-1 Prologue

Awesome God System

As Johnathan still remember he was walking toward his house, "why the hell am I sitting in this white room, come on dude this is not the time for you to make a joke, my mom gonna kill me if I arrive home late, again"!

John watching around him, there's nothing just white colour decorating in front of his eyes. While he was looking for an exit, there was an unidentified voice unrecognized gender for the voice whether it was a man or a woman, "you are Johnathan Stain who live at house address with xxx xxxxxx xxxxx not"? John was surprised to hear the words and then said, "If you already know please stop this joke already, I need to go back now, my mother would have been raging when she knew I was coming back late again".

"I'm sorry John that could not be happening". John was surprised by those words and then he replied, "Why I cannot go to my own home, one more thing why did you kidnap me",? while my family lives so poor and it's hard to keep even one dollar in the pocket, why didn't you kidnap other rich people?" I think you've kidnapped a wrong people ", please release me."

The fact is that you are dead being crushed by the rock and building wall from the construction, please see for yourself, you are here in a state of spirit, not me who kidnaps you ", and yet, I want to apologize as you die earlier as prescribed." "Here I pay compensation to you John's, while your life is a poor plus with your drunk addicted father, always torture you and your mother physically and mentally cause your mother to be depressed as she abuses you, it's time for you to forget that life. I give you the opportunity to live in another world with the new family that is far better than your old life, here I give you 2 opportunities to make a request and I will grant it.

John points out his interest with the 2 requests that have been given to him, only 2 would always remain in his heart for eternity. "Well, then my first request is,

" I want my parents' faces to be the same as my previous life, because I can not accept even though I was born in the belly of a mother who is a natural mother for future life I cannot accept if the face they have are different from my real parents ", if their face were not the face of my mother and father that I really could not accept it."

"For the second I want my mom and dad to stave off any pain, hardship in calmness, I do not want them to be like my mother and father in my past life and that's is my only request and I have nothing else I want." "Hurmmmm.....your request is very easy, you're sure you want this one instead of the other you do not want to be a superhero or a king or warrior hurm? John just shook his head. He desperately wants the life he really wants "If it's all right, I will fulfil both of your requests, now I will send you to a world called Crentz and you'll be born in Duo Moon Continent, Cresentz Kingdom may you be happy in your new life", goodbye, Oh! " before I forgot about it, that I also provided a really special gift for you, later you will know for yourself, okay bye ... bye. ".

"I hope you live more peacefully than your past life and I'm also waiting for you to start your new adventure in a new world, "I want to see how far you can go, to be the person you wanted, I am not sure with the way of your story, as I guaranteed it will be more interesting than others. You're not like any other reincarnation I meet before they are so greedy and always took an opportunity of the accident that happens accidentally, I want to see if you are the first reincarnation I've ever seen who were not greedy like them.I'll look forward to when you get the prize how you'll start your move.

John stretched out in a narrow space surrounded by a wall, he felt the temperature was really warm and comfortable as in the mother's arms. He sees his surroundings and he is certain he is a fetus still in his mother's womb. He really wished the promise was fulfilled, in a moment he began to feel very sleepy, as then he fell asleep.

After a long wait, it was 9 months that John will be born in this new world, after struggling to fight for their first baby as it takes 3 hours, John was born in the new world as he regains his parents from his past life he is now happy as he smiled and did not cry. And his parents were surprised. Worried that her son might have been born with a disability, her mother looked panic and pale suddenly looking for help, then the midwife take John from his mother arms as she patted John's back hard and finally, John cries out loud (actually he was not crying but he cursed the midwife for the hard and strong strike hitting his buttock). Owh their parents choose the same name as his past life but with a little bit change, his old name is Johnathan Staine, but now it has changed to Johnathan Edward Stainov ll, as his father is James Edward Stainov and his mother is Lilith Marian Ann.

John father in this new world working as a night watchman in a small town called Moonpearl town where John and his parents were living, for a fee of 8 silver 64 copper per year. His mother took wages as laundrymen who only get paid for 8 copper for a per garment. Now John is already 7 years old he has been living in the new world for 7 years and today is his first day into a crescent primary school.

On his first day in school, many teachers and students admired John for his wisdom and knowledge. So there were some parents wanting to know who their mom and dad were, then John just answered honestly that he was just the son of a night watchman and had a simple life and he loved his life. So his teacher asks John what are your ambition? then he answers, "my dreams is to serve the king and helps my parents live towards a better life" (but that just a dream only when he been destined to be a hero who will save the humankind). With the answers, his given has made many of the parents said that John had a mature mind.