5 La Bella

Assassin Revenge

After the incident other day Christine has been busy working and tring to avoid her boss as she tries to understand what this feeling of interest she finds in him is. Until a phone call changed her plans.

"Hello, Mr Wolfe's Office How may I help you?"

A loud girls squeals on the phone making Kristen pull away form her ear.

"Miss Please reframe from squealing, it's very noisy"

"Haha sorry sorry I'm just very excited, my big brother actually hired a female assistant we so have to hang out sometime anyway can you please remind him that there is a charity gala tonight and a date is mandatory thank you. oh by the way I'm Hailey, Damon's sister"

"I will inform Mr Wolfe regarding the gala miss, if theses nothing else I may go as I've very busy"

"yeah yeah oh of course bye bye"

Kristen makes her way to her bosses office to inform him what his sister said, when she arrives there are 5 people shanking and sweating before the angry boss.

"Sir, your sister just phoned and asked to remind of tonights gala and that a date is mandatory as well as attendance" Kristen was just leaving after replaying the message when he dismissed everyone from the more and asked her to stay.

"Miss Shade couldn't you see I was busy?" Damon rubbing his forehead and walked towards her looking her up and date while thinking.

"Sir, with respect I am also busy with the work load you have given me since Tuesday" Kristen smiles as politely as she can and turns to leave.

"Where do you think you are going, come with me you will have to do" he sighed

"Excuse me?"

Damon glanced at her and smirked, now pay back for that nasty mouth of yours.

"Don't question what I do, just follow me"

Kristen hesitated before following Damon into the private elevator that leads down into the garage. When they arrive in the garage Damon walks towards black Mustang in the far corner and unlocks the door.

"Get in then we haven't got all day" Damon says jumping into the car. Kristen slowly walks to the passenger side and climbs in and looks over towards Damon, he's not as bad as people make him out to be she thought a little demanding and cold but, I can be as well.

"Sir were are we going"



Ignored again


"Fuck sake shut up and wait till we get there" Damon drives around the city glancing towards her every now and then, the way she talks him and acts are him is different from everyone else and kinda likes that. Damon shakes head as the ridiculous suggestion that he likes her company and just focuses on driving.

After 30 minutes of silent driving they pull up to mall just on the outskirts of the city, so people stop and stare at the car while other just continue with there day. Damon gets out the car and Kristen follows behind this as they enter the mall, the mall is 3 story's high with cafes, restaurants, shops of all kids some toys, sweet, bakery cloths, shoe and much more. Damon keeps walking until we reach La Bella on the 3 story that houses most of the most expensive and luxury items. They are both greeted at the door and hushed inside, inside the store is cream and light blue, with some of the most beautiful dresses Kristen has ever seen on display.

"How may we be of an assistance Mr Wolfe" A young assistant asks smiling while she plays with her hair obviously trying to flirt with him.

"I would like the close the store for a few hours and see next season's dresses for the the lady here" he demands

Just the assistant was about to refute the store owner himself approaches and shakes Damon's hand and turns to his assistants and explains he will deal this this customer.

"It's good to see you again my friend" Damon pat's the man on the back then grabs my wrist and pulls me towards him "I would like you to meet my new assistant Kristen Shade"

The young man's looks shocked seeing what his friend just said but even more shocked is that he is introducing her to him.

"A just to meet you miss jade I am Alexander Ollivier but you can call me Alex" Alex shakes Kristen's hand and directs them to the private dressing room that has floor to ceiling mirrors around a small stage, to one side is a changing room and in front is a light blue sofa and glass table. Damon explains what is required and Alex goes back into the store to look for it.

"Why are we doing this, Sir?" Kristen looks at Damon who looks back with an emotionless expression.

"Because I highly doubt you can afford one of these dresses for tonight"

Kristen's eyes go wide open at his response, does that mean he wants me to attend the gala with him? she thought.

"Sir I'm am grateful for the offer, however I will have decline. I don't not feel comfortable attending such an event in fear of embarrassing you" Kristen looks at Damon with pleading eyes but he don't take notice"

"I already told do, you do as I say not questions"

"Omg how can you be so annoying, I said I don't want to go so I'm not going" Kristen puts her hands across her chest and stamps her foot on the floor, Damon grabs her tightly around the wrist and drags her to the changing area.

"I already said not to talk to me like that"

"And as I said I don't care what you said I'm not going"

As the couple continue arguing Alex leans against the door frame quietly laughing to himself, he has never seen some shout at him like this and the other people still be fully intact. Alex notices that Kristen don't show a single bit of fear Infront of Damon but glee which baffled him.

"You you two finish quarrelling now" Alex pushes away from the door and hands Kristen 6 bags of dresses to try on. Kristen gives in and starts put the first dress on, she walks out the dressing room and onto the stage. The dress is a cute pink maxi dresses with spaghetti straps that cross at the back.

"Don't make me wear this please" Kristen begs Damon who enjoys this side of her and waves his hand, Kristen jumps of the stage and back in the dressing to get the dress on, the next dress is made of burnt orange silk that is knee length and frilly. Damon can see that this dress is way too childish for her and he's enjoying her squirm in uncomfortableness, After the 5th dress Kristen notices a pattern with the dresses and storms out the dressing room and points at Damon.

"You are doing this on purpose" Kristen yells gritting her teeth.

Damon Burt's out laughing and wipes the tears from his eyes, however much Kristen it angry right now she can help but soften her expression when he laughed. When Damon stops laughing he hands the the dress he would like her to wear tonight and Kristen falls in love with it.