18 Chapter 18 - Liang SiSi Pursued

Ambigious Relationship

In the end, Chen RuYou need not be hospitalized.

All this was thanks to the normal test operation of the ECG machine, thanks to the proper operation of the little doctor, thanks to her heart which only beat at a fast rate without any other problems and finally thanks to Dr Meng's conscience who did not treat her mercilessly.

In short, after waiting for ten minutes, finally, a strange middle-aged male doctor came in. He acted like Meng Gu who asked Chen RuYou a number of questions, for example, in addition to feeling flustered, did she feel any other discomfort, etc. After determination that she didn't have any other discomfort, the doctor told her, she could go home. The doctor also adviced her that if the rate her heart beat did not improve by tonight, she was to go to cardiology department for a consultation tomorrow. He also suggested that she should do a comprehensive physical examination as soon as possible.

Chen RuYou nodded her head in agreement.

She had stayed in the hospital twice and each time she had done a full physical check-up. She thinks that within the radius of a hundred miles, there would not be another person who had done more check-ups than she had done in the same period.

Liang SiSi waited for the doctor to leave before she brought out Chen RuYou clothes.

"You actually brought me clothes."

"Yes. Dr Meng told me on the phone that your clothes were stained with blood. He told me to bring you a set of clean clothes." Liang SiSi winked. "Isn't he considerate?"

Chen RuYou nodded. This was really contrary to her expectations. She picked up her clothes and was about to change when Liang SiSi said. "Before we go, I'll go and look for him for one more time. You get changed first and I'll be back shortly."

Chen RuYou nodded again and watched as Liang SiSi fluttered out of the ward like a colourful butterfly.

After she had changed, she waited for a long times but Liang SiSi still had not returned. Chen RuYou pulled out her cellphone and looked at it. It was almost 1.00am. No wonder she felt so sleepy.

She yawned, yawned and then yawned again.

Right at this moment, Meng Gu came in.

Chen RuYou was almost killed by her own yawn. Her mouth was wide opened to its maximum, it was too late and not enough time to close her mouth with her hand now. Tears had gathere at the corner of her eyes making her looked very un-ladylike. Chen RuYou simply let it be and in a relaxed manner made a big yawn.

Liang SiSi was following behind Meng Gu and happily told Chen RuYou who was wiping away her tears away. "RuYou, Dr Meng does not need to be on duty tonight. Everything's completed and he can send us home."

"Good." Through her yawn, Chen RuYou realized that image and reservation were not the things she needed. She felt very happy and the two people certainly had no objections. The three of them got into the car with Liang SiSi sitting in the front passenger seat while Meng Gu drove and Chen RuYou got into the back seat.

When the car started, Liang SiSi found topics to discuss with Meng Gu and the two of them laughed while talking. Chen RuYou sat in daze and when she looked into the rearview mirror, she met Meng Gu's eyes. Chen RuYou blinked and simply laid back to sleep.

So tired. Lying down felt so comfortable and it was good to have thick-skin.

In a daze, she could hear Liang SiSi say. RuYou had fallen asleep. She must be very tired. So sorry. Dr Meng."

"It's alright. Don't be courteous. All this while she had always treated me as one of her own people."

PeI..! When did I treat him as one of my own people?

Chen RuYou silently disagreed. The car swayed and swayed and finally, she fell asleep. She slept all the way home. When they reached home, she was awakened by Liang SiSi. Liang SiSi thanked Meng Gu politely and then assisted her up the stairs.

Chen RuYou did not even lift her eyes. "He's our own people, don't be so polite."

Meng Gu grinned at her displaying his snow-white teeth and she returned with a smile. Then when she reached home, she entered the house and continued to sleep until dawn.

A whole night without dreaming. There's no mother chasing after her and hitting her, no poison-tongued Meng Gu to anger her. In the blink of an eye, life is still very good to her.

A new day begins. The feeling of heart palpitations was gone.

Chen RuYou held her hands in fists and she was full of energy. She had already said, her dizziness and discomfort were only temporary. Depression and setbacks were also temporary.

She wants to work hard. Let her family see, she's also able to succeed. Let Meng Gu see, she's also attractive.

Dressed in bright clothes, Chen RuYou went to work in high spirits under Liang SiSi's surprised eyes.

Her work kept her very busy, running around meeting customers. It was tiring and difficult to close an insurance deals. Chen RuYou was determined to work hard and did not go back to consults the doctor. These few days, Meng Gu did not call her and neither did her parents. She felt relieved, however she felt as if something was missing.

Meng Gu was considered a lost caused. Her family, well she had to be mentally prepared before she was ready to call home again.

She and her family were separated by 108,000 miles and if she stays hidden temporarily, nothing will happen to her. But Dr Meng did not make it so easy for her to stay quiet. He did not have to personally play a role and Liang SiSi became a publicity infiltration tool.

"RuYou, let me tell you, Dr Meng actually does not like candies."

"How did you know that?" Chen RuYou felt that she was not interested in what Meng Gu likes but she was curious how Liang SiSi knew.

SiSi claimed, she was a living 'book of love'. Is she really so powerful? She's the type that Meng Gu likes, can she really bring down Meng Gu? She really does not despise his uncouth mouth and his vile temper?

"I asked the nurses." Liang SiSi was painting her nails carefully.

"Nurses?" The group of people who loved gossips, who treated Dr Meng as their own property... those Nurses? Would they reveal Dr Meng's preferences to outsiders? "What did they tell you? Did they give you a bad expression?"

"Why should they give me bad expressions? I hold women's talk with them. I talked to them about how to maintain beauty, about nourishment, about breast enhancement and skin rejuvenation. I also told them where they can get discounts and advantages. We also gossiped about several actresses' facelifts and some actor's private life scandals. I also gave them movie tickets. Now they loved me do much that everything I asked, they will complied.

Ehen Chen RuYou heard of this, she felt little foolish and really admired her.

"Then did you look for Dr Meng?"

"Yes, I looked for him. I thanked him for taking care of you and then took the opportunity to meet the nurses around him. Then I went looking for his nurses, if I don't befriend them and ask around, how would I understand him better. How will I succeed then?"

Really smart!

"Did you see that Nurse Tian?"

"Yes, the most beautiful and the most arrogant one."


"So what? Is she more beautiful than me? What's the use of being arrogant? The time has not come yet and I did not say I want to pursue Dr Meng. What can she do? I gave the nurses movie tickets as small gifts and they're clamouring to please me now. Nurse Tian has nothing to say."

Correct! Chasing after a man in a curved line is a good move. Chen RuYou now realized this. When she chased Meng Gu and ignored the people around him.

However, Liang SiSi works as a public relations officer in her company. The little gifts of movie tickets are plenty in her possession and therefore they're nothing to her. Thinking of her own resources, Chen RuYou knew she cannot afford to give out insurance policies. Although she's also a part-time agent for condom products, she really cannot give them out as gifts to the nurses.

"Hey...." Liang SiSi suddenly called her."Give me a box of those condoms that you have."

"Why.... Why?" Suddenly Chen RuYou became anxious. As they were roommates, during Liang SiSi's previous love affairs, she had gifted her with this practical product before. But now isn't Liang SiSi in the vacant window period? Isn't she chasing Meng Gu?

"For my use, sh...." Liang SiSi replied in a matter-of-fact way.

Chen RuYou bit her lips. The question she wanted to ask so much.....'use with who?'... She really could not spit it out. She thought for a while and put the question in another way. "Have you and Dr Meng developed so fast?"

This stinky man really has no morality and also does not exercise chastity.

"No, I'hv just met him twice. How can we develop so fast? Your sister, I... still have principles."

Oh.... I'hv wronged him.

"I'hv run out of stock. For safety's sake, I'hv to be prepared just in case something happens, isn't that right?"

Right? ..Right! It seems the conclusion of him being wrong cannot be set down so early.

Wait, what does Liang SiSi mean by asking her 'isn't that right?' She had not even used that before, how does she know? She's woman with morality and chastity, serious in her pursuit of living a good life, okay? Pursuing dual love of essence and s** in an affair is really not her style.

"RuYou, I want to meet Dr Meng again. Will you help me to ask him out?"

Ah? Why must she ask him out?

"I don't want to make it too obvious. In the beginning, if one appears too eager, the men will look down on you."

Is it? No wonder. That time, she was too eager and not only did he looked down on her, he also stepped down on her.

"Look for a chance and give him a valid reason to ask him out. Then we can setup a chance encounter to meet again. Like the last time, we met in the hospital, it was so natural and I want the result to be just like that."

That time was very natural and really a coincidence but once an arrangement's made, then it would not be natural nor would it be coincidence again.

Chen RuYou started to worry. If she helps, she will have to find a good reason and if she don't help, she still has to find a good reason. It is just that one reason is for Meng Gu and the other reason is for Liang SiSi.