1 Revenge

Asura Magician

Rio Sinnett was born into a middle-class family but one day when he was 8 years old his parents walked in front of a noble's carriage by accident and they were brutally beaten and killed. While his parents were being killed Rio cried for help but no one even batted an eye.

Rio was cast aside and he lost everything, his home and money were taken away by others who wanted to take advantage of Rio. He then he to live in the slums for the next 2 years where he suffered every day.

To be a mage you had to have a mark, there were 4 major types of marks but there were others that weren't known to a common person. The 4 major marks are the Destruction Caster Type, the Speed Caster Type, the Melee Type, and the Production Type. But Rio didn't have any of these marks so he had no value to anyone. His anger grew even more and instead of revenge only against the Noble's, it turned to revenge against all of everyone.

One day Rio was in the alleyway when a group of guards surrounded him and said: "You are under arrest for suspicion of being involved in the kidnapping of a noble."

Without even being asked his name he was taken and for 7 days he was brutally and viciously beaten every one of those 7 days. After the 7 days, he was thrown into a jail cell with no explanation and so he passed out due to the hunger, thirst, and injuries.


"Uhhh... what happened? Where am I."

Rio woke up, his head was hurting and strange memories started appearing in his mind. Rio got up and saw that he was still in the jail cell.

Rio felt a strange light pull at his soul and he ended up inside a room of empty darkness. Rio was terrified but suddenly a voice sounded "Do you wish to become the Asura Magician and get revenge on all the people who look down on you."

Rio saw all of his memories or as he called it suffering flash by his eyes and his eyes turned ice cold, Rio gave his answer "I do, I will do whatever you want to gain power."

The voice gave a terrifying laugh "I am giving you 4 things my memories, the blood of an Asura, the Asura Knife, and the Ring of Asura. Follow my memories and follow your revenge to the very end and beyond."

The terrifying voice started going farther and farther away, in the physical world Rio's body started to change as the blood of Asura started to change his race and his being, a mark appeared in the middle of his chest. His eyes that were brown before changed to a purple color and his hair that was black turned even darker.

A ring then appeared on his finger, within it was the Asura Knife and a Fountain of infinite Asura Mana.

Inside of Rio's mind, the memories of the voice were placed into his mind. The memories had nothing personal about the mysterious figure but all the memories were placed into categories of spells. techniques, production, and martial arts.

Rio woke up and all his injuries were somewhat healed. He suddenly heard the opening of the door that leads to the jail cells.

A young girl walked in and when Rio saw her his face turned furious. Even though before he could only see a shadow of the figure inside the carriage the image was burned into his eyes. This girl was the one who killed his parents.

The girl had a face of disdain as she spoke to the person behind her "This boy isn't the one, but it seems like you made him suffer. Let him go."

The person behind her unlocked the jail door and grabbed Rio. He carried him outside and threw him away like trash. Rio stood up and started limping towards an alleyway. After checking it was empty Rio started laughing hysterically "HAHAHA, I am allowed to create a mark for myself. I will become the most powerful being and wipe out every being in this wretched empire."

In the memories was a way to create a mark for oneself. Usually, a mark is something that can't be tampered with and if someone is born without one it is impossible to gain one but with this logic-defying technique he was able to create a unique mark.

Rio started condensing the power of the Asura Mana inside the ring and it flowed towards his hands "For slaughtering destruction, speed, and physical attacks are needed... I will create the devouring type mark, and just by consuming ones mark I will gain their power as well. I will insert the 4 regular types and increase later."

The mark that formed on his hand looked like an evil dragon but Rio didn't care. He could now use magic and all he had to do now was build up his power. Rio looked to the sky and smiled "I will kill all nobles and get revenge for myself and my parents.