1 Prologus

Amissia Mundo

T H E   L O S T  W O R L D

GOD created the world as everyone know yet what they don't know was that, GOD abandoned the world and minor gods appeared in order to control the lost realm. No one knew why GOD left nor when will GOD return but one thing for sure, there's a reason.

"Get her!" yelled the guard as they chased the woman in black through the woods under the shining light of the stars. The woman continue to run, never to look back at the men chasing her in the middle of the night. Holding tightly in her arms was an infant covered in a thick blanket to keep him warm from the cold wind. Under the cloth that covered his chest was a key birthmark, glowing dimly as the baby started to cry in annoyance. "Be safe young master" cried the female, throwing the baby into sky and vanished into thin air. She stood still, staring at the million of stars as guards start shooting at her. Bullets hit her back and blood cough from her mouth as she fell down to the ground, unable to move anymore. Soon, a glowing orb emits from her body, a fairy that is, flying towards the dying woman. "Mahicia. P-protect young m-maste-er. H-he hold-ds th-the key"

In the city of Tutela, an orphanage was disturbed in the middle of the night by a loud wail of a baby. Opening their front door, they saw a poor baby boy lying the floor and suffered the cold night of the country. The nun who found him gasp in horror before carrying the infant into the building, waking up her fellow staffs to help her with the new child to enter the orphanage. They quickly strip him from his cold and somehow wet clothes, washing him before dressing him in newly washed warmer clothes. The woman who found him first was holding a thick blanket she saw together with the infant that has writing in the corner of the cloth. ''R e x i m' "Rexim? Such a unique name" she exclaimed before covered the baby with it.

In an island near to Magus, another child was born out of lust and pride. She was born in the forest full of danger as snow fall from the dark sky. Her mother held her infant dearly near to her heart as cold wrapped around them. The woman was wearing only a thin underwear dress after she used her outer dress to cover up the child. Blood splattered around her bottom and dress, staining them for the night. Nonetheless the female tried to stood up with her weak legs and walk through the eerily quiet woods. Tears can't stop falling from the woman, to see her child be cursed just the day she was bornt.


A sound erupted from the door of an old couple in the forest. The nearest person, the husband, hastily opened the door to reveal a freezing woman with a crying child in her arms. "Mama?" the old lady rushed towards the female in worry and confusion. "Sweetie! Oh dear! What had happened to you?" she asked her daughter while signaling her husband to grab the baby out of the woman's arms. "Mama, please take care of my daugther" she coughs blood before collapsing to the arms of her mother. "I love you, Avia" she kissed her daughter for the last time. There were cries that was heard in that night, one mourning for their child and one crying for their need as the freezing female took his final breath. The old couple could only mourn before changing their focus to the orphaned child. Staring at the infant that has fallen asleep, a glimpse of black caught their eyes. undressing the cloth covering the child, hid a secret that will change the newborn forever. A curse mark was clearly tainted at her back shoulder, dipped in dark blue color the couple cried once more.