35 Revenge

Age One

Jaks: yeah, it's time for Mc to become a little CRAZY

Jaks and company stayed for a few minutes walking around the tower and discovering several secrets that only the two chief magicians and their assistants should know, Betrani saw this, but did not say anything, she no longer cared about the situation.

Next they went to the highest point to meet the court mage called Ceffys, her full name is Ceffys of Lingu Wood Darem, a noble of half rank, but she has the full confidence of the lord of the city and so has a lot of status.

"Jaks and you also, treat this woman with respect, even I have to treat her with respect and also care" they who heard this were a little surprised, even Master Barthos has to treat her with respect how powerful she is ?.

In front of a round door were two knights blocking two apprentices, "we have to go find Master Ceffys, get out of the way or you'll regret it"

"That's right, the teacher herself asked us to come," to Jaks's surprise they were both players and he even knew one of them, he is their neighbor, but they do not get along, because when small this boy's family intimidated her Jaks with very extreme means.

Barthos went to the front and shut them up "quiet, this is not a market if you have things to deal with Miss Ceffys, then declare here and me will judge"

The youngsters did not like being reprimanded, as disciples of a of master Ceffys disciple they were never rebuked since they arrived at that tower, so their arrogance increased with time.

"And who are you old?"

"It is, who are you to judge our intentions, I will be clear, enter there, call the master and we can still let it pass"

Barthos had never seen such disrespect and almost killed him at once, even the guards decided not to reveal the status of Barthos, for they wanted these insolent ones to pay for it.

"Master, give me the left as a slave, I'll make he pay " Jaks spoke in a cool, calm voice, as if he did not care about his life.

Barthos turned and saw Jaks's hateful look "is he like you? A traveler of worlds?" He saw Jaks nod, and an amused smile flashed across his face.

"Young disciple I will help you even more than this, this magic is a taboo, but since they disrespect me I will make them suffer"

The boys listening to the conversation, they trembled, slave?, Taboo magic, "who do they think they are? We are disciples of Master Ceffys' third disciple, if you dare touch us you will repent"

Barthos who listened to this burst out laughing "are you a disciple of that brat ?, I do not admire your arrogance, now comes your punishment"

On the floor a magic six-tiered circle appeared, each containing incredible and intricate runes, it took only half a minute for everything to calm down.

Two ethereal chains appeared in the hands of Barthos and attached themselves to the necks of the young men, they tried to divert, but were stopped by the guards of the door and cried with fear, tears fell from their eyes when they saw the notification.

[Notification of system: you have been imprisoned by Master Barthos, without your permission you will not be able to disengage from the game, or disobey your orders, a special status will be added to your status screen]

[Notification of system: Special status [imprisoned], this status does not disappear with time or even with the death of the owner of that chain, only with transcendent power or with the benevolence of the summoner that status will disappear]

[Imprisoned: your soul, your body, your being, no longer belongs to you, now you are a slave of the great magician Barthos, this status gives the master the option to punish him every 1 minute in different ways, this status gives the master the right to diminish his status if he finds it convenient, this status gives the master the right to give him a definitive death both in play and in real life]

Even Jaks was frightened to see this magic and know of its powerful effects, no doubt is a taboo for each player and can also grant real death, certainly frightening, so thought Jaks.

Next Barthos gave the chain of the left man to Jaks and the rights of the magic too, at that time Jaks has the life of Huges on his hands.

"Come on, man, I never did anything to you, you let me go," the man tried to beg, he really could not see Jaks's face because of his helmet, and as his voice was a little different he thought he did not know him.

"Hahahahahahaha, Huges my dear, I think it's time for you to pay, release you do not say such idiocy," Jaks activated the punishment weaker, the pain felt was the same as breaking a bone of the human body.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh" the painful cry echoed throughout the corridor "help ... somebody help me"

Jaks did this nine times "I'm sorry, please set me free, you'll never see me again, I ... I've never done anything to you"

Upon hearing this Jaks felt the fury flooding his heart and ruthlessly activated the punishment of grade two, a fine pain would dominate his whole body, this pain is coming from a hole in the soul, no doubt it would be painful.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, stop, help, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, why are you doing this to me, you crazy"

At that moment Jaks removed his helmet and demonstrated his cruel eyes, "you will pay Huges, no doubt goes"

Huges's eyes widened in amazement, his pupils dilated, and tears fell twice as fast, "I had nothing to do with it, it was my brother, please spare me"

Jaks showed a sadistic smile and activated the third level of punishment, his soul would be cut and rebuilt, the pain felt is comparable to that of a birth, and certainly Huges never gave birth.

Huges who felt his pissing, his sanity was being lost, Jaks turned off the punishment and began to punch Huges' face, "this is for my sister and my mother" tears were coming down from his face.

With every punch he gave he remembered painful things, his mother's tears and his sister's horrible state, his fury would never end, he promised himself that as long as the family of Huges lived he could not live happily.