39 Cruel Ghos

Age One

While everyone was paying attention to the discussion, no one noticed the changes around Jaks, his skin was red and his body sweated much more than usual, Jaks's body was undoubtedly undergoing some mysterious change.

Pov Jaks

"Argh, where am I, HELLO !!!" when I woke up I was in a completely white room, my voice echoed and even then I did not receive an answer.

I walked for a long time and yet I did not find a single living being, but after many hours or maybe days?, I can not say.

A door appeared in front of me, the door seemed ordinary, made of some wood, had silver-colored door handles, but it was worn and looked like someone who had already been used by countless hands.

I opened the door and a beam of light illuminated my eyes, I looked around and noticed that it had left a wall and that the door had disappeared.

It was a city, very similar to Age One, but here there are not only humans, but also many extinct beasts and races, I looked around and something caught my attention, all humans had purple hair and gave me a familiar aura.

I decided to try and see where I was, but when they saw me, many simply avoided me as if I were a plague, I looked at myself and noticed that I was no longer me, my body was very different.

My armor was gone, and in its place a black tunic with gold shoulder straps replaced it, my hair was long enough to touch my back and the silver color as possible.

My skin was pale and my body was not as sturdy as before but rather thin and slender, looking at me in a puddle of water I saw my own face, my pupils were deep indigo and my lips pale, I have a mark purple on the forehead.

The mark is somewhat similar to a cross with a circle in its center, the edges of the cross contains a kind of rune and in the directions of the left and right there are two lines that descend until crossing my eyes.

I lost myself for a second, because I did not notice the difference in my clothes or body?, This hair now that I noticed it I feel him touching my back, this tunic is so light and because it seems to be completely strange.

The tunic had many designs and one in particular was quite flashy, it was in the middle of my back, it was a coat of arms of some family, it was something like a ghost without a head.

"I found him, quickly catch him before he runs away, this heretic deserves death as his family" on hearing this I noticed three stout men in red armor running towards me.

They had a coat of arms on their chest, a sword stuck in a stone, I did not know exactly what was happening so I was going to let them capture me, but when they were ten feet away from me, two silver figures rose from my shadow and beheaded the enemies.

"Damn, the Quint brothers, pull back" to the man's scream I noticed that another 20 archers were on top of the houses and five men riding on beasts were rushing toward me.

When I saw this I sort of became completely speechless, the two silver figures were both children, one with apparent 10 and the other apparent 6, both wore a silver armor and had my forehead mark on their back.

"Can you understand me?" I asked them, but a voice from the sky answered me.

"No they can not," I looked reflectively at the source of the voice and to my surprise I saw a massive source of mana, it looked like a giant fire burning, it brightened the surroundings.

"You?, Who ... or rather what are you?" I asked because of the sudden scare, not even a dragon would have so much concentration of mana and here I see something that can be worse than a dragon.

"My name? I lost it a long time, but you humans call me evil mana or pure mana or gross mana, at last you call me mana"

The purple bonfire molded itself into a three-foot-tall humanoid body, his fluttering hair still remembering a flaming fire, but I decided not to say anything, his face was blank, and he floated in front of me.

"I'll shorten the story, I killed you and the one you took possession of, too, you'll return to your world in about 13 hours and then you'll become known as fallen and will do me some favors"

In the sudden revelation I nearly choked, I died, is he the mana, I'm going to become a fallen man? and even before I could manage to put it all together into one piece of information, he told me more about that body of mine.

"Do you know these children there, you killed them, and why? Just because they both had the potential to become masters of mana, you stole their souls and imprisoned them in armor without conscience, your family is completely stuck and you become a taboo for all the races of my troubled world, even I think you are cruel and unscrupulous "

I killed ?, not impossible I would never kill innocent children ...

"Did not kill? hahahahaha, humans as always funny, you are a master of souls, a monster, one fallen among the fallen hahahahaha, your whole clan curses you and if you think not because you do not look inside your ring"

I just thought reflexively and the ring opened so I could see what was inside and there I saw, body and more bodies her pupils white and lifeless and had even the body of two children.

"You ate every weak and worthless soul and imprisoned the strong as puppets to be used by you, I gave you this power myself so I know how cruel and horrible you can be"

I am John.

I am Jakscrz.

I am Drames, not what is a Drames?, You are Drames.

As I cried out to myself I began to see innumerable scenes in my head, a young man was born endowed with incredible power, he could grant eternal rest to the cursed souls, he could give life to those weak and newly dead.

But he could also remove souls from all and imprison them in objects, animals, insects, he could create obedient puppets and slaves and immortal warriors, his name was Drames Ghostand the eldest son of the Reapers house.

The tradition said that every thousand years would be born an with the power to calm the souls of the dead and guide them to paradise at the beginning no one believed in it, but over the centuries the power appeared numerous times and proved its existence.

A small family called Ghostand became a huge and respected clan like the Reapers, feared and hated and eventually exiled and cursed because of one and their successors.

"You... you damn, what you did to me? I ... who am I? Because I have memories of three lives? Who is my mother?"

At that moment John did not know what happened, but the mana ghost shuffled his memories of the game with those of real life and added the Drames and created a completely new people.

"You will be mine, my slave, my firstborn, hahahaha you will be my everything, just as I will be everything you need"

The confused memories of John were beginning to fade into a new form, one to which a man took care of him all his life, but who was cursed by a sorcerer and so had his body banished into the depths of nothingness and only his soul and consciousness.

"Finally I will have my body back and as a bonus I will have the strongest creature under the heavens muahahahahaha"