6 Chapter six

Arachnids Don“t Cry

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I got Fisk to sign off all his belongings to a created identity. The rest of his wealth I took control of by gaining access to his computers and books in his vault, all the funds in his offshore accounts were redirected to mine. And I became some hundreds of million dollars richer than I was over night. I kept the boys on a payroll, a real good salary.

I also got all the dirt and blackmail material he had on politicians. I used them for my means, which made getting general approval and documents way easier. And for those I didn't need, I removed from office. I'm sorry if that sounded like I'm all powerful, I'm not. I just posted all the dirt they had to the relevant authorities and they got the job done. 45% of it was done out of civil duty and the rest was because someone else was itching to take their spot. Someone I could very well influence. It's a dog eat dog world out there. The corruption eating away at New York was deeper than I imagined. Filth went way deep. Child predators holding vast political power, unscrupulous bastards, men and women soaked in evil. For those in that category, even when they proved useful, I still discarded of. It was a very active week for New York. A media frenzy ensued.

An execution ensued in the empire, I rooted out all others who would challenge my claim to the prize (not with my hands of course but rather the criminals under my charge).

In less than a week, the results of my actions became evident. The gang related crime rate in New York went on a steep decline. Infrastructures popped up one after the other, a massive restructuring took place and now there are barely any more homeless on the streets. Instead of building new structures, I legally took over the existing ones and remodeled them. Less work, more efficiency.

The illegal immigrants I provided actual paying jobs for, they weren't exploited, the process for obtaining a legal status for them was still ongoing. Don't think I shut down the strip clubs and all that, no that's part of society. You need good and bad in balance to work together. The world isn't black and white, there are a lot of gray areas. I just made sure they were doing it willingly and paid well at that.

Hard drugs and guns, I totally took off the streets( I left out the weed).

I fact I actually turned the Fisk business empire semi-legal. No really, it wasn't hard to do. Political approval and money can do that. I just rebranded and did a literal hostile takeover.

I ruled them through fear, respect and advantages. They didn't know me, but they knew what I could do. To them I was a ghost that appeared when necessary. I put food on their tables without them having to go through such risks as they normally would. I wasn't greedy; greed led to death. No one dared to challenge the kingpin's rule for a reason, and I did all that in one night. You wouldn't understand the respect and fear they held for me.

Do you think they had the audacity to come at me? Do you think I haven't planned for such a scenario? Every night I gained new territory. Other smaller and medium sized gangs willingly surrendered to me. They didn't know that I was changing the very meaning of organised crime.

Here's a tip, the best way to run a company is to delegate. Delegate as much as you can. That's why you hire people, people who've spent their lives honing their skills. You don't have to do everything when it comes to running a company. Hire the experienced and the skilled. Don't be greedy : greed leads to death.

What happened to Fisk? He's permanently bound to a hospital bed, facing life imprisonment.

Even though I'm the one saying all this, I am really surprised that it's going so smoothly. It's leaving me feeling like something real bad is about to happen to balance it. But not if I had a hand in it.

This world was very different from what I remembered back on earth prime. It's was like an Ultimate verse earth inspired MCU, how do I know that? The Avengers aren't called the Avengers. They are called the Ultimates, which now include Hank pym and the wasp, his wife.

No one on the team actually believes that Thor is a god, due to the nature of his powers and his origins. He was a 30 year old psychiatric nurse called Thorleif Golmen, who had a mental breakdown. His powers come from a highly advanced biomechanical suit, which consists of a harness and power battery stored in a hammer, he is claimed to have stolen from a research facility in Europe during his time as a test subject there.

This version of him has a thicker beard and a bulkier build that mainstream Thor.

What do I think of it? I know Thor is real. He might be a reborn god without his powers, and maybe he could just access those powers using the suit. I also think loki is involved here one way or another. Because a psychiatric nurse doesn't just get up one morning and looks like a superman. And so do the media apparently.

The Ultimates are mainly sponsored by SHIELD and hence the government meaning that they get deployed where the government wants them to.

Shield is the largest military organization on earth. Nick Fury, director of shield was the very first super soldier. Yes, you heard that right, Nick Fury has been around since ww2 and he's not even remotely as old looking as someone who's lived for that long, he was the very first person to have undergone the supersoldier procedure. It's also worth noting that it was all illegal and unethical operation, Nick Fury broke out, became a war hero, achieved sufficient political and military power, becoming the Director of SHIELD allowing him to later comeback and completely shut down weapon X.

The mutants are utterly detested and severely discriminated against, largely due to magneto and his acts of terrorism. But also due to the secret worldwide genetic arms race that's about to blow up. Ever since the retrieval of Captain America from ice -- discovered by Tony stark during one of his exploration trips -- the governments all over the world have been putting effort to create their own super soldiers. Causing an international law treaty to be passed, the law banned genetic experimentation not headed by governments themselves. So in other words, useless.

If this really is the Ultimate Marvel earth, then things are going to get very, very messy.


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