6 The crew grows

An Uchiha in One Piece World

Indra after saying goodbye to the mayor, went straight to the inn to spend the night. Tomorrow he would prepare to sail to another island.

When he arrived at the inn, he greeted the others and went straight to his room. He lay down on the bed and reviewed everything that happened to the length of the dio. For Indra today was a very good day, he got a boat and also everything needed on navigation.

When at last he was about to fall asleep, a loud noise echoed through the town. Indra suddenly got up from the bed and looked out the window to see what had happened.

What he saw left him with his mouth open. Two huge boats were firing at the houses in the village.

Indra took out his zanpakuto from the inventory and put it on his waist. He also took out the three shurikens and put them in his pocket.

Before leaving the room, Indra already saw that the Marines had already begun to assemble and form a squadron to attack the pirates.

"The situation is getting pretty interesting. I hope those damn pirates have not touched my ship. "Thought the young man as he left the room.

The pirates have already left their two ships and prepared to plunder the town. They all met in the harbor preparing to enter the square where the Marines were.

The fight started, the two forces collided. You could hear gunshots throughout the town. The cries of the villagers terrified of fear.

The pirates outnumbered the Marines, but they were better trained.

Indra came out the door, opening it with a thud. Just when he was about to leave the inn a pirate attacked him with his sword. Indra defended the pirate attack with his zanpakuto while holding his sword with one hand. In the other hand he concentrated his haki and hit the pirate's abdomen leaving him unconscious.

"There is no better opportunity than this to do some shopping" - said Indra as he prepared to go steal food and water for his trip.

On the way to the store, he continued to kill some pirates. Even save some civilians. Just after that was when he saw something that even for him was surprising. A woman was facing three other pirates, but he was surprised that she was not losing at all, after a moment she killed them easily, her technique was splendid, in one swing he cut all the pirate and broke their sword in half.

When Indra saw the woman's face, he was amazed.

"How is it possible?" - he asked himself. "How is she still alive? He thought she had died in that incident. "- said Indra in his mind "This must be destiny, she will be my first nakama." - said Indra in a low voice.

While watching the woman fight, he realized that more and more pirates were coming together to attack her. Those who fought with swords clearly were not able to do anything to the woman but now there were about 4 pirates who used guns.

"No, they're going to hit me with the bullets, I have to retire." - the woman said in a low voice.

Just when they were about to shoot the girl, Indra with incredible speed cut them with his zanpakuto. They all fell to the ground, dead.

"Thank you very much, you just saved me" - the girl said as she lowered her head in symbol of gratitude.

"You're welcome" -indicated Indra. "What's your name?" The boy asked, while taking care of other pirates.

"My name is Kuina and you" -the girl asked.

"My name is Indra, Indra Uchiha." - replied the boy. "Would you like to join me?"

"What do you mean?" - the girl asked as she continued attacking pirates with her sword.

"I mean to join my pirate crew." - Indra said with a smile on his face.

"I'm never going to be a pirate, I thought you were good people saving me, but you're nothing but a goddamn pirate" - the girl answered.

"It's true I'm nothing but a pirate" - said Indra. "But I'm the only one who can help you survive. Then you only have two options, to die at the hands of a pirate without being able to achieve your dreams and ambitions or become a pirate and sail the seas in search of adventure. "- said Indra with a solemn tone.

The girl stared at him, not knowing what to do. She already knew that what he said was true, if it were not for his help she would have already died.

After a few moments of doubt, hes mind cleared up.

"Very well I will be part of your crew" - answered Kuina.

"Perfect, welcome" - said Indra, "We kill these and we go to the port." - continued the boy while making some symbols with his hand.

"Kuina, bend over" -ordeno Indra. "I will use an attack to defeat them all" -Indra said as he raised his hand to his mouth.

Kuina when hear the order quickly ducked.

"Fire style: phoenix flame" - the captain shouted as he threw flames from his mouth.

After that incredible fire attack, all the pirates were dead.

"How did you do that?" - asked Kuina.

"It's a long story!" - Indra replied.

"Let's go fast before more pirates come." -Ordered the boy.

Kuina simply nodded and started following him as they made their way to the harbor. They arrived at the port without many complications. Indra saw that his ship was still intact and told Kuina to get on.