1 Chapter : New world new life started from the beginning. Monster horde raiding towards Moonpearl town.

Awesome God System

After living for 7 years after he was born into a new world for him, many things he learns for example knights and mage. The knights class is divided into several parts ranking from the

swordsman of iron - bronze - silver level and gold

as changing job to


bronze level - silver - gold - platinum - legendary gold - mythic gold - ancient gold and lastly ancient platinum.


bronze - silver - gold

change job to

wizard stage from

iron - obsidian - silver - gold and last change is Sage silver - gold - legendary platinum - legendary gold - mythic gold - ancient gold.

In this world there are kingdoms of other races such as elves divided into two types: forest elves and dark elves between two types could see the difference with their skin and hair forest elves race can only be distinguished with grey hairs, bright skin if the dark elves male have a dark skin the body is quite in muscular shape from the body of the forest elves male that has a thin body shape whose skin is pale with white hair, next races are the dwarves are as normal as you know, then the Giants the last races is the beastkin.

At the age of 7 John started to know how to help his mother, while his mother was busy receiving her wages washing clothes John will go to the backyard of his home, planting vegetables with a lot of kind vegetables, oh! do not worry about the vegetables, it is the same as we know on the earth. He also breeds enough chicken for his family members for a year. His parents did not have to spend money on buying foods by only depending on the john crops. They only spend a little money on buying the salt and sugar.

John father who works as a watchman always going home late at night, so he doesn't have time with John but he is a really loving father. When he had the time he will give some tips to john sometimes he would teach a little bit of defence and offence art.

John was very happy with his life now, but the happy feeling was not for so long, 50 miles east from Moonpearl town there's a bunch of beasts was approaching to his home town. Two days after that, the bells sounded suddenly beating as fast could be heard around the Moonpearl town bringing panic and chaos to the town, John mother was panicked and ran towards John, John father came running breathlessly as he looks exhausted as he said "John bring your mother go hiding far from our village, our town has been attacked by beasts, quickly go hiding. John is surprised when he heard about the beast as he has not felt long enough to feel happy to have a happy family now comes big trouble involving life and death matter. "I can't keep quiet, I have to find a way to solve this problem, I do not want to lose my mom and dad anymore" when he panicked thinking how to save his family, suddenly he heard a sound within his mind...

Ding*....processing has been completed

Hello host, I am a system the God has been Gift to you before you were born in this world,

this is the Awesome God System or you can call it's as AGS.

*The host can proceed to choose his favourite anime hero*

*Please said the hero the host wants to use right now*

John was surprised to hear the announcement in his mind, suddenly Saitama ( one punch-man ) appearing in his mind, suddenly the system responded to John.

*Congratulation to the host for choosing heroes Saitama as host first power*.

"What"? huh?.... I just remember about Saitama and now I got his power now I am really confused, but there is no time for rethinking about this small matter, I need to save my father.

In his mind John only just thought to get to Moonpearl's main door as fast as he could to save his father as he lost from his mother sight suddenly his mother who was still by john side at that time was shocked to see John disappear from her gaze. John's mother was nervous and panicked when she saw John disappearing from her eyes suddenly as she crying thinking what could happen to the John. John was even more surprised than his mother when he arrived at the main gate of Moonpearl town in a second only, moment of surprise could be seen from the watchmen that other members of the watchman who was at the same place tried to survive from the beast attack who came to invade the Moonpearl town. John's father was surprised when he saw John coming to the main gate, at the same time he saw John his father was late trying to shout John name something unexplained happen suddenly in a short time when John fired empty punches like punching the air from a distance of 100 yards away from the gate when the gates and beasts outside the gate completely destroyed with a single punch. ( watch the video when saitama playing fight with genos what happen to the land behind genos, that what happen when john use his fist)

John was surprised to see the result of his fist collision, all of which who were there can be seen was surprised with what has happened shocked could be seen on their face there. John himself was surprised to see what was happening, that moment was rather awkward. The silence happens at those moments if a pinfall that time it can be heard clearly at that time.

Even the other remain monsters also showed a shocked face they stepped back suddenly as they turn around and run away from John so fast as like they saw a demon lord.

John father was stunned at what had happened a short while ago, in his mind various speculations began to arise in his mind. Since when did my son have such an amazing power like that.

At last, his father shout at John " what the hell was that it is so awesome but crazy at the same time what the hell is that John, tell me what happens"! John only scratched his head as he showed an awkward laugh. "I also don't know father I also shock with what has happened, I only follow a voice telling me to release a punch toward the monsters horde and this thing happens". said John to his father.