1 Prologue

Another Chance of Life

Have you ever wonder if your life has a meaning? A purpose?

I did but maybe I'm the only one who has ever wondered.

My life is not like others.

Its like mine doesn't have any purpose in continuing.

Everybody has a fulfilling life, they have jobs, they have a happy family that loves and cares for them and friends who will support them.

But...do I have that?

The only thing I know I have is a family who hates me....that's all.

I don't even know if I can call them my family if they think that my excistence should just disappear...that I should just die...

I don't have friends....I don't have a job,I'm what you call a 'shut-in'.

I don't go outside because if I did I will just get bullied...I don't want that.

I don't want to feel pain, I don't want to see them staring at me like I'm just a trash and that i should just die.

The only thing that holds me back from killing myself is because of the stories I read. It makes me feel a lot of emotions.I feel happy, sad, angry, amd other emotions that I usually don't feel. Sometimes I just imagine myself as the MC, has a life of adventure,supportive friends and a loving family.

I don't know how to socialise with other people that's why I put a mask of no emotion and after years and years of pretending, I've become who I pretend to be. I could no longer feel emotions.

The only thing that sometimes make me feel is reading but as times past it doesn't make me feel the same way anymore.

Until I reach the age of 74, nothing has changed. All I did was just lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling, waiting for my last breath to end...







At least it was supposed to be the last.....

But I didn't think that God would give me another chance to change who I am....

Another chance in this life of mine...