35 Massacre: Retreat and Summon


The king still hugging his daughters body was shivering from extreme anger. The duke, the crown prince, the general and Ye Meili surrounded the king as they grieve at the death of the princess, especially Ye Meili she thought that this all happen because she was powerless against such opponent. Ever since she was proclaim as a genius in cultivation she thought that whoever she face she could defeat him/her.

All of them seems not to notice that the army they brought with them was being slaughtered like chickens. The screams and the shout of the soldiers fighting for them resounded in the whole area.

"Tell me, what does it feel to have someone you love die in your arms while you are powerless to do anything" the man said.

"You ask what do I feel? ha ha ha ha ha!!" the king replied as he laugh with a deranged face.

"What do I feel? I feel unimaginable hate, I want to kill you, I want to murder you and I WANT TO BUTCHER YOU!!" the king said as he look at the man with his red eyes unknown if it is because he had been crying or because of his anger.

The king took out two jade talismans and gave it to his son and her fiancee.

"The two of you crush that talisman now, you two would just become a nuisance in this fight" the king lift the dead body of his daughter and give it to his son and said.

"Take her with you, give her a proper burial, and also take this" the king remove the golden crown on his head and put it in his son.

"From now on you will be the King of the Kingdom of Shan, you must do and accomplish your duty properly." the king said to his son seriously. He look at the man and said.

"Could you allow my son, this woman and the soldiers to leave."

"Of cource, I also need someone who would spread whatever happens here in the whole continent. At that time our name would be resounded in every part of this world." said the man.

"Tell me what is the name of your group and what is your goal?" the king said.

"The name of our group was 'Espada', and for our goal you are not worthy enough to know what it is." the man said.

When everyone said the name of their group, they tried to search in their memories if there was a known group with that name. This is the first time they heard the group,except for Ye Meili. She stood there with shock in her face.

"E..espada, you said the name of your group was espada right?" Ye Meili said as everyone look at her.

"You know that group?" the king and duke ask.

"Y..yes I think, years ago when a phenomenon happen in the 'Mythical Forest' I was one of the people that went their to investigate. Because my strength at that time was weak I just follow some members of the 'Ice Palace'. When we were venturing the forest we to split up and search individually. At that time I was searching for hours and still I did not find anything until I saw one of the disciple of the Ice Palace was walking with grave injuries. When I was tending to her injuries she told me everything that happen, she said to me that the Peng brothers of the Diamond Fist Sect intended to **** her, she use the 'Heaven Piercing Mirror' against the five brother but she just successfully kill three of them. When the Eldest brother Peng Zang was about to attack her an unknown man came out from the forest with him was a little girl. She told me how effortlessly the man killed Peng Zang, at the end of the fight the man said he does not really want to save her, it is just that the little girl beg him to do so." Ye Meili said.

"Then tell us what is the name of the man that she mention?" the king said.

"I think she said to me that his name was, Ulquiorra Cifer. She also said that he seems to be a member of a group called espada" Ye Meili said.

As everyone was trying to etch the name on their mind, they heard a cold voice.

"Ohh, so you know about the creators name." when they turn to look they saw the six man standing not faraway from them. But there is something that confused them, because even though they are not looking towards them each of them knew that the voice did not belong to that six people. Meaning there was someone else here with them, watching as everything happen. As they all thought the same, they noticed that behind the six people a two standing at the head of a chameleon was starting to appear.

* poof* * poof* * poof* * poof* * poof* * poof* * poof*

The six people and the chameleon simultaneously exploded to white smoke.

The king look at the two people and said with a cold voice, "Who are the two of you and where did the six of them go"

"I am Uchiha Madara and beside me was my subordinate Nagato. As for those six I let my subordinate tell you" Madara said.

The man with white hair said, he was wearing a full-bodied black garment with black pants, gloves, and boots, over which he wore a flowing white robe. A grey horn-like protrusions grew out of his left temple and overlapped his forehead with an upward-curve on the right temple. There are ten black orbs floating behind him, he was also holding a black staff in his hand.

The other one was a pale man with red straight red hair. His hair was parted that makes only his left eye visible. He was wearing a black pants and a maroon colored long sleeved cloak.

Both of them have similar eyes like the six man before.

"Those six are just my summon, I am the one controlling them. Meaning I am the one that kidnapped and killed your beloved daughter." Nagato said.

As they heard what they said especially the latter one, their qi started to erupt. They look at him coldly, they just have one thought in their mind, and that is to kill this man. 'This man was the root of everything that was happening right now. He was the one that kidnapped and killed the princess, this man was the one who killed thousand of their soldiers. They must kill him'

"Both of you crush now your jade talisman, if you two stay here you will only just die." the king said to Shan Yingxiong an Ye Meili.

The king turn to his army, this army of his that was composed of fifty thousand strongman was now less than twenty thousand, some of them was even severely injured. Seeing his army the king felt heartache as he remember the times when they accompany them in battle. Even though some of them at that time they were still victorious at the end. But now they were slaughtered without any abilities to fight back, they were killed like lambs.

"All of you return to the kingdom and protect it with my son, I already gave the crown and throne to my son. From now on he will be your new king, this would be my final orders from me." the king shouted to his army.

"YES YOUR MAJESTY" the soldiers all shouted in unison. This is the last order of their king.

"Father take care" "Father I know you will return victorious"

The crown prince and Ye Meili said as they crushed the talisman in their hands transforming them in streak of light and fly to the direction of the kingdom.

The soldiers seeing this look one more time to their king and turn around and started to march towards the kingdom.

Seeing that his son was gone and the soldiers started to retreat the king look at Madara and Nagato intently and said.

"This would be the place where the two of you would die" the king said as he takes out a green orb from his ring. He throw it to the sky and yelled.


"Your Majesty this is the guardian of the kingdom, is it really appropriate to use it against this two" Duke Ye Aoman said.

"I think what majesty did was correct, we cannot hope to defeat this two by just relying on our strength alone." General Xiao said.

The king, the duke and the general look up to the sky and saw a gigantic arm came out of the green orb.

The gigantic arm swung towards where Madara and Nagato was standing, seeing the arm coming close to them Madara sniggered while Nagato stretch out his arm and said.

"Shinra Tensei"

A strong repulsive force came out of his body and block the gigantic arm crushing it to pieces of rocks.

The king saw that the gigantic arm has been destroyed was shocked, but soon after he laughed maniacally and shouted arrogantly, "Ha h a h a ha ha ha, even if you destroy it, it would only regenerate again. You cannot hope to destroy the guardian of my kingdom."

The gigantic arm started to regenerate as the orb slowly took shape of a gigantic giant made of rocks. The giant was several thousand meters in height, its head was very small while its arms were very big.

"The two of you would be crushed to death by the guardian ha ha ha ha" the king continue to speak arrogantly as he think that the enemy would definitely die.

Madara look at the giant with a smile and said.

"So you want to fight with summons, I will gladly take your offer" after that Madara make some hand signs and then touch the ground.












"Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ten-Tails"