33 Sacred warrior

Age One

A creature was dominating the heavens, many of its feathers were white, from its neck to its paws is that of an eared owl and while its hind legs that of a lion.

It has a pair of owl wings, its wings open might well be the size of a real world couch, its black claws glowing dangerously.

When he stood beside Jaks he was almost three times his size, in extent he could be even more extensive than the wolf Yunia, his wings had black pigments that made him more beautiful.

On top of this handsome beast was a man with a refined and wise appearance, his long beard showed that the man was older than he appeared, his long white hair also gave this man a beauty envied by many.

Many players who saw this man sighed to themselves, some even trying to approach the man, but all were prevented by the grumpy look of the owl, while everyone thought that the show had ended the darkness suddenly swallowed that area.

A red figure shifted from each spectator, no one could hear the sound of the footsteps of that living being, many thought it was a monster and entered a battle position.

The dark was cold, and it gave oppression to the players, but the npcs looked very excited, their eyes had stars, in their heads passed only a phrase "two masters of the kingdom together"

"Mister Katto, I believe his power once again has advanced a new height"

The man in red revealed his appearance, he was dressed in a red robe with a crescent moon on his back, his black hair was tied in the form of a bun.

"My clan recently accepted a new disciple, these days and I must say that it helped me to break the wall that blocked my way," the man in darkness walked to Wolf's side.

Barthos on the griffin did not seem surprised and just snapped his fingers and all the darkness disappeared, the day again came back, Barthos that caused that commotion seemed disinterested and just walked to the side of Jaks.

"What a coincidence I also accepted a new disciple, who knows in the future we will not be overcome in"

The samurai became a serious expression and suddenly a red armor covered his body, a moon was hanging on his forehead, the armor was completely of those that could be seen in Asian films.

In his waist three swords appeared, two silver and one black, the man now had a much more fierce and oppressive aura, his left hand was resting on his silver sword.

The darkness once more took hold of the place, a crescent moon replaced the sun, the red of the samurai's armor became much more evident in the dark, on his chest a blue badge was shining.

"Mr. Mūn, I think you want to start a war?" At the end of his words the griffin's eyes turned yellow, he let out a shrill scream, and flew to the sky, "I believe his defeat is already eminent."

By the time the griffin reached as high as possible, its feathers began to fall and in its place scales began to grow, its wings doubled in size, as did its body, its lion's tail became that of a scorpion and its paws of lion became gray, and a horn appeared on the forehead of the owl.

The owl's beak fell from his face, the feathers soon after, what was left was the face of an abominable creature, his eyes were snake-like crevices, and had a symbol marked above his left eye.

Instead of a bird squeak the new creature let out an abominable roar, its body exuded a strong scent of blood, and the color of its stinger was purple indicating clearly that it was poisonous.

"Barthos senior, I believe that such a creature will be destroyed by the church of light, and you will be hunted by the lord of justice, the bearing of dark creatures is a grave violation of human laws, and I personally do not mind killing this abomination right now"

The magician did not even hear what he said when he said, "Katto, this creature belongs to the faction of light, he calls himself [Cursed Owl], by day he is a rare griffin, but on dark nights a curse plagues his body and he becomes a higher demon ".

An amused tone sounded in the man's voice, no doubt the fact that the samurai made that mutation, made the man much happier, he himself had never seen that side of the fluffy creature he rode for less than half a month.

"For the honor of the Mūn clan I swear that I will destroy that abomination from the face of the earth" the samurai finished speaking and drew one of his swords.

Before anyone could notice what happened the creature fell unconscious on the ground the sound of its fall shaking all the city, and a man appeared in front of the samurai and put his hand on the sword.

"If you do not want me to destroy it, keep it," as soon as the samurai felt the aura of the man he promptly guarded the sword, then the man looked up at the sky and clapped his hands, then the moon was destroyed and the sun one returned to his place.

"You should be ashamed, our city is in crisis and here you are fighting like children because of two other children, return to your post the city will be attacked by the savages in a little while."

"Barthos returns to the main tower and next to the court mage activate the superior magic barrier, Katto go back to your clan and tell your elders that this fight will be tough and that we need as much real samurai as possible, let the little fish out "

The man's tone did not sound like a request, but as a command, he turned and looked at Jaks and Lone Wolf, then disappeared.

Barthos's expression suggests a bit of reverence, while that of the samurai was a bit ugly, but still came out followed by his disciple.

"Master, who was that?" Barthos, who was calling his now normal griffin again briefly answered Jaks's question "this is one of the few quasi-sacred warriors of mankind"

Upon hearing this Jaks realized that master was not the maximum that a player could reach.