3 Stone City

Asura“s Wrath

Walking out of the cave Xio Feng looked the surroundings with a cautious look


The cave that Xio Feng stayed suddenly collapsed with huge sound

"It's a good thing that those fucking bears ran away or I would have been stuck inside forever."

After thinking about his luck that he is still alive after all this happened, Xio sped to escape from the forest.


Stone City

Stone City is a small kingdom that is part of The Rising Sun Nation. There are four major clans in the stone city Xio, Chu, Lin, and Hai clan, these major clans rule The Eastern, Southern, Western and Northen part of the city. Xio Feng belonged to the Xio family, which ruled the Eastern Part.

Walking to the street Xio Feng a few disciples sparring each other. One of them saw Xio Feng and shouted at him"Hey trash, why are you here, you want to get beaten by us and want to go home crying "All those who were training stopped and laughed loudly after seeing him.

Xio Feng took a deep breath and turned away with a mocking look. The young man when seen his mocking smile against him he felt humiliated.

"Xio Lin beat that kid that makes him remember his daddy" Some shouted from the group

The young man called Xio ling whom Xio Feng mocked got so angry as he was want to tear Xio Feng to 1000 pieces with a roar, he jumped to attack Xio Feng" How dare trash at peak Bone Strengthening stage mock me".

Xio Feng turned around with and gave a single punch to Xio ling and sent him flying and crashed into a wall, Xio Lin sprouted a mouthful of blood

Everyone around was dumbstruck by the sudden strength increase of Xio Feng's strength.

"My strength increased tremendously by the jewel "

Xio Feng was surprised to see the outcome

"That Xio Feng broken through Early Essence Formation stage, still how could he defeat a Late Essence Formation stage this doesn't make any sense how did he become powerful" Someone from the crowd shouted.

Xio Lin was one of the strongest in the group and was considered a genius and was defeated whom we called trash, was he hiding his true strength" Another person commented.

Thinking about it, many others felt fear.

"Alright boys stop bullying Xio Feng" Suddenly a beautiful voice came from the back of Xio Feng

Xio Feng turned around and looked at the beautiful women

She has long black hair with beautiful legs, her breasts were not matured were not too big but not short either

"Sister Yue" Xio Feng wasn't surprised to see her

Xio Yue went near Xio Feng

"Little brat goes home your sister is worried and angry for getting late"

Said Xio Yue with a smile

The surrounding disciple was angry for getting such treatment from Xio Yue

If it was, then she wouldn't even look at them

"Damn this kid how could he win favor from sister Yue, she is one of the top beauties in the clan and Xio Feng's sister is also another beauty, I am jealous of him for his bullshit luck, "

Someone said from the crowd, but don't dare to voice out loud feared it will fear sister Yue

"Yes sister Yue" Xio Feng smiled back left the training place.

When they heard them bullying Xio Feng the surrounding disciple nearly spurted blood.

("Sister the one bullying is not us it's him, are you blind or are you acting?")

Surrounding doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. They didn't dare to reveal their true emotions.

Xio Yue turned and saw Xio Feng leaving and smiled at him and the smile felt like Hundred flowers bloomed.

The area became dark as Xio Feng walked into a house, neither big nor too small.

Without making any sound Xio Feng tried to enter the house.

"Big Brother!"

A voice heard from his back and he was not surprised to find out it was his sister who was very angry. Even though she is angry she looks so cute, tears nearly dripped from her eye

Xio Feng rushed and hugged his sister and comforted her

"Don't cry little Rou"

"Big Brother I thought you won't come I was worried you will leave me like a mother and father"Little Ruo by hugging Xio Feng tightly and never wanted to move apart from Xio Feng

"Silly girl doesn't cry, I won't leave, I promised you I will take care of you forever," Xio Feng said to calm little Ruo

After cleaning the tears in her eye, "RuoRuo won't cry, RuoRuo is a good girl and big brother promised to RuoRuo that you will marry me in the future.

This girl's name was Su Ruo, she as adopted by Xio Feng's parents five years ago and she is two years younger than her Xio Feng.

After calming, Xio Feng gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

Since there are not blood-related and both of them love each other they are as couples


Damn you, Xio Feng, you promised yourself that I will never make Su Ruo Cry "Xio Feng blamed himself for making Su Ruo cry.

~ ~Knock ~~knock~~

Suddenly a knocking sound was heard outside the door