3 Chapter - 3 : A Date With Him

Agonised Screams

You know what Riya....When I used to meet him, he always showed he loved me. He was so caring and sweet to me. And i also fell for him instantly. He was so sweet , handsome and caring. He seemed a perfect partner. And you know, what, one day.....

*Flashback Begins*

It was weekend and I was quite free. We didn't have much meetings, so Dad asked me to stay home and rest. As a result of it, I was snuggling in my bed, talking to my friends, who live outside of India. Alll while chatting, something put down my mood, as I had a talk with a friend. I just shut off my tablet and moved out of my room. At the same time, Dad entered in with Mahesh. I was too sad to greet them.

Dad!! He is so sweet. He used to know whether I was sad or happy. He figured it out this time too. He moved to me and pulled me in his embrace...."What happened to you Princess?" He questioned. Getting his warm embrace, I cried. I cried without any reason. He sensed my cries and parts the hug and cups my face....

"What happened? Who made you cry?? Did anyone say anything?" He continuously questioned me while I looked at him....

Aww! How cute and caring father he is. I am so lucky!! I looked back at him and hugged him again hiding my face in his chest..."I don't know Dad. I just wanted to cry." Maybe, he knew the reason, so he just wrapped his arms around me and smeared by hairs telling me to calm down.

Mahesh was watching all this and smiled....He came forward I parted the hug. he looked at me...."Well Ruhana...You look pretty when you smile. So can I get a cute smile? Please?" He looked at me and I smiled a little. Maybe it was his charm which made me smile. A while later, I was walking out with him as he asked my dad if he could take me out for coffee , and he readily agreed. He took me to his favorite cafe.... Hard Rock Cafe...

I was mesmerized to see the cafe. He was certainly a rich individual, famous for his business tricks as well. Later, I came to know that it was not only his favorite cafe, he owned it as well. I was surprised. He looked at me and smiled...

"What happened Ruhana??"

I smiled....:Nothin Mahesh! Its just the news you told me right now. I mean you're the boss here!" I couldn't find words. He smiled again at me and put his hand around my shoulders..."Even you can be the boss here!" He winked at me.

I looked at him surprised. He smiled as he took me towards a corner table and made me sit. I smiled as he took the seat opposite to her. I chuckled seeing the view through the glass wall. Looking around I felt his stare on me. I looked at him and gave him a questioning glance , at which he smiled. I tried to prevent him looking at me, so I asked about him and for what had he said that I could be the boss, which he replied as an answer to my surprise.

He smiled...."Well, I will tell you that soon Pretty Girl. Its just that, I can't see you sad. So, are you happy?" He questioned looking into my eyes.

I was quite lost in his deep black eyes. His eyes seemed to reflect his pain....Maybe some dark past of his life. I wanted to ask all about him, but I didn't. Maybe being lost in his eyes was the most soothing for me. Meanwhile, the waitor ordered two mugs of coffee on our table. We enjoyed our coffee with light chitchat. After sometime, we left from there.

*Flashback Ends*

I wish if I had questioned about his past. i wish If I had tried to know him a little more. If i had done this, I won't have been here. "

She said as tears leaked down her eyes. She calmed down when she felt an arm sliding down her waist. She looked up and found Vineet sitting beside her. His comforting touch calmed her down. She felt secured. Her so called husband was away and she was surrounded by her best friend, vineet, her little sisters Bulbul and Riya, who was not only a doctor but a good friend too.

She pushed herself to tell them everything.