43 Misadventure: Fight in the Capital


The emperors face turn pale and his heart sank. He saw some of his soldier getting eaten alive by the monsters. The people were running everywhere, it was a total chaos inside the capital.

"Take care of my son" *swish* with a flash of light the emperor disappear. The soldiers that were left to take care of his son was shocked. They know something is happening in the capital because of the smoke and the fire in the sky. They want to go and check if they could do something but the emperor had given them an order and they would need to obey it.

Gilgamesh look at the direction of the capital and smirked, thousands of Gillians were rampaging inside the capital right now. This would be the best chance for him to create an even greater chaos in the capital.

"I would take my leave now, I still need to do my mission" after he said that he summon his Vimana and sat on his throne, and fly towards the Imperial Palace of the empire.

Yamamoto nod to him and left with Kurumi. Killing the crown prince and creating chaos in the capital was one of their final mission before they reach the final step. They just need to wait for the result of the chaos.

After everyone left and only the soldiers and some doctors were remaining, Shui Xulat who was watching everything was standing silently in the corner. Her face was paled as she look at the dead body of Long Wang. Everything that happened was just too fast for her, one time her lover was facing a handsome man wearing a golden armor, the next time he was already dead.

She wanted to cry and grieve for the death of the crown prince, but tears won't come out from her eyes. Only fear could be seen on her pale face.

Gilgamesh was now inside the imperial palace, the soldiers who tried to stop him were showered by different weapons creating holes in their bodies. He kept his cool and arrogant face while walking leisurely inside the palace. He walks towards the treasury like he owns the place.

While Gilgamesh was taking his time inside the palace, the imperial capital was in ruins. Almost half of the majestic capital was destroyed, several dead bodies were scattered on the ground. Even though the summoned Gillians only had the power of a late martial warrior, the destruction they bring was immense. The unfortunate soldiers who were hit by the cero they release were turned to dust.

On the other side of the city, two men and one women were fighting against one adjuchas. The two men were Jin Tian 'The Hundred Swords General' the other one was Long Liu the emperor of the empire, and the women was Lei Shuang the 'Thunder Frost General'. The two general were both at late stages of Martial Emperor realm, while the emperor was at the middle stage of Martial Ancestor. But even so, they could not easily defeat the adjuchas in front of them.

When the emperor arrives here, his two general were already fighting the monsters. When he joined them to kill the monsters this creature arrived in front of them and introduce himself as an adjuchas. This was their first time hearing this type of race, but when he saw the hole on its body he remember what Manager Long said to him. Like the man who destroyed the whole White Tiger City this adjuchas also have a hole on his body. But from the description given by manager Long, this is not the one who destroyed the city, but they should be related in some way.

"Tell me, are you related to the one who destroyed the White Tiger City" the emperor said while pointing his sword towards the adjuchas. The two general stops and went beside the emperor.

"He he he, White Tiger City? what's that?" the adjuchas said as he walks towards the emperor while holding his sword.

*Hmph* the emperor snorted coldly and attack with his sword. The two general also move when they saw the emperor attack. They brandish their weapon as they charge forward.

*clang* *clang* *clang*

In an instant they have already exchange blows a couple of times.


The adjuchas said while pointing his sword towards Lei Shuang, red wave of energy shoot out from the tip of his sword.

Lei Shuang stab forward her rapier, her weapon release a thundering sound and a frost mist covering her. The red wave collide in the mist surrounding her and created an explosion.


Even though she successfully block the attack, the force of the impact makes her body fly as she crash at several houses. The emperor and Jin Tian seeing an opening attack at the same time.

The emperor swing his sword aiming to decapitate the adjuchas, an image of three dragon appeared as his sword continue to move towards its target. This was one of the precious technique of the empire and only those who have royal blood can practice this technique. This was the 'Divine Dragon Sword Art' a low saint rank technique. Mastering this technique to its peak creates an image of ten dragon on each of the cultivators attack. The number of image of dragon that appeared represents the mastery of the sword skill. One dragon increases the weight of the attack by five thousand. Meaning to say,the attack of the emperor that creates an image of three dragon weighs over fifteen thousand.

The adjuchas barely manage to dodge the attack as it cut its neck. Blood started to flow as he continue his retreat.

"Be judge for the sins you've made, Hundred Sword Art: Falling Blade"

Swords started to rain down to the retreating adjuchas, each sword was fast and it contains sword intent. The aura of the sword were sharp that if he was not careful he would be dead.

"Gillians, fire cero at them"

A mouth like opening appeared in the sky and five head of gillians came out. They open their mouth and fire cero towards the emperor and Jin Tian. Being caught unprepared the emperor and Jin Tian have no time to react as they were hit by the cero.