4 Decisions

Arc of The Dying Will

After sleeping thought the thoughts about what do I want to become in the future in this world with now the responsibility of having these powers, since with great powers come great responsibility and overcoming the feels about my old family, I decided to let go of everything.

I mean, I couldn't live in the past, thinking about my family all the time. And about my future career I guess I will try to attend to Beacon, there I will find my answers about this, even if I read some fanfictions that despicted Ozpin as some sort of bad guy for letting Summer die or thinking that the students were all chess pieces and all.

But beggars can't be choosers, I guess. I won't just trust in that guy then, my Vongola Intuition will warn me if I can't trust him and I can have the opportunity of having formal training even if my powers and Vongola Intuition more than make up for it, following the plot would be nice too even if me being in the male protagonist will certainly change things.

"It will be better get moving then, I must find some sort of village nearby or something."

Hmmm, noticing the direction of the sun, I turn at each of the four cardinal directions and when I was face towards the south I had this unexplainable feeling that spokes volumes about what direction I would be heading to, so the prize of this four sided competition goes to south everybody... I guess weeks without human touch left its marks...

Without further a do, I started my long...WHAT. THE. FUCK. My walk of about half an hour ended when I step my foot in a small clearing, giving me the sight of a high green tower in the distance...AM I IN FOREVER FALL?! Really? Really?! What about the self discovery time I had in the wild and the need to fend myself about two weeks in here? Am I blind? I was flying at sonic speeds but not even once I had try to go above the canopy of red...leaves...GAH! Gosh Darn it! (lol) I don't believe I am such a dumbass! Ugh...

Even in the HDWM I was annoyed about these facts, the sheer ridiculousness of not even once noticed the unique red leaves of Forever Fall after knowing that I was in fact in RWBYverse after the fight with the beowolf was mind-bogging, really.

Having already decided that I was going to attend to Beacon to fuck me good in the rear with that Headmaster eying all my moves, first I need to fake transcripts that the original Jaune asked God to create, and having already pulled enough hair out of my beautiful blonde scalp, I again started moving but now with my dying will flames to propel me from the ground to the air in great many speed that none man in Remnant achieved even with machines helping it! Enough to achieve sonic speeds to fasten my now able-to-tell distance to Vale and miraculously fake my transcripts off-screen (AN: This whole paragraph is a joke, don't flame me about it with exception being the fake transcripts part).

I reach Vale after an hour and a half, not because I was not fast enough but because it would be quite a sight for the citizens if I just fly at sonic speeds above the city and land somewhere to be seen by anyone, and having to dodge Grimm and places with a lot of obstacles had a help within the reason too.

People nearby enough to see a blonde-haired young man stepping out of the woods were creeped out for a second, but after seeing the seemingly costly suit, the crimson gauntlet and fire leaving out of his head, they sighed in relief and continued to live their lives, mistaking him by a young Hunter that was training by the woods even if a little weird, the fire in his head could be a fire Semblance that was always activated or something... I wonder if he does feel the heat?

'They took me by a Hunter training in the woods, thank goodness by the small mercies and the anime logic about my HDWM...'

I guess faking transcripts now is a go, right? I wonder how am I gonna do this? And what name I will be having by now? My name is Aaron Knight but my body's name is Jaune Arc, such irony, a Knight possessing Jaune-a knight wannabe- but I wonder why I have Tsuna's powers? Oh well...

Hmmm, I like the sound of Aaron Arc but I need to have at least a homage to the origin of my powers. Aaron Vongolarc? Aaron Arcongola? Hmm, I could put as a second surname or something, like addressing me as Aaron Vongola but having a Arc hidden in there, it would even help in the case of dealing with the Arc Family... Aaron Arc Vongola or Aaron Vongola Arc.

Let's search for fakers firstly, Let's cross that bridge when we get to it, and is safe to say that I would have decided the name by then.