36 Intentions

Age One

At first everyone was looking at Jaks as if they saw a cruel and senseless monster, "what kind of man torment an unknown person."

Betrani tried to interrupt him, but was stopped by Lily, who was teary-eyed, not just Lily, Zwein was also crying from the moment he saw Huges, his will to kill him almost drove him crazy.

Betrani did not understand this team, but the truth is that an invocation with enough intelligence can see the past of his master and define if he wants to follow, and they saw a dark and full of monsters in the memories of Jaks.

But they did not see the past of Jaks when they met him because they did not need it, they decided to follow only by impulse and did not repent, but when Jaks saw Huges, he unconsciously released a part of his memories and feelings.

Everyone followed the torture and after ten minutes they listened to the guilty cries of Huges and saw the tears of Jaks as well as their resentful speeches and understood that there was much more in this history than can be seen with the eyes.

After five minutes of hitting Huges, Jaks gets up and equips his helmet, his tears not wanting to stop flowing, Lily ran and hugged her master.

"I'm sorry I was not there to help you," Jaks hugged her back and the sobbing sounds were heard, Zwein ran and hugged them as well, then a glow appeared on Jaks's ring and grimoire and some animals appeared.

The two wolves howled and stood against their master, the horse knelt before him and offered his eternal loyalty, the animals could not speak or even embrace their master, but they were evolved animals and with great intelligence so they also saw the past of his master and his sadness.

Everyone who saw this scene stayed of their mouths open, people crying is normal, but animals cry for the pain of a person is incomprehensible unless they are very intelligent.

Barthos at the sight of this scene felt a tightness in the heart, his eyebrows frowned, and he looked at the unconscious young man and thought "it seems that I should warn Ceffy about his other disciple, but if she does not choose me I will face even the master of the city for my disciple "

Huges brother was also in this tower and was a disciple of Ceffys' number one disciple, no doubt this would do a lot more work, since number one is an exceptional magician.

After some time everyone calmed down, even the spectators felt the sadness of that team and for that they felt sad too, but when looking at the state of Huges they felt a little more relieved.

"You idiot animals, who let them leave their places?, and you, stupid dragon, let me loose," Jaks' happy tone betrayed his words and no one really thought he was scolding anyone.

In the end Zaral came to the front of Jaks and said "I do not know what you went through, but I will also support your decision, you all the time never showed sadness and just played and taught me magic, so your tears somehow left me sad"


The sky thundered and a deep voice echoed in the place "my son, now is not the time", then the voice disappeared and everyone felt scared with the child.

"Zaral, thank you, but this worm I'll take care of myself, Lily heal him and make him renewed, that's still not enough", then he took off his helmet and wiped his face wet with tears.

After that the guards returned to their posts by the door, the other slave of Barthos behaved and pretended not to know Huges, Betrani walked beside Barthos and looked at Jaks with eyes of reverence.

"Listen to Huges, this is just the beginning of your punishment," the boy awake trembled and wanted to say something, but decided to shut up.

They opened the door and found nineteen people with frightened faces and a woman with a serious frown on her face, she was exuding intent to kill without limit, and beside her was a thin, pale young man.

The truth is that the soundproofing of the room is great, nothing from inside can listened to from the outside while everything from outside can be heard from within.

"Barthos, give me a reason not to kill your disciple and you right now?"

Barthos had already decided to support his disciple so he responded in the most hostile and threatening way he got "and you think you can?"

The room chilled with Barthos's words, the woman sitting in the main chair felt suffocated, sweat ran down her forehead "do you dare to answer me?, The court magician"

"And you dare to threaten to me the army of a single man?"

A man appeared from a shadow and spoke loud and clear "calmed down, my master sent me here to mediate his dispute, he already knows what happened in the tower and believes that in this moment of crisis we can reach a consensus"

Barthos looked at the man and said, "I will reach a consensus, hand me this boy's brother and everything will be resolved," The wizard spoke in a way that no, will not be admitted as an answer.

Ceffys who heard this, felt his heart burn with anger shouted "I will never deliver the boy, you are the one who should remove this curse and give me this poor guy.

Zwein lost his temper and returned to his draconic version and roared.

"Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, stupid old woman, delivered the boy or will repent," dragons never had patience, if they wanted something they would use the force to take, and being this something so important to their master Zwein did not care about appearances.

Everyone was scared, even Barthos took a deep breath to see an adult dragon, the woman almost ran in fear, she was powerful but prefers to use tricks and his prestige to get things so he has little experience on the battlefield.

"Zwein, return" Jaks's two words echoed throughout the room and made him the center of everything, Zwein did not hesitate for a second and had already turned human again.

Jaks did not care and went to the front and sat in a chair "Bring Heliot here, or this tower will not be here tomorrow"