10 The end of the tournamen

An Uchiha in One Piece World

"Sword technique: lightning cut" - Kuina said as she cut her opponent with a quick slash of his katana, his opponent did not even see it, he was defeated instantly.

There were less than half of the participants left. At this point only the strongest were within the competition. Indra was still resting in a part of the coliseum. He kept eliminating contestants from time to time when they attacked him. Kuina on the other hand was unstoppable, many tried to stop her but failed. His handling of the sword was affordable at the stroke of a lightning bolt, once he attacked a contestant he instantly fainted. After a while, Indra had already recovered mostly, and continued eliminating participants like Kuina.

For a while, the fight did not stop, until there were only two fighters left. A Man and a Woman. Respectively Indra and Kuina.

"Are you ready?" - asked Indra.

"Yes, use everything you have because I'll be serious!" - answered Kuina.

Upon seeing Kuina drew his own sword. Suddenly, a sword appeared in Indra's hand. The two ran towards each other. A few seconds later, a clash with swords was heard in the coliseum.

The force of the clash left the audience in total silence.

The two exchanged blows. In the exchange, it could be said that the winning hand was Kuina. His experience and talent with the sword exceeded that of Indra.

After a few moments, something surprised Kuina.

"It's time to be serious" - said Indra while his eyes changed to a red color.

"What's that!" Kuina shouted surprised by the change in her captain's eyes.

"This is something that the people of my clan possess, it's called Sharingan" - said Indra. "I suggest you use everything you have, since now the real combat begins" - continued Indra.

"Very good" -said Kuina.

"Sword technique: divine slash" - Kuina shouted as his sword emitted a small white light around it.

Kuina's technique was extremely fast, making a cut in Indra's chest. Indra's body fell to the ground.

Kuina worried about his capitan, knelt and took his pulse.

"He has no pulse, I killed him" Kuina thought as tears came from her eyes.

The audience was also surprised. The presenter was about to disqualify Kuina. But a voice was suddenly heard.

"Knowledge and consciousness are vague, and perhaps it is better to call them illusions." Said the voice as Indra's inert body disappeared.

Kuina looked at the man and saw that it was Indra in reality.

"An illusion?" - asked Kuina.

"Exactly" - Indra said. "The moment you saw my Sharingan, you were already inside a illusion." Indra continued while his zanpakuto was next to Kuina's neck.

"I lost" - Kuina said - "Now I have a more accurate compression of your power, although you should still be saving much more"

"Losing is not bad, it shows you your weaknesses and what you need to become more strong." - Indra said with a voice only as he kept his sword and deactivated his sharingan.

"You trusted yourself too much, you knew that your control over the sword is better than mine, but you should know that I never start a fight without having the opportunity to win it." - Indra continued speaking.

[COMPLETED MISSIONS] - said the system in Indra's head.

"Later I will have to verify the rewards of the two missions" - thought Indra.

Suddenly the audience got up and began to applaud the tournament champion. Bonney who was in the audience, saw the whole fight between her two nakamas.

"The winner of the tournament is Indra" - said the commentator. "Now we will give the prize to the champion. The total of ten million belis. "- continued the commentator.

After the awards ceremony, the three nakamas went to an inn to rest.

The next day, after lunch, the three went to the port to find a ship builder. After walking for a while, they arrived at the house of the best boat builder on the island.

"Good morning, is there anyone?" Indra asked as he entered the workshop.

"I'm here, how can I help you?" - replied the man.

"Look, I'd like to buy a ship!" Said the captain.

"What kind of ship do you want?" - continued asking the builder.

"A galleon, that's well done. I want it to be able to withstand the worst of the storms. "- answered Indra.

"Currently we do not have any available, I can build it if you want but it will take a long time" said the man.

Suddenly a voice of another person was heard.

"Father if they want a galleon, Why do not you sell them one of my creations?" - the voice said.

"Arthur, stop fooling around, that thing is just a problem, because of you, the navy now has us under observation." Replied the man.

"It does not matter what the navy does, I will continue to build ships that can even surpass the ancestral weapons." - said Arthur.

"Stop saying nonsense and go back to work." - the carpenter said again.

"Hey how are you going to create a ship that equals an ancestral weapon if you stay on this little island? - Indra asked with a smile on his face.

"Someday I'll go out" - Arthur answered.

"Then come now, join our crew "- said Indra.

"What are you?" Arthur asked again.

"Pirates" - answered Indra directly.

"You want me to be a pirate." - Arthur asked again. "Ha ha do not make me laugh" - the boy kept saying.

"I think it's a good opportunity. If you come with us you will know the greatness of the world.

Besides, if you stay here you can not build because of the Marines. "Indra said.

"It's true what he says, son" - said Arthur's father. "Go with them and fulfill your dream." Continued the carpenter.