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Apocalypse Express

The train slightly shook and a small amount of dust fell from the roof of the train. On the outside small waves moved through the train like water, the waves gathered into the top of the third carriage and slowly a metal turret formed. In the middle a small hole which allowed people to fit inside formed. The good thing about the placement was that the turret could get a whole view of the train however the bad news is that there is now a hole in the bedroom.

Nova walked towards the turret and checked it out. The turret was filled with one round of ammo but no more could be found on the train. It seemed that resources were limited and they could only use the bullets in case of an emergency. Nova glared at his blood-soaked baton then he thought for a bit. Currently, he was in the country Gyvirlkland although it was often shortened to Gyvir.

Gyvir had loose gun laws and practically every man and his pet owned a gun. High powered guns, however, were strictly forbidden and only the military had access to them but the normal guns were strong enough to kill a few zombies. Nova knew that he had to get his hands on a gun if he wanted to kill zombies efficiently and eventually liberate the area. He couldn't wipe out a town with simply a baton and besides if he were to liberate a town would he have to keep it secure?

Nova got annoyed by thinking about the rules and instead focused on what his next goal would be. He looked back at the upgrades and looked at what he could get next. Only a few options were able to be bought as they led off into further branches of the upgrade tree. There were few upgrades that Nova could get including - Armory, that followed up from the rooms tree as well as a few other possible rooms.

Special Alloy Wheels, that helped the train from derailing in an attack.

Low-level camouflage, that covered the train, however, could be seen through without effort.

There was also a silencer that reduced the noise that the train made that would be useful in sneaking into places unnoticed.

From the looks of things, Nova needed guns as he didn't think he would be moving out of this town for a while. This meant that he needed stationary upgrades rather then ones that helped while moving so the best for his current situation is an armoury. It means that he could store weapons, guns, armour and all of the stuff that he would need to survive and control the town.

Nova always enjoyed armory as they had so much variation, people would bring in guns they didn't want and leave them in the armory on his old train base. It was always interesting to see what guns people brought in and the odd few newbies sometimes brought in air guns that had to be sorted out from the real guns. Fighting a zombie apocalypse with an air gun isn't exactly the best idea from any standpoint.

Over the years he had been on the train Nova had learned to filter out the good guns from the bad and he had always gotten a hold of the best weapons since he could tell if a gun was worth the trouble from a mile away. Nova looked at his own body and compared it to his old one "A gym would be useful".

Nova realized that he had slid of track and regained focus, the armoury cost 20 zombies to build and it was a bit of a pain. Nova first had to gather resources before entering the city otherwise he would be surrounded in a instant and a baton wouldn't save him the problem was that he had to use a train station to find resources and they didn't have a lot.

Nova might find the odd pistol that a security guard would have but other then that he could use a vending machine for food, that was really all he could do. Nova widened his arms and stretched them out while realizing that he hadn't slept since like 3am. If he wanted to go kill the amount of zombies that he needed for the armoury then he would definitely need his sleep and energy unless he wanted to become no more then zombie food.