke and disappeared, and instead a piece of wood was left, and behind Jaks a fully recovered Wolf appeared.

Without much time to react Jaks had his back pierced by a sword and fell like a mosquito that just lost its wings, Wolf fell on top of Jaks's body and had a satisfied smile on his face.

He thought again that he had won, but then a spear crossed his back and broke the smile that Wolf had on his face, his eyes widened with so much surprise that he felt, but before Jaks moved away Wolf did his last act, he held a Seppuku, Wolf stabbed his katana into his own abdomen and killed them both.

The street was already crowded and many people being them players or not, had a face of complete surprise, they saw from the beginning to the end the two killing themselves, but the most shocking was the speed at which both fought the fight should not have lasted longer than 5 minutes.

Lily had tears running down her face, Zaral had a face of complete disbelief but Zwein had a trivial and calm face, he even yawned, seeing that Lily was about to hit him when he heard a loud laugh.

Their bodies were gone and only Wolf was there in the middle of the street in his initial pose, the glow over his eye was gone, but now he had both eyes open and was looking around.

"It seems you're not the same anymore, in Jaks, managed to see behind my Genjutsu, I thought only that woman could do that," the man had a weak smile on his face.

Jaks who was gone reappeared and to the surprise of all, he was comfortably seated in a chair not far from LoneWolf.

In his hand was a glass with an orange liquid inside most likely a juice, he was quietly drinking in a straw "sup, know, I've been very sensitive to mana since a while ago, and to think you would have such incredible magic, even my knight thought I died"

The man also seemed to have relaxed and now he was no longer in attack mode "who would say, the elves no longer disturb him? I think we can have a good fight, who knows"

Jaks finished his juice and stood up "will not give it, at the moment, my master is ...", even before Jaks finished his sentence a terrifying shadow covered the whole place, a formless pressure affected everyone and a scary voice echoed throug hout the city "who dares to intimidate my disciple"