3 Chapter 3

Arachnids Don“t Cry

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When fighting, always take account of your environment. You'll be surprised at what you can use to your advantage. First limit your enemies options.

Thrown pebble projectiles break apart the incandescent bulbs that light the scantily populated warehouse.

"What the hell?!" "Where's the fuckin lights?!" "Fuck! Get the torches" The men shout out, the hint of fear in their tones hidden by false bravery of their loud agitated voices.

Staying hidden in the dark gives you the advantage of knowing the positions of those with lights. I don't need to see persay, not when I've got an ultra autocorrect spideysense. Learning creative ways to use it was very much worth it. But still, limiting your opponents' sight is very much worth it.

The small gang of men have somesort of training as they group together in a circular perimeter with torches pointed outwards as well as their weapons. I'm invisible, literally. I tag two with weblines on the chest and pull hard.

"Arghh--!" "Ahhh--!" they are tugged into the dark at very high speeds, their lungs can't respond fast enough. Two well placed punches knock them both out.


The guns spark and spit metal slugs moving at supersonic speeds in empty air.

I can almost feel their fear now, it's crawling at the edges of their minds. It's making them act irrationally.

It's only a matter of time now for an opening to appear. "Shit fuck this!" one of them makes a mad dash for the locked doors. Before it registers in his mind that the doors are closed,"Urgh--!" he is hammered to the wall by a fist and nailed there by webs.


The light beams frantically darted about trying to find my figure. Their fear is tangible now.

"Who's there you fucker!"

"Come out and fight lika man bitch!"

"Show yourself bastard!"


The sound I was waiting for.

I came like a gust of wind. A fist to the solar plexus took the furthermost one down, I grab the next, easily toss him high to the ceilings and string him up with web lines. I turn to the last "G-gghost!" he trembles as I appear out of thin air. I don't reply with words, a strike to the face takes him out of play.

Another drug peddling and human trafficking gang down. I head over to the small vault safe, I don't need a key. My fingers pry the square vault apart like play dough, 'Jackpot'. I bring my backpack up, I pour in the neatly stacked large bills that should be no less than fifty grand into my pack and a records book that would serve as evidence.

I search around the ware house and find the weapons cache. Pistols and semi's with extra clip ammo. 'Double jackpot' I grab a duffelbag and load four pistols and two semi's with 6 clips, two for the pistols and four for the smgs.

I head over to the large wooden table that had bags of white cocaine stacked on it next to mechanical weighers. I grab one bag and load it into the dufflebag hung over my shoulder and set the rest up for the cops who should be on their way here.

I turn back invisible and head outside, the sounds of blaring sirens and blinking lights getting closer as I do. I head to the back of the warehouse and rip a metal bolted door off of its hinges, light bursting into the rank humid cell filled with girls and women of all ages. "You're free" I tell them, the police are already here. They are relatively safe, but that won't last for long. These girls will either get deported back to the hellish places they escaped from or go missing altogether. The lucky ones will escape to their relatives to live as illegal immigrants in a garage somewhere. These heroic acts I'm doing have two sides to it, if I was really going to help then I really would and do it the right way. And for that, I will need much more resources.

I climb the walls and get to the roofs, ruinning across them at an in humanly fast pace, shooting out web lines to propel myself into the air. Swinging towards my new base, the Web. Congratulating myself on a job well done. What? Crime fighting isn't cheap okay. Plus I'm using their own money to fight against them, how hilarious is that? I did say if I was going to be fighting crime then I'll be doing it smartly. I am not out here to do a half-assed job.

I enter a set of tunnels that lead into abandoned railways and then a deserted train station.

I head into one of the train cars and pull back a weighted metal board, I input a set of codes. The whole length of the train car lights up, racks, shelves and computers all slid out from the now open compartments.

Skimask's are always itchy and irritating. I pulled it off my face and set it on the rack. My clothes bore no insignia they were just plain black. I was working on an armor and I was almost finished.

I set down both bags on a table and grab a bottle of water from the small fridge at the side. "What a night it's been" I opened the records book and began going through it. I was on the trail of a wide crime network that led to a single person in New York, one Mr Wilson Fisk, aka the kingpin. This record just added to my mountainous list of evidence. And what better way to make a grand statement of my arrival than to take down the big bad.

I know, I can't stop crime. Violence is human nature after all, but I can curb and control it. I'll have to take over the largest empire and remodel it. Then use it to take down the rest. I'll be using the criminals against themselves while taking charge of the scene and when I've got it all under my hands. I will burn it to ash, obliterate it or turn it around. That's the plan, but the real world is full of variables. Plans never workout a 100%. So it's best to keep them simple, short and easy.

I hit various keys on the computer, a bar came up displaying the level of progress at 100% complete, meaning the integration and os installation was done. I walked to a shelf where placed on a stand was a slim profile black, ninja inspired helmet with glowing blue sharp eyes, had a USB cord connected to it. The helmet looked like the modern-day Jason Todd redhood's without the frowning mouth piece and red color. It instead had glowing highlights over the eyepiece and down the jaw lines.

I wasn't going to be using masks, I preferred a helmet that could protect my skull and stop small rounds from making holes in it. As well as having various functions such as a hud, visual and audio recording, for analysis and evidence gathering, an inbuilt air filtration system and a small oxygen supply for when I do find myself under water, and a voice modulator. And to put all those components and electronics in there while maintaining its thin slim profile and structural integrity, cost me a pretty penny to build. About a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the helmet alone. It took a while to gather enough money to build this. It's not everyday you run into gangs that have more than few thousands in hardcash. That's why today was really a jackpot, fifty grand in one go.

On a hanger next to the mask hung my suit. It was an all black, advanced militaristic combat suit adapted to my needs. It prioritized maneuverability and safety over strength and size. Meaning it was slim, but still padded with enough slim armor to protect against knife slashes and bullet impacts a sort of kevlar weave and metamaterial composites. On the chest of the suit was a single glowing spider outline. There was also one on the back of the suit with tentacles spread over to the arms and fangs up the neck and over the shoulders.

The colors could change depending on the setting I placed them on. The suit had various holsters for multitudes of gadgets and weapons. Most of which were in the utility belt. The footwear were black steel toed combat boots. That looked like slim timberland boots. I didn't have to worry about it being bulky when I had super strength and the ability to stick to all surfaces even through clothing.

This was the Araknight armor Mk 1. I know you're thinking that maybe I'm overdoing it with the protection. But to me, even this isn't enough. I'm going to be fighting people who will be trying to kill me. I don't have a plot armor. Peter Parker of this world didn't even have one, and as a result, he's dead. I'm not going to be dying again. I have plans to enhance myself and try to get stronger, and maybe immortality.

But for now, everything was ready for my strike on the kingpin.

I'm sure you're wondering where did I got all these from? Black Market deals. I'm talking darknet shopsites and criminal contacts obtained from my raids. You'd be surprised at the things money could get you with the right contacts. No really, with the right price you could get all you needed online. How'd you think I equipped this lab/base with so much equipments and tools? Sure most of it I built myself with my new found ease my increased intellect and strength presented me. But nothing beats using the right tools, doing that costs money.

Beep! Beep! The alarm rang. The time was 2 am in the morning. I had to get to school, then get as much sleep as I could before leaving for classes.


I silently snuck in through the room window,took my clothes off except for my underwear and snuggled into the comfort of the warm bed. I closed my eyes, welcoming sleep's embrace all for but a moment. "Miles, wake up! You're gonna be late for class"

My sleep deprived eyes shot open. I didn't need as much sleep as I should for someone my age, but I still needed the minimum amount of it. The morning blurred by, I just found myself nodding off in class before my spidey sense buzzed when a small ruler whacked the back of my head. I shot up immediately, rubbing the spot. Judge was glaring at me and gesturing for me to sit up, which I lazily did.

The class was English, with Mrs Shelton, she was in her late twenties and already married. She had sand blond hair, and pretty brown eyes, a really nice smile.

I had already read ahead for the class. Not also discounting the fact that I was doing high-school all over again or that I had one of the highest grades in the whole school.

Hey don't blame me, who knew spidey sense could be used so creatively? I was forced to pick the right answers, my spidey sense would warn me of any wrong ones. And not only that, but I could also navigate in the dark without hurting myself. All it took was a month's worth of applying it in various creative training sessions.


The day went on without a hitch, and I finally got the sleep I was lacking. At exactly 10:30 pm I snuck out the dorm. Judge was dead asleep, I didn't have to worry about being discovered. Well not from him that is.

The chilling night air swept against my form as I swung through the city. The blinking lights of the streets matched the frequency of the natural ones above. Even at night, the streets were still full of human activity. The club goers sang together, the late night office workers sped along the sidewalks to get to their destinations. The homeless sat huddled together in dimly lit corners with flickering flames dancing in barrels being the only source of warmth for them.

I slowly descended, startling some of them. "Hey guys" I said, coming out from the darkness.

"Spider-Man!" "Oh, it's the kid again" "Come over kid it's cold out there"

"I've got the pepperoni and sausage pizzas. Who's hungry?" I smiled. Drawing the towering, webbed together pizza boxes. I would offer them beer but that wouldn't be too….ethical.

I handed out boxes to each one of them,they gratefully accepted it and came together to enjoy the food.

"I didn't forget you Mrs Jones, here's your special pineapple pizza." I'll never eat it.

"Oh, God bless you Spider-Man. You're such a good child" she accepted the box.

"Alright guys stay safe, I'll get you off the streets soon." once I took down the kingpin, I would be able to purge the rest of the corrupted who allowed this to happen. These people also served as my ears on the ground, you'd be surprised at what those who lived on the streets knew about it.

I swung away to my secret base in the abandoned train station. I entered the lab and stood before my armor. Raising the mask up to eye level, a beam of blue light scanned my iris and the back of the helmet slid open. I slot it onto my face, after a momentary darkness, the lights came up with a hud interface. I had to give up my afro for a lower haircut, so my head could fit into the mask.

The suit I already began donning, and once everything was done. The light changed from blue to red. The spider outline becoming pronounced. I slot the guns and knives into holsters, checking my web shooters and backup fluids, making sure I had everything I needed. I checked up the monitor, the kingpin was where I expected him to be.

Tonight, the an empire falls.

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