267 Update to the update to the update - Fanfic plans

An Immortal“s Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic

@@So my guys, sorry for no update for a month, was busy reading TGR(nice novel but too fucking repetitive to the point it got boring)

So y'all still want me to make a BTTH fanfic? I mean i did read TGR so LOL I already spoiled the ending of btth for me even thoe I already knew it even though I haven't read it.

- Keep in mind I'm in High school now so even if I wanted to write said fanfic I'd take me roughly several days to crack WW's paywall for new novels thru... dark sites,(jk) and then get inspiration.

IN THE MEANWHILE, I got inspired by tgr(I started reading that shit in 2017) for like the 5th time in 5 years LOL, I just love how the cultivation realms work in there. and AM WRITING A NEW NOVEL. A NOVEL I AIN'T GONNA DROP BOIS.

I'm legit serious.

If you guys want me I'll do a BTTH Fanfic, a TGR one or whatever THE FUCK YOU GUYS THROW AT ME. IM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.