7 Chapter seven: how to end problems, properly II

Arachnids Don“t Cry

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Wanna know what I like about having money? It's that I can spend it with reckless abandon. I can spend without being worried about tomorrow. Nothing beats being rich. Take it from me, I have been poor, I have been fucked over literally and figuratively. I have worked for filthy rich people, I know the power money holds. I have also killed filthy rich people. Sometimes, when they're about to die you can see the regret in their eyes about all the money they leave behind. You don't know when you're going to die, so what's the use of hoarding money when you'll never even spend it? And if you're going to be spending it, why not help your neighbor? Why not sponsor that poor person who sits up late at night worrying about what to eat tomorrow morning?

I'm doing just that. Dozens of charities had popped up all over the globe, but mostly concentrated in New York, all to give to those who need it.

I swear there's nothing as pleasing as watching parents smile with joyful tears knowing their kid's tomorrow is secure. Or watching relief spread across people's faces, knowing they'll have something to eat tomorrow.

I walked to the titanium vault doors and stared back at the very wide cave, that was once an abandoned military nuclear bunker.

The ashy cement plastered walls sunk into the cool background made by the bright white lights.

Empty glass casings with naked mannequins in them stood on the lines on a raised platform.

A large computer system, a table of instruments and gadgets were situated below a wide cluster of screens which took up the north side of the base.

A constant stream of codes were compiling on the computer screens.

To the left was tron inspired motorcycle  placed adjacent to two very expensive dismantled sport cars. Parts from Bugatti and a Lamborghini laid bare on a wide table, the once luxurious vehicles stripped down to their barebones frames.

And in the center was a silver plated, partly armored slim profile vehicle. My tank was almost done, I just needed to calibrate both vehicle engines to work synchronously and then add more armor plates and on board weapons and gadgets. The power consumption was no joke. I couldn't use the vehicle wantonly unless I solved the power crises, hence the bike. If you're still guessing, this vehicle will be my batmobile and something close to a mobile base. And with all the tech I'm putting into it, I expect it to be able to take punishment from the hulk himself(still getting there). I told you earlier, if I was going to be fighting crime, I'll do it the smart way.

I've got the money…..well used to have the money. Do you know how much I spent for all this? It was crazy ridiculous. Being rich is definitely a Superpower.

I placed my arm onto the modified fingerprint scanner and sent a jolt of bioelectricity into it.

[Security systems online] the screen indicated, turning red. The vault doors slid open and closed behind me as I stepped through them, the lights in the cave turning off.

It's time to take care of another problem before it could grow any larger.

One that would have plagued the Spiderman to hell and back.


Norman Osborn sat down on a very uncomfortable solid steel surgical chair. His mind focused little over his discomfort, and more over what he would accomplish after this procedure.

Scientists in protection suits walked back and forth through the white tiled lab, dialing various buttons, calibrating the monitors over the chair and attaching various instruments and electrodes over his body. Readings of his health state were clearly displayed over the monitors.

Another scientist with four metallic tentacles strapped to his back by a harness brought forth a cannister of glowing green fluid.

Norman smirked, this was his opus magnum. A singular unique formula of its kind. It was his version of the captain America super serum, he took to calling the Oz-serum. It was even more special than the one he supplied to his contractors at shield. The concentration was higher and the effects more potent and stable.

He kept the secret to the formula close to his heart, it was his lifeline, his key to creating his own army. He had no doubt that shield would find out about his outside dealings with other agencies, but before they acted, he would be well prepared. Which was why he had this lab built beneath his house. It was a place no one would expect him to perform such operations, and he wouldn't need too many guards to protect him, guards who could well be secret agents sent to spy on him. No he had his security systems, and his trusted secretary.

"Physiological readings at optimum." the scientist commented.

"Mental state stable"

"Then we can begin the procedure" The scientist with tentacles stated, he slotted the cannister into the delivery system, and primed it.


A rope-like line of white substance struck the delivery system, the occupants of the room watched as blue arcs of electricity ran along the line's length and into the machine.

Spark!! Crackle!

The device shorted and was rendered useless. By now it had dawned on them that there was another present in the room.

But they could see no one else. Norman's trusted secretary reached for his weapon.


The man's body fell, a pool of blood slowly spreading from his falled body, a bullet hole cleanly made through his skull.

"OHMYGO--" Thud! "What's happenin--"  Thud! "Mr Osbor--" Thud!

Bodies of scared scientists fell at ridiculous speeds, silent bullets flew through the air, never missing their targets, neither their lives.

Norman wanted to leave the room, to get to safety, but he knew he would never be able to bypass such a skilled person. The deadly individual was definitely working for one of the secret agencies who were either not afraid of Shield. Or they were Shield themselves.

And he knew that they would need him, he was necessary of they wanted to create more serums! His mind held all the secrets! He affirmed to himself, trying to push back the cold fear constricting his heart. After all, he was still alive.

The scientist with tentacles, tried to use his surgical tools to attack the opponent, but he just didn't know where this opponent was. He tried to take cover as he'd seen done in countless entertainment mediums. But it was like the being was everywhere, It was a ghost that took lives.

Otto Octavius felt the reaper's scythe aimed at his throat, he felt a crippling sense of fear. Thud! And then he went numb. His lifeless body falling to the floor.

Norman swallowed down and spoke slowly. "I surrender. I'll comply with every demand your Organization needs. The formula is in my head, if it's an army of supermen you want, I can make it happen. I'm more valuable than all the other ants in this room"

He thought he was hallucinating when he felt a scalding hot object positioned on the center of his brows.

"Die" a distorted deep voice stated— it was a certainty. A figure dressed in night black, forming fitting combat gear appeared out of thin air before his eyes. A red spider emblem over his chest, it's blood red demonic gaze locked on his eyes. Norman's eyes widened, the being was just a youth. But the fear he felt was real, he saw his death. He saw an ethereal visage of black fangs biting down on his soul. It was the certainty of his death. Before he could speak— to bargain, a bullet tore through his skull, digging through his brain, exiting through the base of his cranium. Another bullet ripped through his heart, twice.

The youth in black shot a web line at the cannister still slotted in the primer and retrieved it. He observed the green fluid and then deposited in into a holder on his thigh.

He reholstered his guns and took out various ping pong ball-like objects, tossing the glowing balls which spread out into the room, some even clinging to the walls. He stepped out through the exit. Closing the doors behind him, clicking a button on his belt.


Fires roared in fury, a rumbling explosive wave spread all throughout the building. The distrustive blast devouring all in its path, it was akin to the voice of thunder spat out of the jaws of godzilla.

The being in black was no where to be found. He had long disappeared.


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