8 Dinner for two

Assassin Revenge

Kristen and Damon arrived at his villa just as his house keeper was leaving to fetch the groceries.

"Mrs Owen can you prepare dinner for 2 tonight, Miss shade will be stopping" Damon walked in side like what he said was a normal occurrence leaving the poor old house keeper rooted to the spot almost crying, Kristen walked up Mrs Own and rubbed her back consoling her.

"Mrs are you ok" Mrs Owen looked up at the owner of that voice and broke down crying silently while Kristen remained smoothing the woman till she was calm.

"Miss Shade, thank you for your concern but I'm happy, you see the young Master has never brought anyone over before apart from his family let alone a female friend. I was beginning to think he would always isolated himself after he moved out his family home at 15"

"Please call me Kristen Mrs Owen, could you do me a favour? As you heard Mr Wolfe is letting me stop for a week due to some unforeseen circumstances and I don't want to be of a burden" Kristen sighed and took a deep breath before she continued" I would like to cook the meals if I may to help around if that's not too much trouble but I would like to start with breakfast tomorrow as I'm feeling tired at the moment"

Mrs Owen looked at Kristen as she studied the young woman and secretly approved of her. 'If I can help those two get along nicely the young master will slowly change and be happy'

"That would be a wonderful idea child let me know what meals you are planning on cooking and I'll buy the ingredients"

Kristen and Mrs Owen talked for a while before, she headed out shopping. Damon was leaning against the kitchen island when Kristen walked in the villa holding a glass of red wine and tossed her a bottle of water.

"You need to keep hydrated after being in the hospital, shower and come back down to eat before going to bed" Damon looked away from Kristen and stared walking upstairs to the guest room. Kristen gasped as Damon opened the guest room, this room was more welcoming and had a more homely then the rest of the villa the autumn colours gave the room warm and comfort In the middle of the front wall was a arched window sticking out with a brown curious around the bottom of the deep red window chair, to the left of the window was a king side bed with burnt orange drapes with burgundy bed covers and a dark gold throw at the bottom of the bed, to the right was two doors leading to the ensuite and a walk-in wardrobe between the two doors was a mahogany vanity with 3 mirrors around the top and at the bottom of the room was a big book case and next to the was a ornamental screen divider.

"Mr Wolfe this room is beautiful" Damon shrugged at her response to the room's d├ęcor.

"My sister decorated this room for when she stops" Damon left Kristen to get herself settled in and vowed that he gonna find a way for her to stay after seeing the dangerous area she lived, he couldn't understand the desire to protect her and keep her close at all time especially after what happened. Damon walked into his office and sat at his desk thinking of ways to keep her here with him and put the Rayner's to one side till he's delt with his situation with Kristen first. Kristen stripped off and headed to the bathroom that was 5x the side of her bathroom, the was a walk shower and separate off white bath with gold trimming and a white marble countertop with a gray sink basin and draws. Kristen poured so rose oil into the running water and hopped in and sat back and closed her eyes to relax. 'It been a while since I could relax like this, I could get use to this' Kristen grabbed for the soap and slowly lavers her self in it washing away all the sweat that had gathered for the drug, she quickly washed her hair and got out the bath and wrapped a towel around herself walking into the bedroom. Kristen walked over to her duffel bag she throw to one side when she arrived in the room and searched for her night gown and silk robe putting them on, throws up her wet hair up into a loose bun and heads downstairs. Damon was sat on the sofa playing on his phone when Kristen walked in, he sucked in a breath when he saw her and glared at her hair still dripping down her slender shoulders and continuing over her molds he gulp as he saw this and his little brother agreed at the show they was given and shifted a little to hide his growing brother and looked back down to her phone 'Get a grip and control your self Damon'

"Go dry your hair"

Kristen looks over to him as he said something alien to her "I fine, I normally let it dry by its self unless I'm in a hurry"

"Now or no food till you do" Damon demanded his words more icey then the last. Kristen huffed and went to dry her hair, when she come back down stairs a nice aroma of food hit all making her stomach growl and mouth salver. Kristen at the other other end of the table to Damon and looked down at the chicken soup and took a sip, it was like sipping heaven. The chicken was chewy and tender with slightly crunchy vegetables and the soup had the right amount of ginger and lemon that sent all the taste buds into a frenzy. They ate in complete silence and only sound that could be heard was Dax snoring in the lounge, once they finished they retird to bed the only time any of them spoke was when Damon informed her that she has the week off paid and one of his other assistants will handle it. When Kristen enter the room and goes straight bto the bed sits on top of it and pulled her laptop on top her. Once the laptop was one Kristen did some looking around on the Rayner, her finger quickly running over the keys as she typed codes on the screen, a small smirk pulled on the side of her mouth as she found something interesting. "Let's see how you deal with this" Kristen hits enter and smiled as she throws herself backwards onto the bed falling asleep.