4 Duo

Amissia Mundo


Life has already cruel to him ever since he was born but it got more cruel as he grew older.

A child followed by mischief as others labeled him, talking behind his back. Such a young age being hated by foolish adults. Chased by evil for having a rare blood, being used to be a weapon.

Running through the floor of the forest, Rexim and Destian spent no time running away from the men of the rival country. Everyone they knew was either captured or killed brutally. They kept their wings closed, flying is out of their options since they are still slow in using their wings and can't fly high enough to be not reach. The path that they took was going to the river beside the establishment. It may seem an escape route but one flaw changes everything. Arriving at the bunk of the river, Rexim waste no time flying to the other side but he hears no other sound of flapping of wings than his own. He looked back to see his friend standing still with eyes full of fear and determination.

"Destian?! What are you doing?" Rexim worriedly call out for his friend.

"Rexim, just go. I'll lead them away!"

"What are you?! I can't leave you here!"

"They won't stop until they caught us! I can't let you be troubled because of me!"

"Destian! Stop joking around! We will escape through this together!"

"There's only one of us that could be saved."

"No, we can leave together!"

"I'll be happy if I know that even if I'm in danger, at least one of us is safe"


Loud footsteps can be heard behind the fairy's back. Destian mouthed "go" before running to the other side.

"Destian!" Rexim tried to chase his friend but he tripped his foot causing him to stumble down to the rushing river. This was bad. Very bad.

Rexim doesn't know how to swim.

He flap his arms around but it only do nothing. The water was too fast that he didn't notice a large boulder ahead of him, knocking him down when he hit it. Rexim lost his conscious as his body was moved by the river into an unknown place.

Destian, on the other hand, was chased by the Pluviam men. He tried flying but he was an amateur and still slow at flying so it was out of his options. His other option was to attack these people yet he knew they are can withstand his magic and his last option was to surrender. His legs were getting tired and his pace was getting slower. He knew that he has no escape anymore from the enemies. With one last strength, he collapse to the floor, panting as he gasps for air. The general pulled the hair of the fairy in pride. Destian could only smile, if he can not save his life at least he saved his friend's life. He stared at the general coldly before spitting in his face.

"You fu-" before he could finished, he was punched, knocking him out. The elder looked at the rare male fairy before commanding one of his men to take care of the boy. No matter how he wanted to kill the annoying brat, he knew that their king will love his gift.

"Retreat back to the kingdom! Make sure no slaves will escape!"

"We'll follow whatever you command, General Vio!" his men responded, moving themselves back to their ships they used to come to the continent.

It only took them five hours to return back at the Pluviam kingdom despite arriving late in the evening already. The soldiers all lead the carriages towards the huge castle in the middle of the island. It wasn't that hassle since only few citizens could be seen outside of their houses.

The captured orphans could only cry as they were carried to a place where they probably won't be able to escape anymore. Those who were traumatized just sat in the corner, completely in a daze while others were looking comfort from embraces of older kids. There were only two carriages, it would be five carriages if they didn't kill the other children along with the staffs.

Ignis, the eldest kid around, was in the corner taking care of the sleeping Destian who was harshly thrown inside the vehicle. Even though she was older than the other nonetheless she's still a child and she can't help but to lose hope as her tears fall repeatedly.

"Big sister, where are we going?" a young girl that sat near the older whispers.

"I don't know Mei. I don't know." Ignis hopelessly answered, looking down at the younger with scared eyes.

Suddenly the carriage stopped and she was pushed forward by the sudden stopping. Destian woke up in startled and hurriedly hold tightly to the girl who's taking care of him. Mei buried her face in the side of Ignis who also embraces the two, protecting them.

The door opened and light shone to the children, they were in the second carriage and they can see children being pulled roughly from the other carriage.

"Get them" a man commanded and his men followed. The kids were being pulled, grabbed and thrown to the ground with no gentle at all to be seen. Ignis growled at the men who tried to touch the two before walking out of the vehicle ignoring the adults. She carried Mei in her arms while Destian held at her with firm grip.

"Ignis... I'm scared" the male fairy said to the wolf hybrid with a tone that can tear one's heart. Ignis stare at him before looking back in front. "I know because I'm also scared too" she replied while following these evil men towards this unbelievable huge and fancy-looking building.

The skies were dark and no stars can be seen due to the bright lights coming from the castle. She looked around the area until something catches her eyes. Staring at it, she gasps in horror. It was the country's flag in the side of the entrance, it was symbol of no other than the Pluviam's symbol.

She wants to escape- no,  THEY NEED to escape but every corner seems to be guarded. Her fear heightens much more and everyone can see her horrified expression because she can't and will never be able to escape.

Because one thing for sure, once you enter the country, nobody will be able to escape it.

She was frozen in her place before she was harshly pushed by a guard. "Stop wasting time" he scolded.

They were in a line formation, all of the surviving kids were there. Destian is still holding Ignis but Mei was forced to stand beside the elder. They all were facing the king of this place, the person more evil than a demon.

The man was sitting in his throne, had his hand under his jawline, thinking before smirking with unexplainable expression.

"I want that male fairy" he pointed towards Destian who shivered in fear.

"I want him to be given to my son as my birthday gift tomorrow" the king added as men grabbed the fairy and pulled him away from the line.


"NO! Destian!" Ignis tried to chase the chosen boy but she was halted by the other kids who grabbed her out of fear.

"What about the kids, your highness?" General Vio questioned.

"Call the officials and other generals, let them choose who they want to have as a slave" the general smiled darkly before walking away to call them.

Ignis collapsed to the ground before hugging Mei. She knew that she failed as their oldest sister.