2 Chapter 1

Another Chance of Life

*ring* *ring* *ring*

I woke up hearing the alarm clo-wait...


What's happening? Aren't I supposed to be dead by now? I clearly remember that I died.

"What the hell?"Huh?? That's not my voice...

I look around the unfamiliar room....this is not my room.

I rush towards the door that I'm sure leads to the bathroom.

I opened the door and walk to the mirror.

I saw a black haired youth that looks like 16 yrs old that has dark red eyes that if you stared at it you feel that you have gone to a place of no return.

A perfect shape of face and a lean body and a red plump lips that you want to kiss....

"Is this me?? What's happening?" And as if someone heard me, a rush of pain hit me in my head and memories that I don't own flashed in my brain.

It turns out that the name of my new body is Tian Xui. A boy that has a loving family and supportive friends but this boy-no,I just took them for granted. I didn't appreciate them nor did I ever love them.

"This boy is lucky but he didn't even noticed it, what a shame" Really lucky...

And I'm that boy now... I'm confused but I'm happy that I now have another chance.....

I can feel my eyes sting and a tear slide down from my eyes to my cheek.

"Xui Xui come down!! You're gonna be late for school!!" Mother said.

"Coming!!"I said while wiping the tears from my eyes.

No need to think about the past, I gotta live my life from now on to prevent the past to happen again.

I took a shower and wore 'my' uniform for school.

I go down the stairs and saw a woman cooking and a man watching TV.

The woman has dark hair and a pair of red eyes... a beautiful woman and it looks like I inherited her looks. Her name is Tian Xian.

And the man has dark black hair and a pair of lighter red eyes. A handsome man. His name is Tian Hui.

"Goodmorning" father said.

"Goodmorning, father and mother" I said while smiling.

I saw their eyes widen, hmm why?

And then I remember, this boy used to just nod and doesn't speak to them.

Now I'm more determined to change this boys fate.

I'm sure it'll be easy peasy...

[later he won't know he'll regret saying that]



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