38 Before the Misadventure..


Inside the palace library of the Divine Dragon Empire the emperor, Long Liu was busy reading some books when he heard a knock.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Father can I enter? I have something to ask you." the voice came from Long Wang the crown prince of the empire.

"Come in" the emperor replied.

The door opens and the crown prince enters the library, be bow to his father and sit in the chair in front of him.

"What is it that you want to ask me?" the emperor said while continuously reading the book in his hand.

"Father I want to participate in the event for Lady Kurumi's hand in marriage." the crown prince said as he observe his fathers expression.

Long Liu close the book in his hand and put it in the top of the table and look at his son seriously and said, "Why do you think I would agree to your request, you should also know that your brother already gave his token to the lady."

"Father I am also willing to give my token to young lady Kurumi, the first time I saw her when they went to the palace I was charmed by her beauty and the way she carried herself. Every night in my dreams i always see her, I can't remove her presence in my mind. Please father let me join in the event." the crown prince as he kneels in front of his father.

The emperor stare at the eyes of his son and release a sigh.

"Tomorrow come to the fields outside the capital walls to participate in the event. Remember you would be battling first against Long Di, after that whoever wins between the two of you would fight the brother of lady Kurumi. I also said this to your brother earlier and now I will also tell this to you. You must give your all for tomorrows battle, you must make a good impression to them and show them what you are capable of." the emperor said to his son.

"Don't worry father I would do my very best to be victorious and take lady Kurumi's hand in marriage." Long Wang said resolutely.

"Mm, return now you must get ready for tomorrow" the emperor said as he pick the book he was reading earlier and started reading again.

"Yes father" Long Wang said as he went out of the room.





As Long Wang was on his way to his room, he spotted a slim figure beside one of the walls and walk towards it.

"I already get my father's approval to join in tomorrows event. Just like what we talk about, I can get Kurumi while you can take my brother." Long Wang said.

"I have trust in the crown prince that you can get Kurumi" The figure was Shui Xulat, she was wearing a thin dress that outlined the curves of her body.

Long Wang seeing the seductive figure of Shui Xulat gulp his own saliva and started to touch her body. Noticing that she was not wearing anything behind the thin dress, Long Wang's hand started to crawl towards the secret place. Shui Xulat's body and face turned flushed red as she started to breath heavily. She hold the hand that was ravaging her secret place as she bit her lower lip.

The crown prince take out the hand that was ravaging the inside of Shui Xulat and started to lick the wet fingers that was previously inside her. Long Wang carry Shui Xulat in the nearest room and started to strip. Shui Xulat seeing that the crown prince was stripping started to remove her only clothing. Like a hungry wold Long Wang pounce to the seductive sheep and started eating her, like a wolf he lick his prey before taking his bite. Sounds of gasps and pleasure sounded in the whole room as both of them were covered in each others sweat. The fight between the wold and the sheep lasted in a couple of hours before finally coming to an end.

"When you successfully married my brother can I still do this with you?" Long Wang as he fondle her two hills.

"If the crown prince wanted it, I can give it to you anytime as long as we keep it secret" Shui Xulat said as she gently brush her hands in his body.

"Of course I would never tell anybody about us, this would be our secret." Long Wang said as his hand started to roam in her body.

"I am still not satisfied, can we do it again?" Long Wang said.

"With a small nod, Shui Xulat was again being devored by the wolf as she release cry of pleasure from her mouth.


Inside the mansion Yamamoto and Kurumi bought.

"Just like I said before, could you act as her brother and fight against the prince?" Yamamoto said.

In front of him was Gilgamesh sitting as he listen to Yamamoto.

"All I have to do is teach those mongrels that a monkey could not possibly hope to have a human as a partner." Gilgamesh said with disdain as he sip some wine in the glass.

"Something like that, also I know that you already receive the news that Madara and Nagato was successfully doing their mission. I think it is already time to do what we really came to do here. The creation of hollow in the Las Noches was already completed and there are several hundred thousands hollow in the base." Yamamoto said.

"I know, I receive the word from master" Gilgamesh answered.

"Tomorrow after the fight, I plan to open a Garganta to summon a few thousands Gillians with the power equivalent to Late stage Martial Warrior and one Adjuchas with the power of Late stage of Martial Emperor." Yamamoto said.

"With the two general in the empire they should be able to win against this number. Even though they can win against the hollow, we can also achieve the reason of what we came here." Yamamoto said as he stroke his long beard.