268 Side story for ITDG

An Immortal“s Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic

@@Yahooo, who remembers what I promised way back then, I promised a few chapters after the ending of the novel... or did I err... or was it for my naruto fanfic fuck idk.

I'm just going to do one chapter per day just to get on shape, it'll revolve around Mc and Xiao Ning-er's life after the ending of the novel, it'll be also around my mga fanfic. I planned to connect all my fanfics under one trilogy and I still stand to that. It'll include my naruto fanfic,tdg fanfic and MAYBE my atg fanfic mc who I literally only wrote a prologue around and never made an official appearance anywhere LOL.

- P.S YES I do plan to make a BTTH fanfic, it'll be a single pairing and the mc ain't gonna cuckold our dear former mc'Flame Emperor' .

He won't be as OP as my other mcs until way LATE.

Also, it'll be out around december or late november depending on school and my laziness.

The chapter for my side story will be out like tmrrow or theday after tmrrow.