3 The Begining

Apocalypse Express

An old teenager led asleep on his bed. Rock metal bands covered the walls and dirty clothes were piled up in a corner of his room. The one unusual thing was a train set that went around the room. His eyes twitched and slowly opened up, instantly he jumped up and looked around his dark room.

He looked around and got out of bed. He suddenly flinched as he stood on a piece of Lego that was probably in his room for years. Suddenly, a loud voice echoed upstairs.


A tear dripped down Nova's cheek. "Mum?". He charged downstairs and ran towards where the voice originated. Nova stood in front of an older woman who had a beautiful smile but was wrinkled slightly from age and stress. Nova embraced her. She had black hair but some streaks of grey were beginning to grow.

"Woah, calm down you aren't in that much trouble"

Nova regained his calmness quickly and separated quickly. "Sorry mum, I just had a bad dream"

Nova's mum looked at him with upset eyes.

"Dear, you better have not wet your bed again"

Nova ran out of the room as he shouted "NO".

Nova ran outside the house and began walking around. On the way out he picked up his phone and checked the date, 8th February 2019, 2 days before the apocalypse and when everyone he loved got infected. As a teenager, there was not much he could prepare so he decided to do what he could.

First, he went to an outdoor survival shop and bought a cheap survival knife although it was weak and flimsy it was better than nothing as he had to save his money for other things. Next, he went to what the locals called 'The All Shop' simply because everything you could think of could be found there.

At the store, Nova bought 2 £10 gasmasks and with the remaining £12 he bought some food and water. He put all the gear in his backpack and decided to go scavenge for any other materials that he could use. Soon enough Nova ended up in the middle of a large field facing a train. It was completely rusted and looked more like a sausage than a train.

Nova walked inside the train and started to search around for anything he could use. He entered the driver's part where all the operations were controlled (Locomotives) and Nova noticed something in the corner of his eye. If he didn't have years of scavenging experience he would have missed the small hidden compartment in the corner of the room.

Nova pulled open the cover after using a lot of his energy, "Damn I was weak".

Inside the compartment, a single gauntlet led there and on the top of it was a small screen. Nova picked it up and slid on the gauntlet and instantly a mechanical sizzling sound started. Nova screamed with pain as slowly the gauntlet dissolved into his body as he passed out from the agony.

Nova opened his eyes and sat up, he looked at his arm and a circuit like line ran through his hands. He ran his finger on the lines and suddenly a blue screen glowed around his arm. A few options were shown on the screen. 'Upgrades, travel, liberations, passengers' "The hell?".

Nova tapped upgrades and suddenly a tree popped up in front of him. All the options but one were locked out and unusable. The very first one at the bottom of the tree was called


The train becomes functional and the user is allowed full access

Requirements - The apocalypse

Nova's options for this menu was limited while all the other options required the apocalypse to happen. If anyone else were to pick this up they would think that an apocalypse would never happen yet it would.

Nova stretched and realized that it was beginning to get dark so he headed home, said goodnight and went to bed. After all he would never get good sleep again once the apocalypse started.

Nova woke up and walked downstairs to hear his mum's nagging "Nova, go shoo away that stray would ya? It's digging up my garden again".

Nova let out a complicated sigh "Yes mum". He grabbed some food behind his mum's back and went to the stray. It was obvious ran away as he had a tag although it was too worn down to be recent. Nova walked up to the dog and it backed away while shaking. "Come here, I have food". Nova shook the bacon in his hand and the dog cautiously approached.

The dog lunged forward and snapped his mouth around the bacon and swallowed it instantly. It started circling Nova happily and jumping up at him. "Follow me". The dog didn't understand Nova's words but he followed the stranger who gave him food anyway. Soon, Nova returned to the train and after keeping the attention of the dog on him for so long night was already quickly approaching.

Nova pushed the dog into the train and closed the door with the rest of the food inside. "Stay there, you will be safe" before Nova left he remembered something. "That's right I don't know your name... Whatever, I'll just call you Winston"