13 Chapter 13 - Gathering

Ambigious Relationship

Chen RuoYu spent the whole day in fear. In the end, nothing happened.

The Mongolian doctor had suddenly disappeared.. No text messages, no phone calls and did not suddenly appeared infront of her. This had caused her to look at her cellphone for the whole day. Her worry now, the last time she had leaked out her house address, she was all in vain.

Could it be, after having a good night's sleep had caused Meng Gu to have a guilty conscience? After waking up he realized his behavior was shameful and hateful, so decided not to settle the scores with her.

Liang SiSi had noticed that this morning when Chen RuoYu left for work, she was abstracted. At night, when she returned home from work, she was in trance again. Lisng SiSi could not help but asked.. "What had happened to you lately?"

Chen RuoYu thought for a long time on what she should say. "I'hv provoked someone whom I shouldn't have."

Liang SiSi looked seriously at her for a while and said. "RuoYu, your appearance tells me that you'hv fallen in love with someone you shouldn't loved."

"Ah?" What kind of eyes does this person have? Chen RuoYu kept shaking her head. "No.., no. I didn't fall in love." Eight hundred years ago, she had stopped loving him. No, that's wrong, it should be.... before she.had fallen in love, she decided she could not love him.

"But this time your anxiety is totally different from the fear you had for the two bastards who assaulted you."

Ah, Yes... that matter with those two bastards is still not settled yet. She almost forgotten about it after being discharged for two days.

"So what's the situation of the entanglement with the person you provoked?"

Chen RuoYu was drawn back from her thoughts when she was asked this question. She pondered for a while and said. "It was a friend's friend. We had a misunderstanding earlier on and the two of us disliked each other. From time to time, he would cause me trouble. No, that's wrong, he's is not troublesome... you know, only a bit irritating."

"I don't know. What do I know?" Liang SiSi shook her head.


"Ai....." Liang SiSi seriously answered her.

Chen RuoYu felt a bit crazy. She stood up and walked two steps forward, waved her hand and rephrased her words. "That's to say, there's an annoying man who always comes and provokes you. What will you do?"

"He wants to chase you?"

"No, of course not." Chen RuoYu was startled. "He doesn't want to chase me."

"If he doesn't want to chase you, then what's the point of provoking you?" Chen Ru was stunned. What logic is this?

"I haven't seen a man who doesn't want to chase you and would come to mess around with you. He's not even sick." Liang SiSi's voice was like a master's voice tone. "So,Chen RuoYu, are you sure?"

"How about you?"


"What are you worried about?" What's she worrying about? She just told her, didn't she?

Chen RuoYu walked back and forth. Why's she having difficulty communicating with SiSi?

Liang SiSi stared at her figure swaging back and forth,then suddenly she became excited. "RuoYu, RuoYu.. are you now walking the path of joyful enemies?"*

[*Joyful enemies means.. a quarrelsome but loving couple].

"Ah?" Being enemies is correct but joyful is definitely not.

"A man and a woman, two of them disike each other and after a series of misunderstandings and entanglements, theb finally realized the other party's their true love. This's a classic law in love stories." Liang SiSi shrugged her shoulders. "I'hv had two relationships that ran along this kind of romantic paths."

"No, I like men who're gentle and considerate." She's already disillusioned by men who're cheerful and humorous. She feels men who're gentle and considerate are more reliable. "He likes women who're delicate and beautiful." Like Nurse Tian....

Liang SiSi was silent for three seconds and then she asked.. "What type of a man is he?"

Chen RuoYu thought hard and finally said. "Brutal type."

Liang SiSi nodded. "He sounds very Man."*

[*Man here means.. the person is a tough guy, masculine and macho].

Chen RuoYu's face was filled with black lines. How did this judgement come about?

"Five big, three crude?"* Liang SiSi continued to ask.

[*Five big refers to big ears, shoulders, hands, buttocks and feet. Three crude refers to thick legs, waist and neck. In short, this refers to a tall, thick and burly man.]

"No, tall and straight."


"En.., a little bit." Infact, Chen RuoYu thinks Meng Gu is very handsome at the bottom of her heart. If not, she would not be so hot-headed to chase after him. Thinking about this, the reason was really his handsome appearance that attracted her.

"What's his occupation?"

"Doctor." Liang SiSi asked continuously and Chen RuoYu subconsciously answered.

"En..." Liang SiSi pondered for five seconds. "RuoYu, you think he's very annoying, right?"


"This matter is easy to handle."


"I'm the delicate and beautiful kind of woman." Liang SiSi said sincerely.

Chen RuoYu was startled. She looked at Liang SiSi from top to bottom.., she really looked like a beautiful woman. She's not as tall as Nurse Tian but her temperament is gentler than Nurse Tian with beautiful facial features that's undeniable. That's why she has always been lucky in love affairs. If she's an ugly woman, how can she'hv so many chance encounters to stimulate love attractions?

Chen RuoYu was still somewhat distracted. Liang SiSi continued to say. "I just happen to have this window period without a boyfriend and I'hv never dated a brutal, handsome, tall and upright doctor before. So you can introduce him to me. I will tame him with love and make sure he'll not have the leisure time to give you trouble."

Chen RuoYu opened her mouth and then felt this was definitely not within the scope of the plan she had imagined. "This, in case he's really sick?" Didn't SiSi say a man who does not want to chase her, also gave her trouble.. is definitely a sick man? Is this a good reason for her refusal to introduce him to SiSi?

"He's a doctor. What kind of illness can he have?" Liang SiSi boldly waved her hand. "Doctors are under great stress and sometimes their temper's not good. Who know, maybe you have him unhappy? You can rest assured I will conquer him. I will ask him why he's with you. Then the both of you can compromise and untangle your grudges so that you'll not be bothered."

Logically there's nothing wrong but she still felt something's not right. Chen RuoYu bit her lips and was in deep thought. Actually, she was not happy to do this although its sounded as if its was for her own good.

"RuoYu, that's settled. Look for an opportunity and we can arrange for a chance encounter with him. You help to introduce us to each other and the rest you don't need to bother. I will take care of it."

The words 'Take care of it' sounded poewerful but Chen RuoYu felt that the journey ahead is hazy, extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

Her phone rang just as she didn't know how to answer and deal with SiSI. Chen RuoYu said. "I will answer the call." And then she fled.

The call was from Guo YuLan. She said that Lei Feng's fiancee was back and Yin Ze had invited them forva gathering and supper. Gao YuLan asked whether Chen RuoYu would like to join them.

"Police Officer Lei's fiancee?" Chen RuoYu's eyes widen. "I'm going.., I'm going! Reserve a seat for me!"

Gao YuLan laughed. "I knew it, so I hurriedly asked you. Come quickly. We're in Yin Ze's shop.

Yin Ze's shop is called 'Food', a restaurant with character and style. After Chen RuoYu had changed her clothes, she picked up her bag and rushed out. Liang SiSi was waiting in the living room for her to discuss the plan for chance encounter further. Chen RuoYu said she had some personal matter and then disappeared instantly.

Gao YuLan's phone call had come at the perfect time. Not only did Gao YuLan help her solve the difficult situation just now but at the same time Chen RuoYu can also satisfy her curiosity that she had harboured for a long time. Finally, she can meet the beloved fiancee of Police Officer Lei.

This gossip news had surprised both her and Gao YuLan. It was said that Lei Feng's family has money and power. His father is the director of the Public Security Department and his mother is the director of the Taxation Bureau. Although he lived a luxury life, from young he was taught with strict parental discipline. His parents loved him but never control him. He, Yin Ze and Meng Gu had been studying on the same middle school but he was very low-key in school. But the cool, quiet young man was spirited. Yin Ze and Meng Gu got to know him through fights and eventually, they became strong buddies.

Lei Feng's love story can be described by Yin Ze's words. 'Since young, he was cold with a target in sight, bold and reckless with no shame.' When he was very young he had taken a liking for a girl, so since primary school, he had treated the girl as his own. However, the girl was indeed a good girl. Although under oppressive pressure from Lei Feng, she still persisted in her ideals and went abroad to study art. Of course, Lei Feng fellow student had very shamelessly and with great determination, sponsored her studies which resulted in her repaying him by giving him her heart.

This story had made both Gao YuLan and Chen RuoYu full of curiosity. What kind of a girl is she, a girl who can hold on so tightly to Lei Feng?

In Chen RuoYu's heart, there's a faint feeling of excitement. After she had got onto the bus, immediately she thought of something. She called Gao YuLan. "Lan Lan, I'm on my way now. That... who will be there tonight?"

"Just Police Officer Lei and his girlfriend, Yin Ze and me, Sister Yin Ning and Niu Niu. Its seems Dr Meng has something to do, I heard Yin Ze called him."

Chen RuoYu felt at ease. Yin Ning is Yin Ze's sister and Niu Niu is Yin Ning's daughter. She knew all these people and they also get along well. The most important thing is that Dr Meng's not there, then it's safe. She spoke to Gao YuLan for a little while longer snd then hung up the call.

WhEn she arrived, she ran up to the third floor of Yin Ze's restaurant. A table of people was talking enthusiastically.

Lei Feng was sitting together with a very sweet, obedient girl. His face showed happy smiles from time to time, he would turn around his head to look at the girl with tenderness in his eyes.

Chen RuoYu's heart felt envious. This is called a gentle-man.

When everyone saw Chen RuoYu had arrived, they immediately arranged a seat for her and also introduced her. Lei Feng's fiancee's name is Ding XiaoYun, a delicate name that really suited her. The room was abuzz with lively conversation when suddenly someone walked in through the door. A loud voice sounded. "My dear, are you back? Come, let me give you a hug!"

When Chen RuoYu heard his voice, she immediately stiffened. Damn! Why's he here?

Because of the contents of that threatening text message, this 'My dear' was actually calling her. And that 'let me hug you' really made her scalp tingled.

Fortunately, Lei Feng instantly gave him a response and Chen RuoYu heaved a sign of relief.

Lei Feng said. "Damn! You're just like Yin Ze." Actually, when his fiancee XiaoYun returned, they should be spending intimate times together but in the end, Yin Ze wanted to hold a gathering to celebrate Xiao Yun's return home. Infact, gatherings can be held at any time but they just wanted to disturb him only.

Meng Gu smirked and ignored Lei Feng. He really ran over to XiaoYun and hugged her. Then Lei Feng pushed him away and said. "Get lose!"

Yin Ze standing at the side said cooly. "Aiya.., temper is short and someone is violent."

Lei Feng answered. "Wait until I'm free then I'll show the two of you... my violence."

Yin Zeb and Meng Gu held their hand over their heart and said together. "We're so scared!"

The two people made Chen RuoYu laughed and her lips curved. Then she saw Meng Gu sat down opposite her and gave her a glance. She controlled her expression, lowered her head to look for her cup, drank some water.

On the other side, Yin Ze was making a fuss and wanted to make a toast to this big celebrated event. Meng Gu supported him and started joining in rowdily. Lei Feng stared at them and in his heart, he knew these two rascals were trying to get him drunk so that He could not****.

"I'm not drinking. I have to drive."

"Let Xiao Yun drive."

"She has just returned. It's not safe for her."

"Take a taxi home."

"Can't bear to leave my car."

"You don't have guts."

"No need to prove it to you. Save it."

Ding XiaoYun who had kept quiet all along, was laughing as she watched them, finally spoke up. "Everyone should not be drinking. Yin Ze, Meng Gu.. the two of you have to drive too. Safety's important."

"Aiyo... the husband sings and the wife follows*. I don't have to drive, my sister can drive." Yin Ze then used Yin Ning as his shield.

[*The husband sings and the wife follows means.. marital harmony.]

"I also don't have to drive. Chen RuoYu will send me back."

Chen RuoYu was holding her cup watching the lively banter and almost choked when she heard Meng Gu said. When did she say she'll send the Mongolian doctor home? They do not have this type of relationship, okay? She secretly snuck a peek at Meng Gu and saw that he and Yin Ze were concentrating on their verbal dueling with Lei Feng and did not even look at her.

Chen RuoYu took a sip of water, well the Mongolian doctor had just casually said that. She should not take it seriously.