40 Battle of Two Prince



Long Wang suddenly saw his brother disappear in front of him and appeared behind him slashing with his sword.

Long Wang dodge away barely managing the sword. He look at his chest and saw his clothes were cut with a small wound on his chest. He look at his brother seriously as he shouted.

"Flowing Sword Strike"

Long Wang's sword release a small glint as he strike his sword towards his brother. His sword strike release a black colored wave that flies toward Long Di.

Long Di move his sword forward in an attempt to block the attack. His face turn serious as he put his Qi in his sword. His sword releases a brilliance of golden light that blocks the attack. Several grass was cut because of the attack.

Not giving his brother a chance, Long Wang spring forward to strike his brother unprepared. He raise his sword and said.

"Black Dragon Descends"


An image of a black dragon appear in the sky as it came crashing down towards the unprepared Long Di.


The attack causes an explosion as black and sharp aura started to spread at the surroundings. Long Di's feet was buried deeply in the ground as he barely managed to block the attack. He look at his brother in surprise as he did not expect that his brother that he never see practice martial arts was this powerful. He jump back as he circulate the Qi on his body to heal some of his injuries.

"I did not expect elder brother to be this powerful. I thought you've never practice martial arts, it seems I'm wrong." Long Di said as he look at his brother.

"He he he, I also did not expect younger brother to be this tough, you must really want to win this battle right." Long Wang said with a mocking smile on his face.

"I am determine to win this battle for a chance to have Lady Kurumi as my fiancee." Long Di replied not minding the mocking face of his brother.

Long Di stood straight holding his sword while Qi was coming out of his body. His clothes and hair flutter as his body release a brilliant golden light. Long Di was like a sharp sword that would cut everything that came close to him.

Witnessing his brother turning serious, Long Wang takes his stance as he prepared for whatever his brother got for him. Long Wang suddenly saw a sharp blinding light coming straight to him.


Long Wang managed to dodge the attack that could take his life but at the price of his left ear. His left ear was completely cut of, there were no signs of blood as it was burned by the extreme heat of the attack.

"Ohh, you manage to dodge that one. How about another more." Long Di act surprise as he continuously fire another attack.

Long Wang's body and forehead was covered in sweat as he barely manages to dodge each attack that his brother sent to him. His eyes turned cold as he takes out a pendant on his sleeves and shatter it in his palm. Tremendous amount of sharp Qi exploded from his body making everyone watching the fight shocked. His skin started to turn black as his body release a black gas. Red scales started to appear on his arms and face. His nails become much longer and sharp life a short dagger.

The emperor look at his son with a serious expression. He saw when his son takes out the pendant and wanted to stop him but he didn't, he wanted to see what would be the outcome when his son forcefully awaken his bloodline.

"Little brother you forced me into this, you would have to pay the price." with that Long Wang make a grabbing motion towards his brother. Large black gaseous arms form around his arm and come flying towards Long Di.

Long Di's face turn pale as he did not expect that his brother carried an item that could forcefully awaken his bloodline. His father did not gave him any types of treasure thinking that he would fight his brother for the seat of emperor. He felt disappointed in the thought that his father favor his elder brother the most. His father always turned a blind eye in any trouble his brother makes, he even ordered to kill an entire family of noble because they wanted him to punish his elder brother in raping their Young Lady and killing her. The next day that entire family becomes a history in the empire, starting from then no one ever wanted to offend his elder brother.

He look at the large arm wanting to grab him, the golden light around him disappeared as the large hand approaches.

*sizzle* *sizzle*

His skin burn as the hand hold his neck. Long Di scream in pain as the black gas continue to burn him. His skin and flesh started to turn black and the black gas came inside his body.


The figure of the emperor arrive in front of Long Di as he destroy the attack with a wave of his hand. He went and lift up the unconscious second prince and headed toward his tent.

"You win" the emperor said to Long Wang while walking.

Long Wang look in disdain at his brother as his skin started to return back to normal, the pendant started to form in his hands and store it inside his sleeve. He went in his tent to heal his injuries.

Shui Xulat followed inside the tent of the crown prince to 'help' him on his injuries.

Yamamoto and Kurumi was just watching the whole fight with uninterested faces. The fight causes the people watching shock while they only felt boredom.

What the princes and the emperor did not know was up in the sky was Gilgamesh sitting on his throne looking down on the people below like someone looking at an insect with his lips curled in disdain.