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Age One

After a few minutes the screams of Heliot stopped, and the lightning, too, but for some reason the fog grew denser and Jaks's voice echoed around.

"He already died"

"Yes, but why stop killing does not it?"

"No, everyone is already gone"

"And the city?, There are many in the city"

"They are innocent"

"There are no innocents, just kill them, and make your dragon more powerful and then kill even more"

"No, they are innocent, but is there anyone innocent?

"Yes that does not exist"

"Should I kill? Innocent? Does it exist?"

They all heard the madness of Jaks and felt suffocated with the intention of killing of the mysterious voice, Barthos shouted to the gentleman of the city "fast, disperse to the fog, it is pure mana"

But before he could run Lily stood in front of the mist with his arms outstretched "You can not, at that moment I feel my master and I know he can overcome this evil spirit"

The voice of the mage sounded in the hall "his master is a monster that kills innocents"

Lily shook her head and replied "he did not kill innocents but the prisoners of the dungeon and many of the monsters of that city, without a doubt the world is better off without them"

Barthos who heard it said, "Did he kill that bunch?"

"Yea, he slew the band of the red spider, he decimated every hiding place, and delivered the women from within"

"I should not kill"

"Yes, taste the blood and kill everyone, only the powerful can take over the world"

"But ... but, I ... I ... Innocent"

"That's it, mate them, all of them"

"Not ... innocent ..."

The mist began to fade, Jaks appeared lying on the ground and beside him was Heliot's twisted body, its four limbs were turned to opposite sides to had drilling holes in them.

With Jaks's body at its center, 10 black shadows materialized, then ten elven spirits merged with the shadows, and Jaks's cloak turned to dust and flowed into his armor.

"I said he was not so bad"

"Quiet Heshi, we are elders and we must return to our clan, even if it is in this impure form"

All ten shadows brightened and tall, tall figures except for one that looked like a child.

"But let's leave him here? He faced the mana, and I also had fun watching his few adventures," the child was the one who spoke.

"She is right Finfo, we should bless him before leaving, I feel he will be something incredible in the future"

"And do you think a human child deserves 10 blessings from high elves like us elves?" He finished speaking and saw that the elf named Heshi had already kissed his forehead and blessed him.

Followed by seven more, only three did not.

"Quick do, he has delivered us from the robe"

The elf folded his arms and said "no he did not, we fled and robbed these shadows with our own effort"

One of the elves who denied him eventually blessed him, too, "these shadows were his and only after they had killed so many unclean-hearted beings that we could be free, all because of the boy"

After that the last two decided to bless Jaks and left soon after, everyone in the room went through a mix of emotions, were horror, curiosity and ended in amazement.

Even the lord of the city being a sacred warrior he could not make ten high elves bless him, let alone ten elders, "no doubt Jaks will have a bright future and if he just killed those in the dungeon those of the spider pack, I may even catch take it easy in his sentence "

Lily who was nearest was the first to notice, "get out, shit"

Then a bat flew from the corner of the room and landed on the center table, looked like an ordinary bat, black with red eyes, but inside his eyes he hid an endless cunning.

"Master. want to talk "

On hearing the voice, the lord of the city took a step forward and said "old friend why wants to attack us, our peace treaty is still standing"

"Sly fox, your brat has decimated one of my villages, and killed one of my generals in formation, I ask for compensation"

The man looked at Jaks's body in astonishment, 'no doubt this boy does work'

"And what do you want?"

The bat was silent, but shortly afterwards he said, "I wish the life of this child, very dangerous, not just for me ..."

His words to the wind insinuated many things, and left doubts in the mind of those who listened.

"Do not try to poison my subordinates, and the boy's life can not be used as a bargaining chip"

The voice of the lord of the city healed the doubt that was planted in the hearts of the people and prevented them from creating any evil thoughts about Jaks's unconscious body.