269 - Fanfic out in 1-2 weeks 3 max

An Immortal“s Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic

@@So I'm at ch.717 of btth right now, and boy does it share a LOT of similarities with tgr. a TON of filler, a lot of same arcs....

Anyway the fanfic I plan to write will CONTAIN spoilers of BTTH/WDQK and TGR. I plan to include a TGR arc after the BTTH arc, I'll have to re-read WDQK thoe, I kinda left it around ch 700 or somewhere there lol.

Anyway, my idea for the mc was to either make him Xiao Yan's twin or younger brother, or a mysterious background...From another plane. - Suggestions will be GLADLY added.

The schedule will be at 2ch daily with each chapter possessing over 1k to 1.3k words.